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  • Published on: 28 March 2018
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  • Runtime : 3:23
  • Billie Eilish dont smile at me watch watch your car burn with the fire that you started in me watch your car burn ocean eyes my boy COPYCAT where are the avocados avocados


  • Aries Llorca
    Aries Llorca   10 hours ago

    I actually like this one more than the studio version

  • Sunair Saleem
    Sunair Saleem   12 hours ago

    If I could get to sleep, I would have slept by now drop dead

  • Kay
    Kay   1 days ago


  • Peter Me
    Peter Me   3 days ago

    Share and care, don't keep good talented people in hiding or secret, all people need their love. Can you imagine if Billie's mother and/or father did that, we would not be experiencing Billie and Finneas gifts. Would be sad, if I did not experience their music, family, friends, and most of all their smiles and laughter.Love ya, Billie.✨

  • lol lol
    lol lol   3 days ago

    i love you billie 🥰

    PAOLA HD   3 days ago

    Billie you are my idol i love you

  • Vedic Soul
    Vedic Soul   3 days ago

    Music done propper, there is not really a classification.. the structure of the songs and chords progression doesn't really fit into the "mechanisms of music standard". Their music will be intemporal, great musical arrangements with overlapping vocal and tempos of lyrics to which people can relate, but with such a touch of honesty without and attempt to make a song to "sell". Genuine artistry is intemporal, even though it can be called whatever people chose.Guys, stay fit, stay healthy, stay genuine and keep delivering your art to the people for a loooong time.

  • Vedic Soul
    Vedic Soul   3 days ago

    Some people actual gave a thumbs down??!! 🤨🤔 ???

  • Anna and Christian Vlogs and challenges

    Kids in 2016: Wow Billie Eilish is the best singer ever!!Kids in 2020: Wow Billie Eilish is the best singer ever!!Kids in 2030: Wow Billie Eilish is the best singer ever!!Kids in 2040: Wow Billie Eilish is the best singer ever!!She will always be famous. In my heart. 💗💗

  • Юрий Хльобас

    Она вылечит всех психиатров в мире, и мир станет добрейе

  • Sandy Gan
    Sandy Gan   4 days ago

    Just what is it? Even sad and creepy songs make me happy. Goose bumps galore. I get lost in her voice and then get tickled by the song. And I’m 70 years old!

  • Sanma Shetty
    Sanma Shetty   1 weeks ago

    Wish I could meet you But something makes me crySeeing you makes me humm Your singing makes me try

  • RYT
    RYT   1 weeks ago

    Canta muito biliie 👏👏.....brazil 2020

  • amoreesedae
    amoreesedae   1 weeks ago

    My son put me on to Billie a couple of years ago (before she blew up) and I found her voice hypnotic. She is amazingly talented and it is so encouraging to see her relationship and harmonization with her brother. So much passion and love she puts into each song. I love them.

  • kaijunkie
    kaijunkie   1 weeks ago

    God she's perfect... she looks like a young Alanis Morissette, with the style and talent of Lana Del Rey, and the attitude and demeanor of a young Pink. Three of my favorite artists rolled into one but somehow also very unique and different from all of them. Such talent, she has a good family support system and is so raw and open... this girl, 5 years later, is still just starting out... she's gonna be around a long long time if she wants to be.

  • Rezzel Therese
    Rezzel Therese   1 weeks ago

    her voice, emotions, beautiful it just makes me cry... oh god

  • Med Bimonde
    Med Bimonde   1 weeks ago

    Subscribe in my channel please

  • Liliana L
    Liliana L   1 weeks ago

    no efence but the boy messes up the burn party everytime

  • strawberry
    strawberry   1 weeks ago

    she sounds so much younger here omg

  • Stay_BackDudeYT
    Stay_BackDudeYT   1 weeks ago

    Anyone think that Billie has gotten better at singing then like this video when she was younger

  • cphawaii
    cphawaii   1 weeks ago

    Great vocals and love the piano vibes too!

  • Lu Plays iT
    Lu Plays iT   1 weeks ago

    This was 2 years ago, wow time goes fast(sorry if i have a bad english hahaha)

  • Malenaila
    Malenaila   1 weeks ago

    Cómo cantan y su historia de hermanitos me emociona mucho ♥ lloro ♥