Craft Fair Fall 2016

  • Published on: 08 December 2016
  • Hi Everyone,

    Here is a video from one of the craft fairs this fall. Unfortunately, the video cuts off but there are pics at the end so you can see the table.

    Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions.
  • Runtime : 2:43
  • Craft Fair Gemzisle Best Seller The Cutting Cafe Chocolate Snowman Hershey Bars Hershey Nuggets Table Setup Christmas Santa Pencil Packs Post-It Note Holders Snowman Soup Tea Comic Books


  • Tina Sparks
    Tina Sparks   1 years ago

    Way too fast!Need to pause, let us look!That stuff looked super cool, I wanted to see it, study it for a second!!Thx, great ideasNo worries about competition, I’m in Alaska...5 months later, I came back to look again. This time, I went to the little cog looking thing at the bottom right & slowed down the video. Duh, didn't know I could do that before. AGAIN, you have COOOOL stuff! Love the looks, your imagination is wonderful! So great!

  • nik nak
    nik nak   1 years ago

    Everything is so cute!

  • Sweet Yvonne 71
    Sweet Yvonne 71   1 years ago

    R those slender bags with ur skittles n or m&Ms are n

  • Tammy Mcdaniel Rowland

    these are cute ideas but what happened to craft fairs where people actually made crafts that weren't food and paper repackaged items but real handmade items?

  • Karen Stone
    Karen Stone   1 years ago

    awesome craft fair table, where do you get packaging for skittle packs?

  • Lori Ritchie
    Lori Ritchie   2 years ago

    Hello, great craft items, do you have a tutorial for the santa suckers? I'd love to make these as they are so stinkin cute. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas with us!

  • Brenda Mault
    Brenda Mault   2 years ago

    I'm wanting to make those Santa lollipops..How did you make those? So cute..

  • Sew Fancy Nancy Design

    Your table looked awesome! How did you price your items? I’m doing a Fair in about a month .....I just don’t know how to price my stuff....I’m doing a lot of the same things as well.

  • Geemarylou
    Geemarylou   2 years ago

    Everything looks so good! Where do you purchase your cellophane bags?

  • takehomeahottie
    takehomeahottie   2 years ago

    Gorgeous table and variety of items!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • scrappassion01
    scrappassion01   3 years ago

    Everything is so nice Sheryl!!!I've never done a craft fair before. Maybe,I will try it for 2017!!!TFSBetty

  • TheScrappyBookworm1
    TheScrappyBookworm1   3 years ago

    Your table looked great!!! If I may ask, what did you price your hershey bars at? I'd like to add them in my next craft fair along with crunch bars but I'm just not sure what to price them at. Thank you for sharing with us. Hope you had awesome success & sold out of everything ;)

  • Crafty Wifey Crafts
    Crafty Wifey Crafts   3 years ago

    Love when u share your craft fair products and set up! Thanks! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Lisa

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson   3 years ago

    Nice job Sheryl! Everything looks so pretty. Hope you did great.Tracey

  • kimpossible
    kimpossible   3 years ago

    Awesome set up and crafty goodness...wishing you much success!

  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates   3 years ago

    Amazing, I would have bought from you for sure. Just very well done and beautiful display.

  • shabbypinkhouse
    shabbypinkhouse   3 years ago

    Wow! Amazing! Great gift ideas! All so super creative! tfs...Hugs, Christine

  • terryeo1
    terryeo1   3 years ago

    Wow Sheryl, what a gorgeous table filled with a load of different types of gifts, so perfectly packaged. Your creativity goes without saying - the items are delectable! tfs

  • Sherkie19
    Sherkie19   3 years ago

    your table looks beautiful! so many pretty crafty items to buy. hope you did really well. you are so creative and talented.