Everything Wrong With The Santa Clause In 14 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 20 December 2018
  • The Santa Clause is an enjoyable enough movie starring Tim Allen and some other people. It taught us all to misspell Santa Claus. And it has a bag full of sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 14:54
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  • Mikey Dude
    Mikey Dude   2 days ago

    Everyone says how no parent in the Christmas films seem to notice the extra presents or believe in Santa. However, there is at least one film I can think of where this isn't the case. Annabelle's Wish. Loved that animated movie so much when I was a kid. I watched it every year. Haven't seen it in years but now that I've thought about it I want to watch it again lol.

  • Turnip
    Turnip   2 weeks ago

    "So... where the fuck do they think these toys came from for their kids every Christmas?" Eachother. I'm sure Santa has caused many a holiday fight as mom insists she didn't buy it, dad insists he didn't buy it and mom just forgot, mom says dad's the one who forgot and besides they were on a budget this year what happened to sticking to that, and dad says it's mom that wasn't paying attention to the budget and being careless with the money and... thanks a lot Santa.

  • Turnip
    Turnip   2 weeks ago

    Wait a minute, in one of the later movies they say he is forced to get married to a Mrs Claus for some dumb reason. So wtf happened to this dead santa's Mrs. Claus. Or did he literally just take over the year prior, hadn't gotten to getting his yet, and that's why he's so noob. Maybe that's why the elves barely looked sad at all about his death. How often do they go through santas?

  • Turnip
    Turnip   2 weeks ago

    "a crass dickhead that says whatever he wants and thinks he's super funny, and eventually turns out to have a heart."Not that crass really, lol. And he's far more lovable than fucking Adam Sandler who basically plays that same character only worse XD

  • rtyuik7
    rtyuik7   2 weeks ago

    also, 3:38 -- i would TOTALLY accept removing a sin, if there was a Deleted Scene or something, of a naked Santa hiding in the bushes or whatever...

  • rtyuik7
    rtyuik7   2 weeks ago

    2:13 -- i wouldnt sin the use of Denny's in a "this is the BEST they can do??" kinda way...it still deserves a sin, yes, but only because its using the Denny's as a plot device...at this early point in the movie, Charlie is dealing with the divorce of his parents, and the subsequent remarriage of his mother to Neil, who seems to be a better father-figure for the boy...but Scott, as Charlie's biological father wants to huff and puff and "ohh, ill show Them that i can be a dad" for everyone; its Christmas-- when a kid is looking forward to a huge feast of ham or turkey, with all the family gathered around, what could be a bigger disappointment than...Denny's...fucking Denny's, when Scott (in-movie) AND Disney (meta) couldve splurged a little more and went to a fancier restaurant, for his son (hes some bigwig at his office, right? should be rolling in the dough, right?)...fucking Denny's, who doesnt even have chocolate syrup or apple pie...so the sin isnt exactly 'forgiven' here, id just re-word it to "movie falls severely short on the promise of a 'christmas dinner with dad' moment" or something...

  • plotshift
    plotshift   2 weeks ago

    You forgot chiropractors! They aren't real doctors either!

  • Allen Harper
    Allen Harper   1 months ago

    99% of comments- People forgetting the clause stated "accident or DESIGN* Meaning when and if he decides to step down.

  • Lahly Bird
    Lahly Bird   1 months ago

    How could you thinkThatWas Allan Rickman?

  • Nazurath
    Nazurath   2 months ago

    Sadly that is how Drs are today in the year 2020. I got hurt working with hazmat and get told to take advil. Had a concussion and basically got read a lullaby almost falling asleep. The best is bleed from my groin and was told its constipation. And no not just 1 its been all of them ive seen

  • Jietro Raximoff
    Jietro Raximoff   3 months ago

    Sin- someone decided that the protagonist had to have the same initials( S cott C alvin) as Santa Claus.

  • :]
    :]   3 months ago

    I’m also sinning the fact that when Santa falls off the roof the snow carpet folds and now I can’t unsee all the carpet snow 11 sins

  • Josny13
    Josny13   4 months ago

    3:14 You're acting like this is the original santa. For all you know he could be some late teen who killed santa on a drunk and late christmas eve, put on the suit as instructed, and stuffed the card in his pocket going: "What the hell, I got nothing better to do. Let's see if these deer really fly."Then waving goodbye sucker when he decided to pretend he's dead after sliding off a roof.4:13 You literally just said he's magic. So he has all the time in the world.

  • Frinkon Dartmont
    Frinkon Dartmont   4 months ago

    That girl had her two front teeth missing both years Scott went to her house...was her growth just out on hold?

    DEATHWISH -CHRIS   4 months ago

    10:28 a shitty trend that sadly has come Back! Literally the whole outfit she is wearing I've seen quite recently. An can't UN see

  • This Guy
    This Guy   4 months ago

    They didn’t seem to have a problem removing a sin from Star Wars the phantom menace or pirates of the Caribbean 3 and those movies were much worse than this

  • Ray Hairston
    Ray Hairston   4 months ago

    Into the Santaverse explains why they only stay in Chicago

  • ΞAndari The DragonΞ
    ΞAndari The DragonΞ   4 months ago

    fun fact about nuclear lunch codes since cold war to 1990 the launch codes were 0000

  • Brandon Lovelady
    Brandon Lovelady   4 months ago

    Points out lead elf has dreads, calling 1994 weird over itKorn: Releases debut album in 1994

  • Kathleen Cunningham
    Kathleen Cunningham   4 months ago

    What about how Sarah is still missing her two front teeth a year later? Poor kid!

  • Steven Booker
    Steven Booker   4 months ago

    Mrs Quick before she transfers to Westbridge high.

  • aimee bungard
    aimee bungard   4 months ago

    Tim Allen plays in this movie BUT Alan Rickman plays in the Christmas Chronicles

  • Royalrosewolf
    Royalrosewolf   4 months ago

    This is fat fetish fuel. Not a sin, just an observation

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51   4 months ago

    Sadly, no. The rainforests are still fucked and we're going to die. They just became too "boring" to keep talking about.

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  • T4health
    T4health   4 months ago

    Except a psychiatrist is a doctor. It's an MD and a PhD.

  • Atomic Tank Girl
    Atomic Tank Girl   4 months ago

    10:25 You're not going to say a thing about Star Trek and Spock hiding his ears but this girl with elf ears is just standing in the open with a suspicious man?

  • Gianna tr
    Gianna tr   4 months ago


  • Derek Patterson
    Derek Patterson   4 months ago

    Really? All these sins and you don't sin the obvious white rug at the top of the roof when Santa falls?Old school CinemaSins would have been all over that shit. Just sayin....

  • Sgt Pepr
    Sgt Pepr   4 months ago

    Sleeping by the tree is not a thing you liver lipped Shack of donkey diarrhea ..... P.S. MERRY Christmas

  • Molly
    Molly   5 months ago

    Not true.You can die from a very short fall.... it just depends on the angle on which you hit your head.

  • Paul Cooke
    Paul Cooke   5 months ago

    The shot where Laura is telling Neil about not believing in Santa because he didn't bring Mystery Date always felt like Neil suddenly left for the bathroom and she just started talking to an empty chair.