A Few Musical Notes from Game Developer Toby Fox | #PokemonSwordShield

  • Published on: 08 November 2019
  • Undertale’s creator and composer, Toby Fox, has created a song just for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️

    Listen to a preview of the song, and read more about the collaboration in Toby’s own words. We hope it fills you with determination. ❤️ http://bit.ly/2PXPoU0

    Official site: https://www.pokemon.com/SwordShield
    Shop: http://www.pokemoncenter.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Pokemon
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Pokemon
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pokemon
  • Runtime : 1:12
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  • Epically Diablo
    Epically Diablo   2 days ago

    When you’re up against Leon:Time to have a bad time

  • Timothy Ling
    Timothy Ling   2 days ago

    Let's hope that the DLC has more music from Toby Fox

  • dragon cat
    dragon cat   3 days ago

    Yep that's Toby fox, recognise his style anywhere

  • Sven The Dog
    Sven The Dog   1 weeks ago

    0:44 kinda sounds like Spear Of Justice😂

  • Emile Morel
    Emile Morel   1 weeks ago

    Can we appreciate that toby have gone from making a rom hack of earthbound to making music for pokemon

  • SapphireRush
    SapphireRush   1 weeks ago

    I love how this track simply SOUNDS like Toby. Amazing.

  • Sensey
    Sensey   1 weeks ago

    I can definetly hear undertale in there. Toby is a god

  • Lohith K
    Lohith K   2 weeks ago

    Pokemon company please make return of greninja we all want it to return

  • Lohith K
    Lohith K   2 weeks ago

    It's not my wish but all pokefans wish

  • Lohith K
    Lohith K   2 weeks ago

    Please bring ash greninja back

  • ThatOneGamer285
    ThatOneGamer285   2 weeks ago

    I am surprised Toby is not in swsh. I was expecting a cameo from him or from the annoying doggo.

  • Axzalea uwu
    Axzalea uwu   3 weeks ago


  • Xavier Barbe-Villeneuve

    Question for you undertale and deltarune fans this song is okay for deltarune chapter 2?because if toby fox put the song Pokemon sword and shield in deltarune this song is in the city theme for deltarune if your understand what im say.

  • Luisinho Felipe
    Luisinho Felipe   3 weeks ago

    ouvi essa música com belo som faz você sentir determinado

  • Jose rodrigues
    Jose rodrigues   3 weeks ago

    "Listen to a preview of the song, and read more about the collaboration in Toby’s own words. We hope it fills you with determination. ❤️"*Archive Saved.

  • hlnife
    hlnife   4 weeks ago

    T O B Y F O X I S A M A D M A N

  • Ri_ck Rolled
    Ri_ck Rolled   1 months ago

    geeeeeeeeeeeet dunkeeeeeeeeeeeeeed onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Voided Code
    Voided Code   1 months ago

    less blocky like undertale but smooth like Deltarune i dig it

  • 1s4
    1s4   1 months ago

    wait toby fox worked on something, and DIDNT put megalovania in?

  • jmaster 78
    jmaster 78   1 months ago

    Now i understand why the soundtrack remembers me megalovania

  • Pllama
    Pllama   1 months ago

    You can hear pokemon and toby in this songAND IT BLENDS GOOD

  • Teighan CB
    Teighan CB   1 months ago

    One of it not the best song in the whole game-nay, all of Pokèmon.