How To Open Coconuts Without Any Tools

  • Published on: 01 November 2016
  • If you're not a coconut cracking ninja from Samoa, then you'll need an easier way to bust coconuts for pleasure, or for survival. This is the easiest and most effective way I've found to do it, when you don't have any tools.

    Inspired by Tom Hanks "Castaway". Best movie ever!

    [✓] Fresh Coconuts (Set of 3):

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  • Runtime : 4:26
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  • Ravichandran Rajendran

    மூட்டைப்பூச்சியை கொல்லும் நவீன மிஷின் சார், வாங்க சார், வாங்க சார்

  • Direct Netstores
    Direct Netstores   5 hours ago

    If you drop/throw a rock, gravity is a given. The real thing being used here is kinetic energy, not gravity.

  • The Fun part
    The Fun part   9 hours ago

    Where do i get those glasses in an island

  • *THE* *ROCK*
    *THE* *ROCK*   15 hours ago

    Let the Rock hear it again..Did you just used The Rock?

  • Rajesh Deshamukh
    Rajesh Deshamukh   1 days ago

    My dog removes the husk around coconut then I can use the coconut

  • not a JOKER
    not a JOKER   1 days ago

    Wtf as a india we do it daily when We're cooking and when there's Nessacity of coconut

  • A 8
    A 8   1 days ago

    I sad when he said, " i will be looking for you in the next episode" 😭

  • Preethi Priya
    Preethi Priya   1 days ago

    This is what Indians did before 1000 yrs ago😆

  • Azmat Ali
    Azmat Ali   1 days ago

    You are not genius but super genius.

  • ind vk
    ind vk   1 days ago

    We r doing this for millions of years in india man...

  • bonfire phoenix
    bonfire phoenix   1 days ago

    Do you think anyone stranded will watch this instead of asking for help

  • Aini Messi
    Aini Messi   2 days ago

    It will takes me around 1 week maybe🤔

  • Zaxh 1x
    Zaxh 1x   2 days ago

    Or you can use a stick

  • Noah Lani
    Noah Lani   3 days ago

    Thanks, I needed this, currently stranded on an island

  • Pankeyk
    Pankeyk   3 days ago

    I love how he's playing cheerful music while he's killing a coconut

  • Vidit Babele
    Vidit Babele   4 days ago

    "How to open coconut without any tools" then uses a giant stone👏

  • Marko Nikolovski
    Marko Nikolovski   4 days ago

    He proteccHe attacBut most importantly He teach us life hac

  • Yashaswini Kr
    Yashaswini Kr   4 days ago

    For one coconut this much of effort learn Indian procedure it is very simple

  • rinus
    rinus   5 days ago

    get the green coconuts they don't dehydrate you like the brown ones

  • poemsophilia adventure

    We did this when we were kids🤣total surprised to see the video about coconut breaking

  • Nidhin Raj
    Nidhin Raj   5 days ago

    This is foolishnessI can open without rock

  • Arun Gautam
    Arun Gautam   5 days ago

    R u mad hahaha ? We break with out hand easily hahaha u people crazy

  • selva kumar
    selva kumar   5 days ago

    In India it's a routine think we don't need your advice.

  • Kiran Naik
    Kiran Naik   5 days ago

    We have done dis kind of experiments wen I was kid😜😝😝

  • cat and lasagna
    cat and lasagna   5 days ago

    this is how my grandma cracks coconut I've learened this since birth lmao

  • NotMuch Gaming
    NotMuch Gaming   5 days ago

    Why did YouTube start recommending his video for me now after he passed away. RIP😢

  • Bo Downes
    Bo Downes   6 days ago

    But what if there are no rocks?

  • Priyan S
    Priyan S   6 days ago

    There is a better method if it is not that dry.