Genetic Engineering and Diseases – Gene Drive & Malaria

  • Published on: 21 September 2016
  • We have the choice to attack one of our oldest enemies with genetic engineering. But should we do it?

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    Harvard FAQs on gene drive:

    Research paper on using CRISPR for malaria gene drive:

    Nature article on engineered mosquitos:

    STAT new article on using gene drive against Zika:

    Tech review article on using gene drive against malaria:

    Smithsonian on deadliness of mosquitos:

    Science article about the risks of the technology:

    New Yorker on Pros and Cons:

    Gates note on death rate through mosquitos:

    Status quo on field trial in the U.S.:

    Evolution working against gene drive technology:

    Research paper on evolution of resistance against gene drive:

    Science news on possible safety feature for gene drive:

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  • Runtime : 7:4
  • Malaria gene drive modification mosquito zika


  • The Inevitable
    The Inevitable   3 hours ago

    I'm not an expert but if we try to look for the deeper meaning of this video, we could say that i don't know the meaning of this because in the first place i already said that i am not an expert.

  • Uranus
    Uranus   5 hours ago

    Just make mosquitoes extinct, if scientists have not found any role mosquitos do for nature then fuck them up.

  • Arif Arıkan
    Arif Arıkan   6 hours ago

    I think we must create a simulation and test it.

  • Gamer4life1717
    Gamer4life1717   8 hours ago

    I say yes we should use it because children are our future

  • James
    James   17 hours ago

    They should add a gnome that makes them hate the taste of humans too

  • Dani Mara
    Dani Mara   1 days ago

    Cuz mosquitos winter and fall are my favourite to me

  • That One Weird Channel

    Mosquitoes: Are a thing.Plasmodium: It's free real estate!Humans: Wait, that's illegal.CRISPR: I diagnose you with dead.

  • 우울한Emptiness
    우울한Emptiness   1 days ago

    I think I might die...I’ve been getting bitten by probably like already now a count of 15 mosquito bites..I feel so sad, 😖Question: Should I see a doctor? Please I need help 🙏🏻

  • OB Gaming
    OB Gaming   1 days ago

    I say take NORMAL mosquitos and mix them, wait a year and see what happens before your release the rest to the wild.

  • brice tewksbury
    brice tewksbury   1 days ago

    You said it best, it is too unethical to do nothing. Release the krakken!

  • Fman Ahonsi
    Fman Ahonsi   2 days ago

    This technology needs to be implemented, it is a revolution for the health Care system and will change the world dynamically, unless evil people decide to use it as war weapons, in which case, it needs to be ban to gain military advantage and this can be easily regulated by the United Nations. But Yes. I am in full support of this technology! Sickness is a curse, not just a natural phenomenon and it must be fought!

  • Skyrim 59
    Skyrim 59   2 days ago

    Did you know mosquitos that have malaria live in clean water

  • Biednymaniek
    Biednymaniek   2 days ago

    Problem old data Reader closed for...? 🤔

    FOXIS FOXIS   2 days ago

    malaria be like: /kill @e [type=children]

    FOXIS FOXIS   2 days ago

    malaria be like: /kill @e [type=children]

  • Nisa Sinem KILIÇ
    Nisa Sinem KILIÇ   2 days ago

    It made me so happy that you've mentioned the CRISPR-CAS9 system. Thanks for the video!

  • Fanne Aeris
    Fanne Aeris   2 days ago

    if I'll be a succesful scientific business man like elon musk, I'll prioritize bio tech rather exploring space. the latter is absolute crap in the current condition of our species

  • Cross Van Dust
    Cross Van Dust   3 days ago

    The sufix -ito in Spanish means small, which suggest the existence of something worseThe terrifying El Mosco

  • Tyson Brown
    Tyson Brown   3 days ago

    ill put my trust in what I don't see and before I listen to any man made lies anymore. we are all waiting to be Rapture out this place. 1Thessalonians 4 :13-171corithian 15:50-58phillipians 3:20-21Isaiah 65 creation made New Revelation 21. Decieved more wake up people time to move on an live your life waiting on redemption Romans 8:20-28

  • Droolsial
    Droolsial   3 days ago

    They should make mosquitos who give people vaccinations without them knowing

  • うんあ うん
    うんあ うん   5 days ago

    people needs to die, or else we suffer from over population

  • anti bully
    anti bully   5 days ago

    Malaria: I killed the most humans!!!!Tuberculosis: Am i joke to you?

  • Neptune Vibe
    Neptune Vibe   5 days ago

    From all of them I like Zika the most because leads to borning children with very funny skulls. Ahhh I love freaks and weird looking people. I'm so sorry I wasn't born the last century when they had circuses with freaks. Those were the times!

  • Yu Tubaru
    Yu Tubaru   5 days ago

    Malaria is free late term abortions.

  • matrex9
    matrex9   5 days ago

    Its 2019 and the humanitiy still did not change anything

  • Rosis Kharel
    Rosis Kharel   5 days ago

    I personally think that this technology is still too risky to be used on such a large scale

  • Zaid Zulfiqar
    Zaid Zulfiqar   6 days ago

    I belive if we were to release a modified mosquito atleast release 1billion if them to more quickly and effectively eradicate malaria