Judges crying! Top 3 emotional auditions worldwide.

  • Published on: 28 September 2016
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    Top 3 emotional auditions where judges/coaches started crying.
    We can learn a lot of these people.
  • Runtime : 4:58
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  • Morris Anderson
    Morris Anderson   3 weeks ago

    I hate the British judge's,,they need to realise,they are there as coaches, to bring the best out of those singers who are just not quite at that point,,they aren't there to grab the next#1 singer they find without any input to the person's career,,cant stand this lot, prefer all the other country's,,at least they give the contestants a chance,and take a punt,,

  • Ken Grantham
    Ken Grantham   1 months ago

    Cheryl is a BEAUTIFUL person, inside and out. All I can say is... WOW!

  • Callum Padgett
    Callum Padgett   1 months ago

    Some force in this song 13 years since I lost my friend! Still feel the hurt and pain to this day! 💔

  • calderon calderon
    calderon calderon   2 months ago

    4:17 Cheryl is perfect to me🤤😩... She's my dream girl 😍

  • Samnang Mean
    Samnang Mean   3 months ago

    Everybody can you tell me , what's title song that josh Daniel sing?

  • Joanne Perks
    Joanne Perks   4 months ago

    Josh Daniel beautiful voice I lost my dad and brother 😭

  • marie blandine kancola
    marie blandine kancola   4 months ago

    Josh Daniel has a beautiful breaked soul like me. Tmiss my father my mom and my brother

  • Peter Delight
    Peter Delight   4 months ago

    Every time I hear ‘Jealous’, I think of Josh Daniel. I much prefer his version & I can often be seen sobbing in a traffic jam, remembering this audition. What a great guy his friend must have been. 👼

  • kamila victor
    kamila victor   4 months ago

    I never saw this show but the judges and some audience members, their reactions are identical to another contestant. As if it's fake. Same clothes everything. It was when listening to Dimash

  • Natalie White
    Natalie White   4 months ago

    I cry every time I hear Josh Daniel sings. He sings with such emotion... you can't help to really wonder if he's actually singing to HIS BFF!! I lost 1 of my closest bff's almost 2 years ago. I didn't even know she died until I seen her obituary in our town's paper!! She passed away just 4 days before my birthday. RIP Jackie Lynn 💔😢

  • truly saved
    truly saved   5 months ago

    I jst love will so sooooo much I want to hug all of them, someone stop with the onions

  • Karl Kei
    Karl Kei   5 months ago

    I lost my father last 2015, the time I told him I love him was during his burial 😔 I lost time, effort and my father to say I love you so much father during when his still alive😭 he can't hear me anymore 😭😭 I'm sorry dad.. Thanks josh for such a lovely song 😭

  • Draka Winkle
    Draka Winkle   6 months ago

    My niece was killed June 28, 2019. I saw this video 2 days after that. She was only 24 and left behind her 3 month old daughter.

  • Rob OnlyRoss
    Rob OnlyRoss   6 months ago

    Josh Daniel made Simon emotion becasue Simon not long lost his mum and you can see it really hit him deep

  • Pee Dee
    Pee Dee   6 months ago

    Putin Bitch in White House a disgrace to Jesus n truth

  • Stir Raw Roars
    Stir Raw Roars   6 months ago

    The emotions are fakeAnd really feel pushed. I am ashamed and I got into this season

  • Nga Bush All Day
    Nga Bush All Day   6 months ago

    These judges can be such arseholes.The number of times these egomaniacs wait for one of the others to turn before they will is nauseating.

  • Sima Porter
    Sima Porter   6 months ago

    When Josh since that sad song bring tears in my eyes I just lost my husband 4 month ago after 50 years of marriage

  • Bettylou
    Bettylou   6 months ago

    The best gift any of us can receive from music is that it make us feel something.

  • J K
    J K   6 months ago

    I’m a 40yr old male. There are a handful of songs that can tear me up every time I hear them. The 3rd singer and how he sings that song breaks down that wall men are told we have to keep up. Calum Scott’s rendition of Dancing on my own is another. A handful of Patriotic American and Pro-Military songs like “Proud to be an American”, “American Soldier” and “If your reading this”. They make me proud I served. They make me feel a bit better when my Depression gets to me or the pain gets worse and my wife is the only thing holding me from falling apart. There are times I search to find those sort of songs because I feel better after getting those raw emotions out. I wish I was able to sing better and write music. Exposing all those hidden emotions would be my focus because we have enough party songs, dance music, and all the rest. The world needs to shed tears together with a goal of being more thoughtful to our fellow man.

  • nerissa k
    nerissa k   6 months ago

    Simon’s mother passed approximately three weeks prior to Josh’ audition. That is why Simon was so affected.

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo   6 months ago

    I need the name of the 3rd song like shit. It hit me.