• Published on: 16 February 2019
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  • Runtime : 9:35
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  • CC 2224
    CC 2224   4 days ago

    "I put my tongue in your mouth' -Jacksfilms, 2019

  • Jah
    Jah   5 days ago

    he couldve made connor keemstar... missed opportunity

  • Jamie Stories
    Jamie Stories   1 weeks ago

    So, the could be gayer shirt was merch from Thomas Sanders. I watch both of them. My hEaRt!

  • The MBL CREW
    The MBL CREW   1 weeks ago

    #YIAYvid my first video on this channel please

  • Punch ya nan
    Punch ya nan   1 weeks ago

  • TumbleWede
    TumbleWede   2 weeks ago

    bet you can't fix this :)<

  • MinimiMax
    MinimiMax   2 weeks ago

    Should have used Erin's actual Tinder profile. We all know she has one.

  • Mr. Ecklestone
    Mr. Ecklestone   2 weeks ago


  • Electric
    Electric   2 weeks ago

    Nobody:Jack: uses shotgun mic as a handheld microphone

  • TehMinja
    TehMinja   2 weeks ago

    Does nobody notice how Leslie’s abs are fake lmao

  • Brody Bazzini
    Brody Bazzini   3 weeks ago

    One Ring to rule them all...One Ring to find them...One Ring to bring them and in the darkness bind them...

  • Content Blocked
    Content Blocked   3 weeks ago

    I watched this while taking a shit and the laugh after the BDSM part paralyzed my asshole.

  • poport YT
    poport YT   3 weeks ago

    Jack you sound like theodd1sout

  • Dxvidz
    Dxvidz   3 weeks ago

    2:57 voice CrAcK

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle   3 weeks ago

    Thanks do other Dylan I now have a clip of jack saying I'm a handsome lad

  • Squeaky
    Squeaky   1 months ago

    Sound comes a little late

  • Bokliey Boo
    Bokliey Boo   1 months ago

    Fucking copyrighter wanna be PewDiePie ass pussy

  • tajpolanicplays fans
    tajpolanicplays fans   1 months ago

    #YIAYvid @jacksfilms : tajpolanicplays moj prvi video o call of dutySearch tajpolanicplays than click on the first video

  • FloopdeFLOOP SQUAD
    FloopdeFLOOP SQUAD   1 months ago

    It's my first edit video you can find it because i only edited 2 so please fix my ugly edit!!!

  • RedRone
    RedRone   1 months ago

    2:53 kon-troll tísört póló T-shirt

  • E J
    E J   1 months ago

    1:44 everyone is mad that you didn't say "Epic gaymer" but I'm just sad that you changed the Thomas Sanders merch :(

  • random black guy
    random black guy   1 months ago

    0:07 I was about to like the video but I realized it was the copycat dude