Get Ready With Me To Go Nowhere

  • Published on: 02 April 2020
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  • Runtime : 15:5
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  • bri dance
    bri dance   32 minuts ago

    This video gave me so much joy, ( lol the band name called it was so suttle but beautiful thankyou Julien )

  • Michael James
    Michael James   15 hours ago

    she looks like death.... maybe she shouldn't of desired to be famous and rich.... and so fake...

  • Lux Horan
    Lux Horan   20 hours ago

    Jenna i really recommend watching robert welsh. They teach how to do makeup and practice makeup theory in real life. So it is the type of makeup that is about looking good in real life like natural skin and blended eye look.

  • April Morris
    April Morris   1 days ago

    What brand of setting spray do you use? :)

  • Ellaaleah
    Ellaaleah   1 days ago

    I'm a cappercorn but also asentent aries and I relate more to aries

  • Kailee E
    Kailee E   1 days ago

    i was doing my makeup while watching this and i did blue eyebrows with two slits 😭

  • E L
    E L   1 days ago

    fyi jenna if you enjoy making them, i do greatly enjoy getting ready with you videos!

  • Panda
    Panda   1 days ago

    Очень интересно, но непонятно

  • Audrey Watt
    Audrey Watt   3 days ago

    she could put out a video of a blank wall and I would watch it I fukin love her shes so pure

  • Julie Mills
    Julie Mills   3 days ago

    We honestly need a Julian store where we can buy ourselves a Julian.

  • IntrovertedLoser
    IntrovertedLoser   4 days ago

    I can't believe this was a month ago.. time is blending together hah

  • Ira Gen
    Ira Gen   5 days ago

    "Always remember to put down a coaster.... Before that ass~" ~Julien the face mask murderer, 2020

  • Didre Park
    Didre Park   6 days ago

    After 3 years I just realized they are dating since 2013

  • Christina Davies
    Christina Davies   1 weeks ago

    Ok I need that bent purple brow brush! What is it and where can I find one please! ?

  • Little fungi Roblox
    Little fungi Roblox   1 weeks ago

    Lol when she shows the look at the end Kermit made it so much better

  • Jody Jones
    Jody Jones   1 weeks ago

    Julian’s face with the mask 😷 is the stuff of nightmares 🤣🤣

  • Morgan Leia
    Morgan Leia   1 weeks ago

    Jenna for beautiful people club president

  • spenstarr
    spenstarr   1 weeks ago

    Is it me? I was so pumped for magnetic lashes followed the directions double coat dry another coat and they just wouldn't stick like I went and got a magnet and that part worked but I don't know I've tried twice and they're nice lashes so I'm bummed

  • selina das
    selina das   1 weeks ago

    Jenna please don't stop making videos like this. It's a blessing

  • Emilie Skalbo
    Emilie Skalbo   1 weeks ago

    Julien laughing at his own jokes makes my day

  • Ana Levcovitz
    Ana Levcovitz   1 weeks ago

    honey, you are the most beautiful of the beautiful people. you have arrived. not being sarcastic. seriously, i love you

  • Selina Thoma
    Selina Thoma   1 weeks ago

    This look is so cute!!Also, black nail polish looks so good on julien!

  • Nummeh
    Nummeh   1 weeks ago

    Does that dude have a mental disability or something?

  • aidan mcmullan
    aidan mcmullan   1 weeks ago

    the way she kept gasping in between sentences is SENDING MEEE

  • SeL
    SeL   1 weeks ago

    "Get ready without me" killed me for some reason xD

  • Alex Dapper
    Alex Dapper   1 weeks ago

    julien: if i get slapped anywhere else in the day, I've already been slapped before so it doesn't shock me as muchjenna: oh.

  • Lithix
    Lithix   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me or did the beauty mark actually look really good on Jenna?

  • Jeff Sparky
    Jeff Sparky   1 weeks ago

    she mustve lost her marbles to do this video

  • McClendon Kara
    McClendon Kara   1 weeks ago

    i would LOVE to see jenna do the make-up with the fake freckles, lots of blush, and upturned pointy eyebrows

  • Katy Crawford
    Katy Crawford   1 weeks ago

    the most chaotic part of this vid is jenna putting her foundation in the PALM of her hand

  • ShelbyD
    ShelbyD   1 weeks ago

    “I couldn’t tell if I adored her or hated her. So I watched 7 hours of videos of her” this is so fucking relatable and I’m pretty sure how I became a Jenna Marbles fan lmao

  • Emi Pal
    Emi Pal   1 weeks ago

    6:44 oh my god thank you for the advice Julian I deeply appreciate itim literally doing it right now because my glasses are too big :( thank you for saving my life