Oil changes: How often do you need them? (Marketplace)

  • Published on: 16 March 2018
  • How often should you change your engine oil? In a hidden camera investigation, we test what you're told at the dealership and then actually test your engine oil in a lab to see who's right.
    To read more: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2017-2018/the-dirty-truth-about-makeup-oil-change-debate

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  • Runtime : 8:45
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  • Mon S
    Mon S   7 hours ago

    Mobil1 has a 100k miles oil on the shelf. That means it’s the life of the car, if it doesn’t burn or leaks.

  • sunnysacto
    sunnysacto   8 hours ago

    I use miles with color and smell test. Gold oil with no burn smell is good to go. 3 years and 3k miles

  • tonisio
    tonisio   18 hours ago

    3000 miles conventional. Sure you can stretch it out. But why would you do that? Costs me $30 to change it. With my mileage I change it five times a year. $150 a year is a worthy expense to avoid damaging rods, pistons, cylinder bores.... any one of them would far exceed the cost of frequent oil changes. You probably spend more than that on coffees. Change it often, change it early. Good lubrication is the only reason the engine doesn't sieze on your way to work.

  • John Azhderian
    John Azhderian   1 days ago

    My 2007 Ford Fusion has 232,000 miles (373,368 km) and I change my oil every 3,000 miles (4,829 km). I take "experts" with a grain of salt. The oil life indicator is a marketing gimmick design to get people to replace their cars far more often than necessary. The manual was written by the marketing department, not by the engineers. When the average car costs $38,000 (USD) you have already wasted your money buying this overpriced piece of junk.

  • juice323 blue
    juice323 blue   2 days ago

    I change my oil every 3 months why take the chance.

  • Samuel Farance
    Samuel Farance   2 days ago

    It depends on what kind of oil used. Conv or Syth oils do make a difference on how long the oil lasts. Basically - follow what the oil says and the owner book says. If you put syth in - it can go to 10k miles a lot of the time. Conv - probably 5k. The learning lesson - do your own oil change. Save the labor costs and know what's being put inside your car.

  • randy beard
    randy beard   2 days ago

    Every 5 thousand miles works for me, never had problems with engine due to oil failure and I'm 72 years young....

  • James Koh
    James Koh   3 days ago

    Car manual say: 10,000 miles OR 12 months whichever comes first.Supposing you change you oil but drives only, say, 1000 miles a year.... this is only 10% of the distance recommended for oil change. But WHY change the oil at the end of the 12 months period? Can the oil deteriorate just by sitting for 12 months? What if someone change the oil and leave for a long vacation overseas (for 12 months or longer), does he have to change the oil again when he comes back? Can the oil degrade in his absence? I think the distance of usage should be the sole factor to judge an oil change. What do you say? Can an oil expert give a definitive answer here?

  • GrnXnham
    GrnXnham   3 days ago

    For me it just feels good to change my own oil! I know it was done right at a reasonable price. I use the oil and filter that I want to use. If I use any shady tactics, I'm only cheating myself. There's no driving away from the oil change wondering if they REALLY changed your oil or just charged you for it. I've always changed it based on the what the car manual says with no problems.

  • Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso

    It all depends on the driving conditions, you can buy oil and filter or a new engine and transmission. Its your money.

  • Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso

    If you are using regular oil, 3000 mi oil change is ok. If you are using synthetic you can change at 7500 miles.

  • Shawn Stafford
    Shawn Stafford   3 days ago

    I know everything is more expensive than in the USA. I change my own oil and filter. Nowhere near $100!

  • The Ultimate Male
    The Ultimate Male   4 days ago


  • tito88
    tito88   4 days ago

    Sarcastic*** ohh yes let’s follow the manufactures recommendation, the same ppl that claim transmission fluid is a life time fluid!!

  • S Bains
    S Bains   5 days ago

    Very 5000 kmThe people who say every 16,000 km will be happy to sell you a new car with a new engine

  • Qwinton B.
    Qwinton B.   5 days ago

    Lol had a lady come in with a seized engine ...she thought u wait for the light as well but forgot she had 3 massive leaks.. fiats n audi etc burn oil quick... learn about something from ppl that actually know about the something u wanna learn... these ppl are the real cons their dads own the dealerships and tire kingdoms and the used car lots.. they need ur engine to be damaged to make money... the mechanics need ur engines to work so u can come back

  • Ernie Trautwein
    Ernie Trautwein   5 days ago

    bruh the one random jeeps oil u take isnt gonna be tarnished... thats just saying your 2015 jeep is running good. try that jeep with 250k on it then see for a fair test. Still shouldnt look bad

  • Matt Hannah
    Matt Hannah   6 days ago

    10,000 miles is absolutely way to late for an oil change. A 10,000 mile oil change means you'll be back with major issues from neglect AFTER that precious warranty expires, and need to buy a new vehicle.... manufacturers aren't in the business of fixing vehicles at all, they want you to buy vehicles.

