The Strangest Planets Ever Discovered in Galaxy

  • Published on: 06 September 2017
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    The Strangest Planets Ever Discovered in Galaxy

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    In this video, we used some footage from the game Space Engine (
  • Runtime : 11:12
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  • C Rod
    C Rod   11 hours ago

    An old star just because we cant understand it doesn't mean it cant happen

  • James Hoyle
    James Hoyle   17 hours ago

    Alien 1#we need s name for this planet Alien 2#Ok*throws keyboard. Both#Such gorgeous name

  • Tonjaneika Johnson
    Tonjaneika Johnson   18 hours ago

    A styrofoam planet that is so hard to believe my head is suffering

  • infamous_
    infamous_   1 days ago

    Nasa discovers new plant What we should call it Meh just smash the keyboard

  • Wes
    Wes   1 days ago

    Who thinks this is just click bait with no real information about these kind of things :) ???

  • David Avilez
    David Avilez   2 days ago

    Your voice is so calmAlmost like a teacherLearn less in 8hrs in school 30 minutes: learn more than school fast

  • Zack James
    Zack James   3 days ago

    "Mankind will receive an answer " well sure, God, but not everyone accepts that truth.

  • Zack James
    Zack James   3 days ago

    Same as that evil planet in fifth element

  • Angelica Angel
    Angelica Angel   3 days ago

    I wanna know more about space and actually go on them but by that time I wouldn’t exist

  • Bubblecup_lps tv
    Bubblecup_lps tv   3 days ago

    “alright, we need to find a name for these planets”“alright” *smashes head on keyboard* “perfect”

  • Twinkle Star
    Twinkle Star   3 days ago

    2019 you come here because of the recommended this video was Made in 2 year now i get recommended in 2019

  • Cristian Calderon
    Cristian Calderon   3 days ago

    This planet you say is 130 light years away, so that means it's in the Earth's Galaxy and it's a volcanic planet, with how much the temperature, is it possible to reach a space robot and land it on the planet or a satellite that can take photos around it, also strange how it looks like a floating dark eye ball

  • nyab
    nyab   4 days ago

    Whenever I hear this voice, I always feel like I'm watching a god damn movie

  • Elwin van Huissteden

    Come on, people... he wants theories!Theory on CFBDSIR 2149-0403: What if it is a planet with a really hot core, or a brown dwarf that has collided with enough planets / other heavenly bodies that it has become "polluted" with other materials?Theory on Kelt-11b: Could it be a gas giant with a surface of some material lighter than it's gas?

  • JayTheOne420
    JayTheOne420   5 days ago

    Hey how are the other transformers doing?

  • Fry pan
    Fry pan   5 days ago

    Your voice is so annoying

  • Creig Tube
    Creig Tube   5 days ago

    Morgan Freeman don't approve of this narrating. 😁

  • Weird Jackolope
    Weird Jackolope   5 days ago

    1:01 that is the devil's eye this is how many people agree👇

  • KroNiiK
    KroNiiK   5 days ago

    you should really do a documentary on space, your voice is genuinely so soothing could listen for hours👍🏼