Wish.com vs. Name Brand (GAME)

  • Published on: 05 October 2018
  • We wish we may, we wish we might, tell the difference between a Wish.com (not a sponsor) product and the real name brand tonight. GMM #1394

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  • Runtime : 14:11
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  • Joker Cub
    Joker Cub   1 years ago

    Life lessons from Link, “MONEY IS NOT FRUIT”

  • Ya Boy
    Ya Boy   1 days ago

    What does Link keep looking at?

  • Ben Ritter
    Ben Ritter   5 days ago

    These two men look fake and scary. This whole thing seems like kind of a delusional crackhead Imagination.

  • Sadie Courtney
    Sadie Courtney   1 weeks ago

    Guy w the yeezys is like just keep modeling just keep modeling🥵🥵🥵

  • heather holt
    heather holt   2 weeks ago

    I love wish! Also we have a rock tumbler

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson   2 weeks ago

    So this is what blowing and swallowing a sponsor looks like...

  • Greg
    Greg   3 weeks ago

    Nothing's free. You pay for IT IN SHIPPING.

  • Thomas James
    Thomas James   3 weeks ago

    Link criticizing tanners:Me who watches dope or nope::(

  • Aguest
    Aguest   3 weeks ago

    I agree with Rhett's thoughts on Yeezy.

  • boop city
    boop city   3 weeks ago

    You should do a rock tumbling episode because it IS fun and amazing

  • Jordo Bandz
    Jordo Bandz   4 weeks ago

    Spoiler alert the video is from wish

  • Liam Brock
    Liam Brock   4 weeks ago

    As a shoe nerd the first thing I said was that those are super fake yeezys

  • Austyn Conti
    Austyn Conti   1 months ago

    why do you show the answers?? i wanna play along!

  • angus L.
    angus L.   1 months ago

    We just lost all the swing dancers 😂

  • Camron Abreu
    Camron Abreu   1 months ago

    Yeezy r knock offs bec the way the bend when he wore em

  • Zee
    Zee   1 months ago

    Yeezy kNoCkOfFs

  • Rookie Grower
    Rookie Grower   1 months ago

    As a person who works at a WSS 5:31 that clearance part made me laugh asf

  • Chad Freeman
    Chad Freeman   1 months ago

    All of the laser show dancing was disturbing.

  • Erik R Wagner
    Erik R Wagner   1 months ago

    Honestly, I think we need to see way more Emily in the future. She is hilarious (especially in the Dominoe’s vs. Pizza Hut video.) MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Angel Broussard
    Angel Broussard   1 months ago

    wish scammed my mom, they sent her all types of stuff she didnt order. i dont trust wish.

  • L3SSER
    L3SSER   1 months ago

    All the expensive items are from wish lol

  • Christopher Derksen
    Christopher Derksen   1 months ago

    The colourway is not called “desert rat” on the yeezys 😂😂😂

  • Connor Glancy
    Connor Glancy   1 months ago

    I can’t Emily is so funny she makes me wanna watch more

    MAKEOUTHILL   1 months ago

    As a sneaker head this hurt me so bad

  • Oopzies
    Oopzies   1 months ago

    I’M A BEAR!🤣🥰

  • Tom Everatt
    Tom Everatt   1 months ago

    I wonder how much wished payed them for their reactions