  • ronald peterson
    ronald peterson   6 days ago

    oil level needs to be checked, most engines consume oil. so in the end you should have it changed because nobody checks their oil level...smarten up fucktards

  • djkenny
    djkenny   6 days ago

    I want to take that mechanic srsly, and he’s right.. but he drives a POS Don’t she Chrysler product. I change mine every year or 4000 miles, I stick with conventional oil, not the BS over it charged synthetic oil changes. So with a coupon, I pay $27-32 average.

  • andrew srenson
    andrew srenson   6 days ago

    I change the oil in my tesla every 3 months....runs great!

  • Msa quality Inc
    Msa quality Inc   6 days ago

    If you are planning to keep your car with its engine for a long time you have to change it twice often than recommend. Yes dealers want to make money on oil change but car manufacturers want you to buy a new car every 5/6 years. Think about that, I change my own oil and I do it 3 times as often as recommended by manufacturers and I put premium oil and gas

  • Martin Popov
    Martin Popov   1 weeks ago

    I change my synthetic oil every 7000 miles with a Castrol 10/30 full synthetic Titanium with a premium Bosh filter. Result my 1996 Jaguar XJ 6 has reached 280,000 miles , same mileage on ZF transmission and differential. I drive only with Castrol for the last 12 years and I have never been happy. Note, my engine is almost 25 years but it's life depends on the type of oil you put in your engine. I am proud to say that I made the right decision with Castrol product for my car. Greetings from USA.

    DUTCHBOYH   1 weeks ago

    The owners manual also states, If you did not meet the recommended mileage to change your oil, then you will change it once a year. The oil life monitor on some vehicles also calculates how many cold, hot starts, mileage and idling hours you've done to determined how often to change your oil. It also states on some vehicles to change your oil once a year under normal driving conditions. Like California weather. Here in Can-Na-Da, we don't drive our vehicles under normal driving condition. We fall under server driving conditions. What the CBC is telling the public is so misleading. Someone is going to buy a new engine if they listen to this garbage.

  • B-MAN
    B-MAN   1 weeks ago

    When ever the owners manual says, 10K or a year.

  • Freddy Bañuelos
    Freddy Bañuelos   1 weeks ago

    Modern low mileage engines every 10k miles at least older engines 5-7k miles with high mileage oil or diesel oil for sure no need to change full synthetic every 3k miles unless you’re racing it daily lol

  • Dontae Holomon
    Dontae Holomon   1 weeks ago

    My salesman told me I don’t need to change the oil until the oil life minister told me to 2016 Chevy Impala it’s usually twice a year

  • Infinite Break
    Infinite Break   1 weeks ago

    You spend thousands of dollars on a new car, the least you can do is know it

  • BrendenAerosmith Farr

    I personally go by the oil life monitor on my Buick which will go to zero percent after roughy 5000 km. If you don’t have an oil life monitor, change the oil every 5000-6000 km if you use regular oil. If you use full synthetic, you and push it to 8000-10 000 km.

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez   1 weeks ago

    Every 3000 miles religiously... not once a year... this video is bad. The newer cars with full synthetic every 5000 miles. Thanks to this I have a 2003 Ford Taurus at 236000 miles and no problem

  • auxmike
    auxmike   1 weeks ago

    Once a year is crazy! At LEAST 2X a year, minimum!

  • kevin s
    kevin s   1 weeks ago

    Takes 10-15 minutes to do it yourself. Do that 1-2 times a year and you save more and your car is happy.

  • Matt
    Matt   1 weeks ago

    most synthetic can go 12000K no problem, I can tell by reading the comments most don't know what there talking about. this must be one of the biggest mis conceptions out there, kinda like with premium fuel. good on CBC for at least trying to shed some light and make people aware and regardless of your personal preferences. The point is an OEM Dealership has no business telling you to do an oil change more frequent then the Manufacturer has specified and once they have done that then they can offer there personal recommendation.

  • BudaDiesel
    BudaDiesel   1 weeks ago

    I never change my engine oil, 80000 Kms on Excursion and 95000 Kms on my Cummins without oil changes.