The Strangest Planets Ever Discovered in Galaxy

  • Published on: 06 September 2017
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    The Strangest Planets Ever Discovered in Galaxy

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    In this video, we used some footage from the game Space Engine (
  • Runtime : 11:12
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  • Danial Yousaf
    Danial Yousaf   1 days ago

    I wonder who comes up with these names. Are they coordinates or did the scientists just have a stroke when typing ?

  • Mat Chavez
    Mat Chavez   1 days ago

    Dude, you are WAYYYYY too loud. You legit would have blown out my ears if I had been wearing headphones. Please watch that. Like you are still too loud and I couldn't hear the ads (not that I wanted to but come on) try to be somewhat comparable to the other videos. Please

  • K I N G
    K I N G   2 days ago

    It can be a huge space station were space ships refuel

  • chris brucie
    chris brucie   2 days ago

    I think it's funny God gave us the tools to be god look at all these planets we could terraform these into inhabbital planets with missels think about it life started with a freaking commet if we shot nukes or missels with certain power depending on each planet and it's eco system we can litteraly create our own planets and watch them turn Inhabbitable right before our very own eyes now this weird black fiery planet looks like something we need to shoot with some kind of nuclear power or some kind of missels that will turn it into a rock then after that shoot missels with like water with algea in it what we should be doing to Mars melting the polar caps and sending water with bacteria and algea in it through missels or something all we got to do is put the nutrients there

  • GodandArts
    GodandArts   2 days ago

    One part of the music reminds me of Avengers theme

  • Y X
    Y X   2 days ago

    I swear something about that so-called planet freaks me out, it's such an anomaly and that SCARES me.

  • brandon wright
    brandon wright   3 days ago

    A giant ball off styrofoam 🤔🤔🤔Man are people just gonna sit here and believe this shyt , great entertainment but I swear shit just get more and more weirder every year with all these discoveries

  • Rc Xc
    Rc Xc   3 days ago

    Awesome just love this stuff.

  • 713cca
    713cca   3 days ago

    CFBDSIR 2149-0403 object =Hell

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma   4 days ago

    0:26Or most known as my WiFi password

  • Chick Sage
    Chick Sage   4 days ago

    Could CF21's heat be due to a radioactive core?

  • Abhishek Bisoi
    Abhishek Bisoi   4 days ago

    must be a spaceship for advance living things of a different planet who had to leave their mother planet for whatever reason!

  • Joe Sogan
    Joe Sogan   5 days ago

    Ngl they kinda be finding Shinjis' world after third impact

  • JoeShit TheRagMan
    JoeShit TheRagMan   5 days ago

    Narrator: "Can't wait to read all the interesting thoughts and comments of our viewers"Comments: "HURRR HURRRR NAMES OF PLANETS ARE LIKE WIFI PASSWORDS"

  • Jean-Paul Faye
    Jean-Paul Faye   6 days ago

    That’s no planet it’s an alien shit!!!!! Run for your lives 😭😭😭

  • Fourseam27
    Fourseam27   6 days ago

    I feel like I am watching a trailer to the best avengers movie

  • Eran Subiate
    Eran Subiate   6 days ago

    SCIENTIST FOUNDS A NEW PLANETScience : We should give it a namesmashes keyboardScience : Indeed

    INSANITY SANS   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does this planet look like creepy red eye ball

  • XepsY
    XepsY   1 weeks ago

    Wanna hear this man say “a man has fallen into the river in lego city”

  • YummyTaterSubliminals

    God: here Jesus here is a new toyset of planetsJesus: but daddy I need a plastic planet for my collection my angelic dog eats stryfomeGod: k son daddy will just throw it into space now

  • YummyTaterSubliminals

    The first one on the list looks like a giant eyeball I would name the planet peepers

  • Corner AnimeStu
    Corner AnimeStu   1 weeks ago

    Some of the 3D renders are from ‘Space VFX Elements’ from Glen Alexandro and Aidy Burrow using Blender3D. Please give credits to them.

  • IVitalis
    IVitalis   1 weeks ago

    What if earth is a combination or all elements in our universe put together to create life thats why some planets are made of only 1 material like the styrofoam world or a world of diamonds or moon which is rocks and some earths are made of gasses that are in our earth

  • Male メイル m
    Male メイル m   1 weeks ago

    Lol why is this music so dramatic? They act like there's an alien civilization present or something

  • BunnyWolfe 26
    BunnyWolfe 26   1 weeks ago

    I need to stop this I’ve had enough... if I discover a planet I’m naming it... breadball

  • Baby Groot
    Baby Groot   1 weeks ago

    Why does this planet have the same name as my WiFi password?

  • Masked crusade
    Masked crusade   1 weeks ago

    When you realize that his voice is millions of times heavier than a black hole. 😏<3🎱

  • Simo Murakas
    Simo Murakas   1 weeks ago

    The first planet is not a planet its a star that destroyed the planets around it

  • RekYe M8
    RekYe M8   1 weeks ago

    After seeing stars existed before the universe nothing surprises me lol