Jim Gaffigan on Traveling with Kids & Doing Stand Up Abroad

  • Published on: 20 July 2018
  • Jim talks about having five kids, what it's like traveling with them, visiting the Anne Frank House, doing shows internationally and reveals why Japan is favorite place to visit.

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    Jim Gaffigan on Traveling with Kids & Doing Stand Up Abroad
  • Runtime : 6:9
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  • DG Digital
    DG Digital   1 days ago

    I'll bet anyone that the shirt Jim is wearing is the same shirt but much tighter as the one he was wearing on memorial day 2020 on "Dinner with the Gaffigans" I'm positive it's the same white shirt 😂🤣😂

  • Murt H
    Murt H   1 months ago

    I'm Irish and we've always called him Billy Joelle :-) never thought twice about it. :-) Never heard of the surname Joel over here but it probably does exist, anyway makes a funny story. Only recently discovered Jim Gaffigan, love him, very funny guy. Love from 'Oireland' xx

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee   2 months ago

    @5:14 you leave the restrooms in Penn Station, NY and you need therapy

  • Draco lord
    Draco lord   6 months ago

    If you're tired of ads you can't skip in 5 seconds, give me a thumbs up.

  • BaseK59
    BaseK59   8 months ago

    Jimmy Kimmel Live would be so much better if Jimmy Kimmel was not on it.

  • BaseK59
    BaseK59   8 months ago

    The Diary of Anne Frank was a fake. Look into it.

  • Nex
    Nex   10 months ago

    I mean, Jim is talking about it like it's Americans who have rational name pronunciation, and yet they have a Stephen Curry and a Stephen Colbert, who have the same name, but don't have the same name

  • chris westerfield
    chris westerfield   11 months ago

    Jim- your head is as big as refrigerator, lose the beard, it doesn't help the ridiculously large head appearance.and what good is fame if you are 350 pounds and not plan on living past 60?

  • OldRaver1
    OldRaver1   11 months ago

    What kind of pervert designed American toilet cubicles?Nothing more uncomfortable than sitting down for a wee (or God forbid a poo!) in front of an audience!(And the indignity of that view of your neighbour’s knickers and pants down around their ankles😳)Did you have a melamine shortage over there or something??Couldja not stretch to an extra centimetre for the edges of the doors? And while your there fill in that 2ft gap to the floors! A little privacy here please!! 😳And why the high water level? Just ew.. so many times your cardigans must dip into soiled pee/poop water! (And no, America, I do not want to watch my poo slowy rise and circle around the bowl before it gets sucked away 🤮🚽💩💩💩💩)

  • Corky DeLarge
    Corky DeLarge   1 years ago

    Im the one who gave the Anne Frank house the bad review. You know why?...Frank Stallon.. No dammit! No bacon filled hot pockets.

  • roof pizza
    roof pizza   1 years ago

    I came for Jim, I left because of Jimmy.

  • Siuea Langi
    Siuea Langi   1 years ago

    I've never seen Jimmy laugh so much.

  • Laura Robinson
    Laura Robinson   1 years ago


    MSP OASIS   1 years ago

    Naturally funny: Gaffigan, Conan Obrian, Brian Regan and Norm Mcdonald

  • von Richthofen
    von Richthofen   1 years ago

    He makes of fun of how the Irish pronounce Billy Joel, but hilariously mispronounces Anne Frank.

  • G Kess
    G Kess   1 years ago

    I like how his beard makes his face look fuller.

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone   1 years ago

    "Japanese people are better at being human" Kinda ironic if you look at their history. It is truly crazy to see the change in Japan. I've met some really nice tourists on long island.

  • stephen f
    stephen f   1 years ago

    Gaffigan is hilarious. Too bad Kimmel is a contemptuous moron.

  • edy Puentes
    edy Puentes   1 years ago

    This guy's fake laugh is so annoying 😡

  • Shanelle Goodman
    Shanelle Goodman   1 years ago

    I love how modest Jim is and manages to be so funny without being one bit crude, offensive or negative!

  • jkirk1626
    jkirk1626   1 years ago

    Is there a monument to the Jewish Bolsheviks' victims? Jews were 5% of the Russian population, yet 70%of the Bolshevik leadership that killed more Christians that German Socialists killed Jews. Curious.

  • PhillyG
    PhillyG   1 years ago

    Jim Gaffigan is hilarious.

  • Kim jaxson
    Kim jaxson   1 years ago

    Watta ya mean just to much!?!? Lol we had 5 kids in our family and we had to go together or never go anywhere!! Lmao