How Trump and Kushner Failed on Testing and Ventilators: A Closer Look

  • Published on: 03 April 2020
  • Seth takes a closer look at President Trump essentially abdicating his responsibility to handle the coronavirus pandemic.

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    How Trump and Kushner Failed on Testing and Ventilators: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Runtime : 16:22
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  • Jeff Urschel
    Jeff Urschel   1 weeks ago

    The fact that Trumps son in law that somehow became his senior advisor with a corona task force that involves Bill gates that wants to depopulate and vaccinate the planet alone should be all we need to know to be consciousness enough to be awake! Behold this is a war on our souls, if you back any of these politicians that need the support of the bigger evil picture then you are part of the problem, or you are aware and part of the solution to this world government virus!

  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain   1 weeks ago

    Boy the corrupt house got some Dumb ass people's there.

    DARON EKAS   2 weeks ago

    It is what it is: the Chinese caused this and the WHO failed us. I stayed home for 30 days and sacrificed and so did most Americans for at least 15 days, but the Covid-19 spreading hoard shoppers are to blame now along with others that did not do at least a 15 day quarantine; you know who you are. You are holding back our country from re-opening now going on two months and have disgraced our country in front of the rest of the world's other countries and their people showing the worst disregard and disrespect toward your neighbor, their human life and well being.

  • Taylor Reneé
    Taylor Reneé   2 weeks ago

    Generators??? Mr. Trump, it’s called VENTILATORS, and it’s spelled V E N T I L A T O R S, okay?

  • viddork
    viddork   3 weeks ago

    I hate it when the subtitles get it wrong. They kept saying "scarves" when Trump was clearly saying "scarfs."

  • Luke G
    Luke G   3 weeks ago

    If I were Jared, I’d probably go to some remote, uninhabited island for the the rest of my life.

  • House of Asantewa
    House of Asantewa   3 weeks ago

    Call me crazy, but every move this man has made since the outbreak began is a Democratic Voter Suppression move, whether its the fights with liberal governors, withholding testing, ppe, ventilators, and masks from blue states, sending broken equipment, intercepting supplies, encouraging the economy to reopen prematurely, while virtually protecting red states from the overwhelming impact of the virus, with smaller numbers of cases and deaths (collateral damage).

  • Rick 56AZ
    Rick 56AZ   3 weeks ago

    Hi Seth. My guess for the minidoor(s): HVAC access!😷

  • outbacktrek
    outbacktrek   3 weeks ago

    <3 taiwan is #1 (Y) crushes liarLiar ccpGopCovid19mafiaDon & jarheadKushner (Y)

  • MsJubjubbird
    MsJubjubbird   3 weeks ago

    They changed the stance on masks because initially there was limited community spread so they wanted them reserved for healthcare workers. But then community spread became rampant.

  • terry stinnett
    terry stinnett   3 weeks ago

    by the way in forsight your stupid ! And thats funny .Jared Kushner was correct in the supplies ,ventilators . your a comidian in name only

  • The Gay Expat
    The Gay Expat   3 weeks ago

    15:20 Turns out Kuscher was right. I'm shocked Meyers hasn't taken down this video which makes him look like a total condescending imbecile.

  • allnighter2011
    allnighter2011   3 weeks ago

    This didn't age well and its been just 3 weeks...

  • bucolis
    bucolis   3 weeks ago

    Turns out Jared’s smart and Seth’s a nitwit.

  • AttyCPA1
    AttyCPA1   3 weeks ago

    Who made all the excess profits off of the ventilators ? They probably are somehow related to Trump. See the video of Gov. Cuomo complaining about 50 States all having to outbid each other for ventilators.Gov. Cuomo is complaining at just before 13:00 at . AND JARAD IS IN CHARGE. Ditto for the excess profits off of the Testing Kits. So one or two months intentional delay and low and behold, you are no longer selling Ventilators and Testing Kits, you are now selling LIFE versus DEATH. This is especially true if you give out false information designed specifically to make the Pandemic more widely spread.

  • Silver Jones
    Silver Jones   3 weeks ago

    Seth the 💩 is an alleged comedian. Stick to comedy and leave politics alone. Don't embarrass yourself every time.

