• Published on: 07 April 2019
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    I decided to delete social media for 30 days. It changed my life... I'm never going back to my old ways, now that i've seen the other side.

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 18:40
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  • Some Simple Gaming
    Some Simple Gaming   5 hours ago

    consuming Youtube videos like this is just like being on Facebook. Consuming a How to. Then applying that in real life. Is the way you are supposed to use the internet. DO NOT LET THE NET REPLACE BOREDOM. You will be winning as soon as you do this.

  • mS4r4M
    mS4r4M   1 days ago

    Too obvious.... not even watched. What the fuck you do all your day to have so much free time to spend on social media?

  • blake
    blake   1 days ago

    i’m gonna try this except for instagram where i post my work

  • ENV Koinch
    ENV Koinch   1 days ago

    I'm watching this video from my calculator

  • Grant Cai
    Grant Cai   4 days ago

    My total screen time for today was a whopping 21 minutes. I'm not even kidding. I spend WAY too much time on my phone

  • d
    d   4 days ago

    Looking at social media is fucking depression. Just scrolling through a feed of friends you used to talk to.

  • NL A
    NL A   4 days ago

    I had deleted Facebook 3 years ago. Snapchat 2 years ago and I currently have IG after redownloading it a couple months ago. Considering deleting it again. I am reading more, learning more hobbies and learning to love myself more by not comparing myself to what I see online. I recommend this challenge just to see how you will feel afterwards and what you can do with all that free time!

    ANKITH   5 days ago

    Me:oh damn so true.Me later:watches 3 Ted talks on why social media is bad for you

  • Chja eja
    Chja eja   6 days ago

    watching this video in quarantine and realizing how much people use their electronics to many time im like eye-

  • Blooming Fields
    Blooming Fields   1 weeks ago

    I’ve tried this but of course when I tried it, it rained for 10 days in a row so I was stuck inside, and ended up spending even more time on my phone🤷‍♂️ but the 10 days are over, and this time I will delete you tube for a week, that is what I spend hours on, and basically all I do on my phone. #nophone 🙅‍♂️Ps: I deleted all social media except for you tube a while back but this time I’m deleting YouTube for a week

  • TitanTerm
    TitanTerm   1 weeks ago

    im starting 30 days right now

  • Jorn de Visser
    Jorn de Visser   1 weeks ago

    is this possible in quarantaine? i want to try it tho

  • Shan Gupta
    Shan Gupta   1 weeks ago

    The beach is several hundred miles from my place but ok

  • Weird Art
    Weird Art   1 weeks ago

    After watching this video I deleted all social media except YouTube. Yes theory is the only thing getting me out of bed. It would be a pretty boring 30 days if I never got out of bed haha

  • Tomas T.
    Tomas T.   1 weeks ago

    Damn i wish Brick community was in my country...

  • salma Abouzied
    salma Abouzied   1 weeks ago

    Conversation between Christianity, Judaism and Islam here is the link

  • Litt
    Litt   1 weeks ago

    I guess i shouldn’t watch this video if being on the phone is bad

  • Paige
    Paige   1 weeks ago

    Me watching them talk about how the like button is bad... me: hits the like button

  • Athletic girl 123
    Athletic girl 123   1 weeks ago

    This makes me want to chuck my phone out the window and go travel the world (After quarantine lol)

  • Ashley Tran
    Ashley Tran   1 weeks ago

    pshhh I'm on my phone almost 24/7 and most of it isn't even on social media. It's on chrome or other novels/manga apps just reading.... is this worse than not being on social media? I think today, I've already spent over 10 hours on just my phone, not including my laptop....

  • rwrlrr
    rwrlrr   1 weeks ago

    my average screentime just on instagram alone is 7 hours-

  • Gurey
    Gurey   2 weeks ago

    Amazing video! I’ve actually been on my 15th day of Social Media Free gonna keep going!

  • Nick
    Nick   2 weeks ago

    It's pretty easy when you live with 3 people, don't have a terrible job and basically do whatever you want?

  • Cecil Hopps
    Cecil Hopps   2 weeks ago

    I deleted social media and feel a lot better now I have Twitter 20 minutes a day.Discord is different because I use that to talk to specific people. Quarinrine has made me use Discord a lot more but fuck Facebook

  • Grahme Valskis
    Grahme Valskis   2 weeks ago

    If I could use game I wouldnt be affected cuz the only “social media” platform is youtube.

  • Basel akkad
    Basel akkad   2 weeks ago

    ant then comes corona : i guess now it's all changed , now it's recommended that you spend most all the time you want on your phone , just don't go out . :D

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions   2 weeks ago

    11:10 I wonder how they can make any revenue from that though, since most sane people use adblockers and also never see ads since the brain filters them out if the ad blocker happens to not remove it. Also no one would click ads on say for example FB or such.

  • Juntasing S.
    Juntasing S.   2 weeks ago

    I don't use social media from the start ... like when ppl were running around building their world on Facebook when it's first booming, I just sat there looking at them and how much they've been consumed by it. Because of that, when I finally use them, I use with very clear awareness and realisation that it is not and will never become my life. Nowadays, I have social medias but use them only for good cause, like rescuing animals and checking new ideas and inspiration. I can still go many days without and still stay pretty happy with life.

  • goldchalamet
    goldchalamet   2 weeks ago

    Thomas:Instagram goodbyeSnapchat goodbyeYouTube goodbyeMe:Tik tok goodbye

  • Alina Munir
    Alina Munir   2 weeks ago

    Two times i quit phone for 15 days and first time in 2015 i turned vegan. Last month start of quarantine i quit and I became much more healed emotionally and started working out everyday and taking a walk in the nature with mom and wake up at 5 or 6 am and sleep early, cook healthy.Feel like i need to do it again, i was actually thinking about it this morning.

  • Sylwin Pandiri
    Sylwin Pandiri   2 weeks ago

    I can do all the social media sites except for youtube

    MATTHEW PORTER   2 weeks ago

    I did this for 30 days back in 2018 and it's really cool to see Thomas has found the same things that i found