I summoned The Wither Boss in Minecraft - Part 25

  • Published on: 07 August 2019
  • The Wither in Minecraft is tough...
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  • Runtime : 25:36


  • Lucas LDG
    Lucas LDG   2 hours ago

    One of the redditors actually predicted what's gonna happen in this episode. Pewds accidentally hits a Pigman.

  • Overlord_ghost
    Overlord_ghost   16 hours ago

    also when you created your pig army and fight the wither boss it was very epic. I have to say it was even more epic then Avengers endgame... you should have called this video: Minecraft PewDiePies Endgame

  • Overlord_ghost
    Overlord_ghost   16 hours ago

    at the end... Joergen, joergen #2 and watersheep... we all lost our pets in Minecraft... our love... and the heartbreaking moment comes.. but there is no reason to give up. Pewdiepie did this for all those three legends... and he made it... he defeat one of the Bosses in Minecraft... he create his own Pig army... he build a giant meatball and more... all this for the three legends... they will be in heaven and they will be proud... we will never forget them...(at the end it literally makes me cry)

  • Gisdru
    Gisdru   18 hours ago

    me reading the title in my language like:--__--

  • Phantom
    Phantom   21 hours ago

    you can put a block down and cover the redstone by the piston door

  • Forward John
    Forward John   22 hours ago

    Minecraft piggy 100 piggy’s vs pewdiepie

  • Pranom kawa
    Pranom kawa   22 hours ago

    21.10 i wanted to tell you so bad that withers heal themselves and it was not the pigmen!!

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards   1 days ago

    Not gonna lie that bebe montage made me emotional

    NIDA KASHIF   1 days ago

    The name for the cats are blacky, candy or small diamond

  • David Plummer
    David Plummer   1 days ago

    they have to have alot of beds where they can reach them and you have to give tbem BREAD

  • Jeffrey T Heckman
    Jeffrey T Heckman   1 days ago

    I caught you killing the villagers is this Minecraft hardcore

  • Cyclonicfour69
    Cyclonicfour69   2 days ago

    He said “ tonight we dine in hell” from community???

  • °•{Łuniana}•°

    Господи, я обожаю этот эпизод за крутые русские субтитры. У этого человека есть канал?

  • Kablowshky
    Kablowshky   2 days ago

    Alex: i died 1000 times!Steve: I died 1000000 times!...: amatuersSteve: What was that? Punk!PEEPEEPOOPOO: AMATUERS!

  • okgamers
    okgamers   2 days ago

    ummmmmm felix? you feed villagers BREAD to 'mate'

  • The super Gamer8 fan

    wth when i saw he is doing the wither i ran to my ps4 and create 10 then boom survival

    AEDON GIBSON   4 days ago

    you need the enchantment loyalty so when you throw the trident it comes back to you