  • Charles Charlemagne
    Charles Charlemagne   3 weeks ago

    Looks like Kushner was right and this painfully unfunny propagandist was wrong...just like he was wrong when he said Trump would never be president

  • Bodean Digs
    Bodean Digs   4 weeks ago

    Seth Meyers..How do you like Jared now you clown. Ventilator Derrangement Syndrome. Kind of like your Trump Derrangement Syndrome..

  • J Thomas
    J Thomas   4 weeks ago

    Talking about a video that didn't age well. 😒 New York is sending ventilators to other states now.🤔🙄 Maybe they didn't need them? Orange man bad is what is hurting this nation the most.

  • Mark Armage
    Mark Armage   4 weeks ago

    So when now as the result showed that Jared was right, Seth Meyers hides like a dog. How despicable can these people be?

  • Joshua Pincus
    Joshua Pincus   4 weeks ago

    ....Except Kushner didn't fail on ventilators. There is no shortage. NY sent back units they didn't need, as did CA. We started off last year with a national stockpile of 30K. We now have 130K. Same with testing. I'm just wondering when you're going to apologize to Kushner or at least acknowledge reality and commend what has been done right.

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin   4 weeks ago

    The vents did not work because the needed a self test and to be plugged in. If someone can't figure out how to plug something in I am not sure they need to be operating them. Idoit.

  • Copynat
    Copynat   4 weeks ago

    well, the WHO said from the beginning that masks don't work... so if anyone lied, we know who that was hah

  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith   1 months ago

    How can Trump turn people down for masks for people to scarfs and other cloths he is nuts

  • Ashley McCormack
    Ashley McCormack   1 months ago

    Nows not the time to send your grandpa to gamestock you coward 🤣🤣

  • Cal Boner
    Cal Boner   1 months ago

    Seth, you are not funny and talentless. Please quit waisting oxygen with you shylock nose.

  • Andrew Chuang
    Andrew Chuang   1 months ago

    I'm from Taiwan too, nice to hear someone addressing Taiwan's work!!!

  • Nikki Eagle
    Nikki Eagle   1 months ago

    Just remember Dump is the one who thought "raking the forest" to prevent more fires literally meant using a leaf rake, thinks windmills cause cancer, stared at an eclipse, thought it would be a good idea to nuke a tornado, thinks wheels are older than walls, Thought the U.K. kept changing its name from England to Britain to the U.K. & couldn't understand why they didn't just stick with one name,...…. the list goes on & on but I don't think there's enough room on the entire internet to write it all out...….

  • Jeff Petrie
    Jeff Petrie   1 months ago

    The small door behind you is now officially exhausted of any potential as a source of humor. Pretty please: Just stop with the little door, and focus your incredible deliveries of humor on to other topics. (Thorn Birds has also become tired.)

  • MusicLovingFool1
    MusicLovingFool1   1 months ago

    Much ado about nothing. This plandemic is one step closer to New World Order thanks to W.H.O.? And the majority of the world...fell for it. And this jerk claims it's all President Trump's fault. What about all the robots who don't question why the elites like Soros and Gates are throwing money at these agencies hand over fist. They still believe that WHO, CDC, NIH and the media is telling the truth about the skewed numbers while not even having the proper tests to tell whether people have this awe shocking virus. Well, get ready to take your mandatory vaccination that Gates, the lying media and others will be pushing with their tracking chip and 5G to make sure you take it now, because you believe the 6 corporation owned media with over 200 publication and have trained the public for the past 4 years. Good luck people.

  • ingrid quiroz
    ingrid quiroz   1 months ago

    I just can't imagine if this were Obama administration. The hate, despise, and bigotry would've been nastyly outrageous. But the North Americans have taken Trump very lightly. Is this fear, ignorance or veneration? There is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see.

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue   1 months ago

    I love that doctor on fox [news] he's shaking his head the second he's on, before she even asks a question!😂

  • E Randco
    E Randco   1 months ago

    Oh, I forgot, quality control is a new concept. There’s a shady deal in the mix somewhere.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml   1 months ago

    Bad timing to have an idiot in the White House.

  • Scott Risley
    Scott Risley   1 months ago

    Say what you want about Trump, but he has absolutely stepped up during this crisis. Shutting down the travel early, sending Military medical ships to heavily affected areas of the country, stimulating the economy and sending out stimulus checks to Americans. Yes this is the President I want to vote for again ! TRUMO/ PENCE 2020 !