Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with an Adorable Baby Deer

  • Published on: 26 January 2018
  • Robert Irwin, the 14-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings Jimmy some fascinating animals, including a sandwich-eating beaver, a rose hair tarantula named Webster and a playful baby deer.

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    Robert Irwin and Jimmy Play with an Adorable Baby Deer
  • Runtime : 7:34
  • The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Robert Irwin Jimmy Play Adorable Baby Deer NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor snl Fallon Stand-up Fallon monologue tonight show jokes funny video interview variety comedy sketches talent celebrities video clip highlight Steve Irwin Cute animals Irwin playing with animals cute baby animals beaver peanut butter jelly sandwiches tarantula macaw


  • Nynke Bouma
    Nynke Bouma   4 hours ago

    Robert is going to be such a catch when he grows older. Australia's most eligible bachelor.

  • Akiv Gaming
    Akiv Gaming   2 days ago

    "it kinda squeaks like a bat"Me: ima head out

  • Lina Dauzacker
    Lina Dauzacker   5 days ago him with the sloth...and then this one..... PUBERTY HIT IN ONE YEAR?? ITS TAKING ME SO LONG

  • Lavehang Limbu
    Lavehang Limbu   1 weeks ago

    His so black!Jimmy:Oh yea!?Robert:look at this spider!Jimmy:uhhhhh yea Anita CUTE!

  • Julie Silva
    Julie Silva   1 weeks ago

    ya I wanted to go to australia, but then I remembered: 3:18

  • Don Bongo
    Don Bongo   1 weeks ago

    1:50 OH NO! The poor thing dropped its sandwitch! #getthatbeaverasandwitch!

  • Louise Curran
    Louise Curran   1 weeks ago

    Tarantula’s only bite if u put pressure on their body or try to stand on them

  • zack catling
    zack catling   1 weeks ago

    i have the most common macaw but i would love an all "black" one

  • Mateo M
    Mateo M   1 weeks ago


  • science world
    science world   2 weeks ago

    Isn't that incredibleThe common in father and son

  • Little Brick
    Little Brick   2 weeks ago

    Beaver: every Canadian is like I know all of this

  • Maricar Baliguat
    Maricar Baliguat   3 weeks ago

    To be honest the beavers tail looks like a plushie but I really like all animals they're the best.

  • Baby bee Buzzes
    Baby bee Buzzes   3 weeks ago

    Aww love all these animals ❤️ all have different personalitys and are all so good with meeting new humans 💞 xx

  • BurûChan
    BurûChan   4 weeks ago

    i love this kid, he is so passionated wo

  • Elle Heartfilia
    Elle Heartfilia   1 months ago

    It's sad that this video was published on the same date Kobe and gianna died rest in peace 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏

  • Knuckles
    Knuckles   1 months ago

    His voice changed in the span of one video!

  • Arul baskar
    Arul baskar   1 months ago

    He makes me remember the boy Jody from Jody's fawn😊

  • Andrea Patane
    Andrea Patane   1 months ago

    That fawn is so cute that I want to hold it, too. 👶🏻 animals rule!

  • Samuratei
    Samuratei   1 months ago

    Beaver eats like Degu ! (With hands)

  • nadjawmiller
    nadjawmiller   1 months ago

    I love how Jimmy greeted and also thanked the lady at the stairs

  • J Silva
    J Silva   1 months ago

    The moment he said fluffy creature I was like: Yeah, we both know what he's talking about.

  • By Me
    By Me   1 months ago

    He never wants him to touch the cute ones but the scary ones he is allowed lol

  • By Me
    By Me   1 months ago

    I would never hold Webster

  • SiLenT366
    SiLenT366   1 months ago

    Robert doesn't seem to know that light reflection IS color.

  • Gemma Caston
    Gemma Caston   1 months ago

    This is how many people want to hold the animals

  • Vasilis Kat.
    Vasilis Kat.   1 months ago

    Jimmy you naughty dog.... you and your beaver....

  • dkFreeze
    dkFreeze   1 months ago

    Brings out a tarantula: "Isn't it so cute?"Isn't he Australian?