falling out of love | Growing Up Eileen Season 4 EP 2 (FULL EPISODE)

  • Published on: 18 January 2020
  • WATCH THE FULL EPISODE HERE - https://youtu.be/TYKNAEq_Krg
    The Padillas are at MODA200 to help promote the Planning My Quince Expo with some familiar faces. Find out the tea with Armando and Brianna.

    Amigas tour | Growing Up Eileen - Season 4 EP 3 (FULL EPISODE) - https://youtu.be/yUZ8Wvlwcw0

    Eileen is a rising Hispanic influencer, and her mom Lourdes is the matriarch of the family. Eileen is talented but she is truly influenced by her crazy and opinionated mom and aunts. Lourdes is the ultimate “momager”. Eileen is growing up, but at the end of the day family is everything!      

    It's time to move on | Growing Up Eileen S4 EP 1 (FULL EPISODE)- https://youtu.be/pii_CBC8qQc
    Falling out of love | Growing Up Eileen S4 EP 2 (FULL EPISODE)-
    Amigas tour | Growing Up Eileen S4 EP 3 (FULL EPISODE) - https://youtu.be/yUZ8Wvlwcw0

    Watch Malibu Surf on AwesomenessTV! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ-PTy4NIc8&list=PLBQgA3Kndk7dY16m3CqkDHKtyUa7sP9G7&index=2&t=0s


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    Armando: https://www.instagram.com/djr_mando/
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    Created By: Kevin Stalker
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    Camera Operator: Golnar Fakhrai
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    Editor: Fay Robles

    Special Thanks: MODA2000

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  • Runtime : 21:49
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  • Danica B
    Danica B   6 hours ago

    lourdes is asking her kids to tell her everything... i never tell my mom anything even if she asks

  • mari
    mari   2 days ago

    Lourdes needs to have trust and stop embarrassing her kids. I know she loves her kids. But she really needs to keep her comments to herself and understand boundaries. Maybe if Lourdes trusts her kids and let them be. her kids will trust her, But they don't have to tell them anything

  • Jennifer Mendoza
    Jennifer Mendoza   2 weeks ago

    Lourdes IS RUDE ASF Lily is being a whole lot better mom then lourdes like ATLEAST SHE ZEKE FIRST BEFORE HER LIKE she doesnt have the right to call zeke "Ranchi" the fame really got to lourdes

  • Ibrahim.m M-512
    Ibrahim.m M-512   2 weeks ago

    plss guys I want answer what happened to the relationship between Brianna and Armando !? why they now not with each other's what happened to them!

  • Victoria
    Victoria   3 weeks ago

    I think the girl in 1:35 dani would have good chemistry

  • Noelia Marais
    Noelia Marais   3 weeks ago

    Her bf needs to chill that’s not a healthy relationship

  • Maria Abeyta
    Maria Abeyta   3 weeks ago

    this is like super scripted but i still manage to get through to the end 💀

  • Bernie Henry
    Bernie Henry   1 months ago

    When Elina said Lourdes tells her to "suck it in" and "be pretty". It's honestly so sad. Elina is still so young and her mom is starting to put pressure of how she looks already. It's really sad and honestly not healthy.

  • Stephanie 2.0
    Stephanie 2.0   1 months ago

    Can Lourdes please leave like she needs to go 😂

  • Princess Arriella
    Princess Arriella   1 months ago

    Armando and Briana would make a beautiful coupleEdited:Later on the video Armando said people put pressure on him so everyone she stop saying they are a great couple because he feels pressure and Eileen and Armando are really close

  • Mawi M
    Mawi M   1 months ago

    I love this show smm

  • Helen Olvera
    Helen Olvera   1 months ago

    The mom shouldn't come out anymore shes letting this fame get to her head ...sorry not sorry

  • Dance Forever
    Dance Forever   1 months ago

    Brianna and Armando are a cute couple in photos and looking pleasing to the eye, but love doesn’t not always look pleasing and is not. No one can force love on another for that is fake love

  • e. //
    e. //   1 months ago

    the black girl in the blue dress is pretty

  • I'm SandyLu Suarez
    I'm SandyLu Suarez   1 months ago

    I really liked how mando and brianna looked together 😏 but oh well is not always the way we want soo nexttt 🤩😅😅 p.s just catching up with the episodes 😓

  • Roblox Fans
    Roblox Fans   1 months ago


  • Maria Cazares
    Maria Cazares   1 months ago

    Maria Cazares Wilmington I Love You Eileen💓 Lourdes 💋and Dad and yaaas and Lilly🌹and👪🌹😘👆🌹😀✌💋😄🌹👆😘🌹👆😄💞😍💋✌and Family

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith   1 months ago

    Literally how my aunts and my mom act

  • Krystal
    Krystal   1 months ago

    No she does not tell her little daughter to suck it in an be pretty for a boy wtf

  • Alexia Arellano
    Alexia Arellano   1 months ago

    okay stop saying all these mean comments abt lourdes she has feelings n also if u have something rude to say keep it to ur self stop hating

  • Juan Grande
    Juan Grande   1 months ago

    19:14!!!! if this isn’t gonna be me with my sister!!!! than I don’t wanna be an uncle!

  • Coldclearblue
    Coldclearblue   1 months ago

    Lourdes is very professional thats why I understand her reaction to Lily. She’s got three kids and all duties to herself yet she manages to keep things together. She wants Lily to do the same. No excuses.

  • Kristina Quinde
    Kristina Quinde   1 months ago

    she isn't planning to steal brianna's man, right?she better not

  • Melissa Villalobos
    Melissa Villalobos   1 months ago

    Lourdes really needs to chill bc lily doesn’t really have as much as she does plus she’s a single mom and Lourdes has a whole family to help her and she was soo rude and she pressured everyone including her kids

  • Wize One
    Wize One   1 months ago

    Stop trying to make gestures and talking like a teen u fat ASS man Lourdes lol.

  • Dianas 4EVER
    Dianas 4EVER   1 months ago

    Her sister shouldn't commit to shit if she's not gonna follow through people have kids and still have to do shit just cause u have a kid it isint an excuse NOT to show up /follow through w shit(obviously if it's an emergency or something) u agreed on and that goes for anyone it's called being responsible .... If u have known and planned to be somewhere at a certain time n say ur gonna b there then be there .... Just anyone in general

  • Dayesca
    Dayesca   1 months ago

    Armando’s a sophomore?

  • Jesy Carrera
    Jesy Carrera   2 months ago

    Dang Eileen is sticking up for herself and her brother

  • Lorraine
    Lorraine   2 months ago

    I would’ve snapped if she called my son raunchy 🤦🏻‍♀️ como si su casa no estuviera así , no te pases amiga 😂✌🏼

  • brownie gg
    brownie gg   2 months ago

    Lourdes is trying to live her teenage years threw her kids. Shes pushing them away little by little.