The Division 2 Review

  • Published on: 23 March 2019
  • The Division 2 reviewed by James Duggan on PC.

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    The Division 2 Phoenix Shield Collector's Edition Unboxing

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  • Runtime : 8:33
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  • Justin Bowen
    Justin Bowen   2 days ago

    I really enjoyed playing the first one and was really sad that many people took a giant dump on it I enjoyed my little seeker mine he was my best buddy during combat

  • Braden A
    Braden A   4 days ago

    2020: hmm this game would look better as reality

  • Vincent Koo
    Vincent Koo   6 days ago

    First, serious pandemic outbreak in NYC, then Attack on DC by gangs, geez.... division is predicting USA in 2020... true sons are actual national Guards? 🙀

  • Fiqi Anom
    Fiqi Anom   1 weeks ago

    Its stuttering on my pc, any solution?

  • ALAA8882
    ALAA8882   1 weeks ago

    Man its not nice game, no goal no communication no emotions, i regret buying it

  • Tsol 500
    Tsol 500   1 weeks ago

    IGN must get payouts for making these reviews this game is trash

  • GrixxlyStrength
    GrixxlyStrength   2 weeks ago

    I was supposed to get this game for Free on it's release as a promotion for the computer that I bought but I was basically scammed. I refuse to buy this game no matter how cheap it gets.

  • Yorha13
    Yorha13   2 weeks ago

    can i play the division 2, OFFLINE GAME?

  • Dan Dalmonte
    Dan Dalmonte   3 weeks ago

    I kept advancing and I just saw a lot of repetition. The storyline nor the difficulty advanced. I got to the Black Tusks in World Tier 2 and it was basically the same set of missions all over again.

  • Guilherme Ortiz Fechner

    Doesn't the AI know how to take cover and shoot? is THE PLAYER the only one taking cover? what an awkward game

  • amajida almas
    amajida almas   3 weeks ago

    A really depth and solid review, this dude need to review more games in the future

  • Patrick Tomasso
    Patrick Tomasso   1 months ago

    It really makes you feel like you're in Washington, DC.

  • xnxxggx666 x
    xnxxggx666 x   1 months ago

    The map is just... too small. After more than 80 hours played, I need more places to explore, I feel like Ive already been everywhere.

  • Fabpio
    Fabpio   1 months ago

    I am still not sure. Should I buy it since it is on sale?

  • Kieran Straughton
    Kieran Straughton   2 months ago

    This is £8 atm, is it worth buying for me and my brother to play as a duo and a year later or is it not worth it?

  • Otto Pánczél
    Otto Pánczél   2 months ago

    What is the song name at 6:33, PLS tell me someone!

  • Mad Geo
    Mad Geo   2 months ago

    Who's here cuz there's an actual pandemic going on right now? XD

  • miguel sanchez
    miguel sanchez   2 months ago

    I love playing games then watching the review straight after just to see if ign was thinking what im thinking

    VIPERDGX   2 months ago


  • R V
    R V   3 months ago

    I could not find it on sale

  • Sneaky
    Sneaky   3 months ago

    When its dirt cheap and you still need to check if its worth the price of a cheap coffee

  • outsideredge
    outsideredge   3 months ago

    I got this for PC for $3.99 in Canada. It’s a got its share of issues (stuttering) but if you can work around it the gameplay loop is a lot of fun.

  • JComm57
    JComm57   3 months ago

    For $3 it’s definitely worth a try.

  • Lil_dashiepogs
    Lil_dashiepogs   3 months ago

    I still don’t know if I should buy this game even though it’s only 3$

  • D C
    D C   3 months ago

    Thought it was on sale for 2.50? When I go to it its 8.99

  • RevolveR
    RevolveR   3 months ago

    3$ because Ubisoft wants you to buy the dlc . For those of you that are suspicious like me

  • MacikSeba
    MacikSeba   3 months ago

    It's £13.99 for Ultimate Edition lolI might buy it, looks fun.

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer   3 months ago

    17.99 for ultimate edition get it!!! Or nah review videos now.

  • Cole?
    Cole?   3 months ago

    So The Division 2 = Destiny + Horizon Zero Dawn + some Dark Souls ok