• Published on: 26 August 2018
  • While we were in Thailand back in May, we got the opportunity of a lifetime. The most venerable Thai monk, Phra Maha Vudhijaya Vajiramedhi, allowed us to spend a day with him and got TD to become a monk for 24 hours. He and everyone at the Center were beyond kind and welcoming and it'll definitely be an experience we'll never forget.

    Thank you so much to:

    Cherntawan International Meditation Center

    Master Monk: Phra Maha Vudhijaya Vajiramedhi (6.17M followers) (2.93M followers)

    Footage/pictures of the master monk meeting with Pope Francis (just incase you need it for editing)

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  • Mark satr12
    Mark satr12   18 hours ago


  • Invisible
    Invisible   5 days ago

    It’s so unfair, that guy didn’t even want to do it. They should’ve let someone do it who actually wanted to. I would’ve loved to try it but I would’ve wanted to do it for much longer not just 1 day.

  • Nenad
    Nenad   5 days ago

    Does anyone knows the name of the instrumental played on guitar that is used in this video, 5:45 min and it's playing at the end as well?! Thank you so much!

  • Masked Titan
    Masked Titan   6 days ago

    Thomas: Matt can singMe: Expecting he'll sing Maroon 5Matt: Sings Queen🤣

  • partha sen
    partha sen   6 days ago

    Please come to India and offer me the highest bungee jumping of India....@yestheory I just love you guys are just awesome

  • Parimal Singh
    Parimal Singh   6 days ago

    Be happy to let go your attachments! Yes it's easy yet so hard...

  • Luca Francesco Domini

    I love them all but Matt! That was the bravest thing to do and it was hilarious 😂✌🏼❤️

  • Tenpa Wang
    Tenpa Wang   1 weeks ago

    I m so unfortunate one I never get this priceless opportunity 😥 being a Buddhist monk is so fortunate

  • Noor Girl
    Noor Girl   1 weeks ago

    5:12 I was embarrassed for Matt

  • Kristin Trisha
    Kristin Trisha   1 weeks ago

    Such an incredible experience, one that I'm sure will be held to heart for lifetimes. Om shanti

  • rainbowxxbat
    rainbowxxbat   2 weeks ago

    Now try being a Muslim for 24 hours , and when you leave u dead 💀

  • xfire7
    xfire7   2 weeks ago

    Woke Californian Wanker.

  • Raquel D.
    Raquel D.   3 weeks ago

    "You let go and you realize it's not really a part of who you are and forces you to really be happy with yourself and what your personality is." -TD . TRUTH! You guys always put a smile on my face :)

  • Ze7 Gonz
    Ze7 Gonz   3 weeks ago

    such a great and peaceful full of happiness and laughter .

  • RJ Carter
    RJ Carter   3 weeks ago

    The bald head was much better than his hair....but the!

    SMR VLOGS   3 weeks ago

    so much of positiveness in your each video!

  • TechGirl
    TechGirl   4 weeks ago

    Why am I getting emotional watching this? Such a journey....

  • 180withscope
    180withscope   4 weeks ago

    imagine if he just converted permanently

  • Vibe Vibe
    Vibe Vibe   1 months ago

    Typical ... going somewhere to do a visual science experiment with no ‘soul connection’ just a ‘look at me’ project

  • Pearl Manish
    Pearl Manish   1 months ago

    He just shaved his head, that's it.And it was the only thing he was concerned about.

  • ScottyT Pancakes
    ScottyT Pancakes   1 months ago

    You can live like a monk for 24 hours without leaving your home. Go back for at least a month.

  • PMCAceman
    PMCAceman   1 months ago

    it just makes me want to take leap of faith and trying new things and help people I'm trying what you did it takes courage and being open to other people's countries and beliefs

  • NightCrawller
    NightCrawller   1 months ago

    when you gave a introduction flashback cinematic sequence of that asian guy was like some hollywood michael bay movie

  • Rajitha Liyanage
    Rajitha Liyanage   1 months ago

    බුදු සසුන බැබලේවා!!!❤️🇱🇰