Genetic Engineering and Diseases – Gene Drive & Malaria

  • Published on: 21 September 2016
  • We have the choice to attack one of our oldest enemies with genetic engineering. But should we do it?

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    Harvard FAQs on gene drive:

    Research paper on using CRISPR for malaria gene drive:

    Nature article on engineered mosquitos:

    STAT new article on using gene drive against Zika:

    Tech review article on using gene drive against malaria:

    Smithsonian on deadliness of mosquitos:

    Science article about the risks of the technology:

    New Yorker on Pros and Cons:

    Gates note on death rate through mosquitos:

    Status quo on field trial in the U.S.:

    Evolution working against gene drive technology:

    Research paper on evolution of resistance against gene drive:

    Science news on possible safety feature for gene drive:

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  • Runtime : 7:4
  • Malaria gene drive modification mosquito zika


  • Blue Ivy
    Blue Ivy   1 days ago

    mosquito bites meMe:searches in googlehow can I bite a mosquito back

  • XxItsMagicalxX
    XxItsMagicalxX   2 days ago

    What is a mosquito’s main habitat and predator, once you find out the predators, make it so they can live in the conditions a mosquito lives in.

  • Rob Grant
    Rob Grant   2 days ago

    Idiots If genetic engineering worked.Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest would of done it already Math, Try it....

  • Sea raider
    Sea raider   2 days ago

    Oh God those mosquito sounds are brutalNothing is worse that hearing that at 2 am while you

  • Justin Thyme
    Justin Thyme   3 days ago

    gmo or not who cares and why? saving people and making an honest contribution for good is the right aim. Debates about gmo are generally fear based.

  • Mateo Cam
    Mateo Cam   4 days ago

    And if you’re trying to tell us about smart stuff are you telling us about your Murch

  • пэнис
    пэнис   4 days ago

    Bloodlust: unabatedItchiness: unaffectedCuteness: unharmedNuisance: same sameBuzz: still thereMalaria: gone!

  • Farhan Hafidzz
    Farhan Hafidzz   5 days ago

    Malaria doesn’t come from virus but from a protozoa

  • Ghost Unknown
    Ghost Unknown   5 days ago

    We could destroy all mosquitoes but it's dangerous for the environment

  • Mzxcvzwqr s
    Mzxcvzwqr s   6 days ago

    we gonna have another problem if we defeat all : OVERPOPULATION

    Jace WHITTAKER   6 days ago

    im african but south african but ive killed 40-50 mosquitos this summer

  • Yukihyo
    Yukihyo   6 days ago

    Reasons why advanced simulations might exist: testing for unintended consequences for radical solutions.

  • MSSkyprincezz
    MSSkyprincezz   1 weeks ago

    I'm a kid and sick and i have influenza as well as bad coughs 1 like = I get better 😘

  • Mohan Arakeri
    Mohan Arakeri   1 weeks ago

    Rather contribute in giving free mosquito nets..

  • Soulrytu
    Soulrytu   1 weeks ago

    Lol, why not create a mosquito who "infects" a heal

  • Bob Joy
    Bob Joy   1 weeks ago

    kill anything that sucks the blood out of another living thing. stop thinking about it while people/animals die.

  • Mike Larrivee
    Mike Larrivee   1 weeks ago

    Kill that malaria bitch, if its a mistake well figure it out and fix that mistake too

  • Abraham.Auguste.Limitless

    Am from Africa (urban Africa ) I've already had like 5 diagnosed malaria cases (I'm 21) and I can tell you am 1 of the lucky ones since am close to medical facilities, here's what I can tell you: before explaining I wanna point out that malaria comes in different forms sometimes severe, mild or weak and by weak I mean you can actually get out of bed, symptoms: first, you lose appetite then fever climbs & like I said malaria can differ in severity but what makes it the most unique is it gives you chills and shivers you feel cold even on a sunny day during the 4-day treatment you start feeling better the 3rd day not before and the 4th day you are cured.

  • Aidan Hays
    Aidan Hays   1 weeks ago

    But now female mosquitoes stoped mating with anti plasmodium mosquitoes

  • Ekin Mahmuzlu
    Ekin Mahmuzlu   1 weeks ago

    The solution to understanding the future consequences of such endeavor is simple: release the genetically-engineered mosquitos in a controlled environment to see the consequences like an island. If everything is OK for a decade, then release in the general population.

  • マニさん
    マニさん   1 weeks ago

    Finally a cartoon series to show my unruly children when they refuse to... ....GO TO BED NOW, GODDAMNIT!!!

  • Eshal Rizvi
    Eshal Rizvi   1 weeks ago

    I think this science with the genetically modified antibody genes should be tested in a small enclosed chamber or secure environment where they can be studied first, that way scientists can make this decision based on the positive and negative results produced by the experiment.

  • Joseph Castillo
    Joseph Castillo   2 weeks ago

    I think that the Malira-free mosquitoes should first be tested by seeing if after they bite a person WITH malaira they should later after a day or 2 and see if they truly can exterminate malira in their cells

  • einfach ich
    einfach ich   2 weeks ago

    There was evan an skorpion Episode about that

  • Sawsan Chmeit
    Sawsan Chmeit   2 weeks ago

    why dont the public do something the deasisa is cause 250 000 deaths a year is worth it i been testing something simpler but im looking how a mosquito of use it

  • Tayaress
    Tayaress   2 weeks ago

    There is too many people in Africa. If we eradicates all diseases, there will be far more people in Africa. Until we solved the problem of overcrowding, we should not try to eradicates diseases. For now, nature solves the problem for us.

  • Phil Burkholder
    Phil Burkholder   2 weeks ago

    PJ jjnjjnnkmmmm😱🚗🚕🚙🚌🚎🏎🚓🚑🚒🚐🏝🎢🚦🗽🗼🏢🏥⛪️🕌🌉📲9000____>?}1☎️💽📺👨🏾‍🦱👳🏿‍♀️👩🏼‍🦱🧒🏼🧠👁👅🦷💪Aa

  • Ankit Antil
    Ankit Antil   2 weeks ago

    I think we should take a chance because if somehow it fails it won't affect much cause millions of people are already dying and our immune system will also adapt if that virus manage to adapt. Gene editing on very small scale.

  • Just that cat
    Just that cat   2 weeks ago

    Memes: it's a me MALARIOKURSAGAT: visible anger

  • The United Malfoy
    The United Malfoy   2 weeks ago

    I got 3 mosquito bites 2 days ago...Goodbye chance of living past 65 to retire and enjoy life!