We Bought a Turbo Mercedes!! (Water/Methanol Injection)

  • Published on: 04 December 2019
  • Woke up today and decided to buy a car. Looked on the net and found this one. Can we flip it in 24 hours and make some money? Let's find out!

    Whan an absolute nugget - 1976 Mercedes W123 300D

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    Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.
  • Runtime : 22:40
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  • Mighty Car Mods
    Mighty Car Mods   2 months ago

    All new JDM style cloth tape. Available right now on the MCM Shop! https://mightycarmods.com/collections/accessories/products/chopped-cloth-tape

  • juggler2811
    juggler2811   23 hours ago

    Is there a 2nd video coming for this car? Can't wait to see it. I have my grandfather's 1982 300D, still in mint condition (right down to the the factory cassette in the Blaupunkt stereo).

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy   2 days ago

    In the UK some cars had flip out ash trays in the door trim panel. They were rare and it left a market for things like drink holders and ashtrays and ashtrays that fitted in drinks holders that clipped round the inside window rubber and hung on the door, sometimes scratching the sliding glass.

  • qwasd0r
    qwasd0r   2 days ago

    That 2000 BMW was awesome.

  • Dmetal#1
    Dmetal#1   2 days ago

    This has to be the coolest exchange of titles ever!

  • Let's FLIPP
    Let's FLIPP   2 days ago

    the vibes in this video are just great

  • Dj Dj
    Dj Dj   3 days ago

    To answer your question at 3:40 ish. I'm In the USA (Opposite side driving), and I used to smoke. With every bit going out the window. You cross over. You get used to it.... Don't believe me? Drive a manual. You will get used to that, now try smoking.... OR or please don't. That shit is harder to kick that cocaine.

  • Bestof Anime
    Bestof Anime   4 days ago

    If u mute the video when their at his house lookin at his diesel fuel process, legit just looksl ike a fuckin drug lab LMFAO

  • Dylan Goodwin
    Dylan Goodwin   5 days ago

    Definitely seems like they sleep on diesels which is surprising as I would imagine they have more in Australia than the US although perhaps the ones they have are doubled down on fuel economy and don't have much by way of performance whereas in the US we have the massive full sized truck segment with powerhouse diesels (a bit different type of performance) having a big following.They should definitely do a monster torque diesel build if they have any options for that sort of thing. Or just an off road truck build.

  • П И
    П И   6 days ago

    with this fuel 1ont expect any ......boost.

  • ken shamrock
    ken shamrock   6 days ago

    I am no car guy ( well a little ) but i Have seen Bloke who Run there old Trucks ect on Strait cooking oil.... no shit.

  • Beached Az
    Beached Az   6 days ago

    whats the song at the end of the episode?

  • steamcrunk
    steamcrunk   1 weeks ago

    3:45 it's to put the finished cigarette butt out, then close the lid to stop odor in car. Otherwise a smoker just chucks the spent cigarette out the window. Source: former smoker and current driver.

  • randall jr Benoit
    randall jr Benoit   1 weeks ago

    They should have put a $2500 electric turbo from CLETUS McFarland on that turbo on the turbodiesel!

  • Matthew Dubay
    Matthew Dubay   1 weeks ago

    In my 1990 jeep comanche manual and most american cars still have the ashtray in the middle (well until they stopped making them. and gave you a stupid cup holder adapter.). but yeah usually under the radio. but yeah my 2000 nissan frontier the weird thing to me is the e-brake release being in the middle left sort of between radio and steering wheel. as it's almost always a far left foot brake with a release next to the hood release at least in american trucks.

  • Matthew Dubay
    Matthew Dubay   1 weeks ago

    I live in the States and i finally looked up WTF a kebab was... Looks like a burrito to me.

  • Darryl Martin
    Darryl Martin   1 weeks ago

    Maserati pulls up beside at 2:52 and backs off because MIGHTYCARMODS

  • Andrei Neacsu
    Andrei Neacsu   1 weeks ago

    2:50, a Maserati comes close to poke you in the bottom with the trident.

  • neil meredith
    neil meredith   1 weeks ago

    If only you knew which way round to wear a hat

  • slickguy275s
    slickguy275s   1 weeks ago

    Who cut up an remixed the the track more more more sample .its a dope as beat well done

  • Tomer Mahlis
    Tomer Mahlis   1 weeks ago

    This guy looks like Marty long lost brother

  • tojiroh
    tojiroh   2 weeks ago

    You think this is weird, you should check Corbin Goodwin's Trolls Royce. ;-)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnyj3zBf2bk

  • Daniel Mullen
    Daniel Mullen   2 weeks ago

    Why did you sell that beast!~ you got ripped

  • jord
    jord   2 weeks ago

    See this is why I love your channel. When Roadkill went all soft and exclusive I found McM and I never looked back

  • Harry Hunt
    Harry Hunt   2 weeks ago

    Is that a Dieselmekken pump!?!?!

  • Cameron Brooks
    Cameron Brooks   2 weeks ago

    American here. When I smoked, I smoked with right hand because I'm right handed, even though the window is on my left. Couldn't stand smoking with my left.

  • impressivestory
    impressivestory   2 weeks ago

    I would honestly love to see you guys try to do a longer project on an older diesel. I've always wondered if you could get some more performance out of those old Mercedes diesels without killing them.

  • Moulies
    Moulies   2 weeks ago

    That BM sounds absolutely lethal!

  • JuJu L
    JuJu L   2 weeks ago

    What's the outro tune in the last couple seconds of the vid? Wicked beat.