The Try Guys Try Knitting

  • Published on: 22 December 2018
  • The guys pick up some needles and get to work knitting each other Secret Santa gifts, with a little help from a professional knit shop.

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    Kat Coyle & The Little Knittery

    Franke Santos

    Hannah Stocking

    Julissa Prado

    Showgirls at Micky's West Hollywood

    "Close Knit Friends"
    Written and Performed by Lewberger

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  • Runtime : 22:20
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  • Liza S
    Liza S   2 days ago

    Love the fact that im 13 and im watching this while knitting a scarf that looks better than 4 adult mens work all put together

  • Rachel Argao
    Rachel Argao   2 days ago

    Ok, no one is gonna care but someone tell me if I'm going insane because of quarantine or is THAT GIGI GOODE at 15:56 in the bottom right corner?????

  • Jazz
    Jazz   2 days ago

    Now I'm watching guys who tries to meditate and now who were having a breakdown 😂😂😂

  • blub
    blub   2 days ago

    Keith is obnoxious. Keith you should focus on being more charming rather than odious because that attitude is already not aging well

  • Fatis
    Fatis   2 days ago

    when you guys get to 10 million subscribers you should skydive!!!!!

  • Adrienn Tóth
    Adrienn Tóth   2 days ago

    And I'm watching the video while knitting a scarf :D

    BLACK PINK   3 days ago

    Can anyone please tell me the name of the song that's been played in the beginning of the video?

  • Mille Zarp Hausting
    Mille Zarp Hausting   3 days ago

    15:50. Eugene just dosnt Care about the woman in the background🤣😎

  • Kayli Everitt
    Kayli Everitt   4 days ago

    I love how excited Keith got when he found out he could make something for Wes 😂

  • Niamh Diamond
    Niamh Diamond   5 days ago

    Is no one going to mention the fact that Gigi Goode was in the audience at the drag show

  • K K
    K K   6 days ago

    I honestly thought someone would make a blanket.

  • lywo
    lywo   6 days ago

    It’s soooo cute how as soon as keith got Ned he automatically thought of Wes. 🥺

  • Narie Sweeney
    Narie Sweeney   6 days ago

    I know this was video was posted a year and a half ago and no one probably noticed this but IS THAT GIGI GOODE IN THE BACKGROUND AT 15:57 ????

  • Shirmel Danielle
    Shirmel Danielle   1 weeks ago

    How did she know Keith would be the best? Epic foreshadowing or creative editing?

  • Opie
    Opie   1 weeks ago

    Ok but why was Keith’s song really good?

  • Eve McCall
    Eve McCall   1 weeks ago


  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel   1 weeks ago

    i love how none of them were worried about seeming “unmasculine” it’s great

    LUKE CHAPMAN   1 weeks ago

    Does anyone notice Gigi Goode in the background in the drag show?

  • Melanie Estrada
    Melanie Estrada   1 weeks ago

    The boys are all so sweet, I almost cried when Ned got up to hug Keith 💗:,)

  • K
    K   1 weeks ago

    Was Eugene sick? Because his voice was nasally

  • 56 22
    56 22   1 weeks ago

    I feel like Eugene didn't take it seriously and his gift was thoughtless. 😒

  • BrognusBelgen
    BrognusBelgen   1 weeks ago

    Eugene: Uncomfortable sitting in Keith's lap, but more than happy to knit him a thong....

  • It's Lilac Sky!
    It's Lilac Sky!   1 weeks ago

    It's so similar yet different to crochetI'm in 6th grade and our teacher taught us how to crochet

  • rochel jacinto
    rochel jacinto   1 weeks ago

    Nobody's mentioning how bowie is helping zachhh😍😍😍😍 or just plainly messing with him😂😂😂😂

  • Nagisa Azuma
    Nagisa Azuma   1 weeks ago

    Bruhh, I can't even get the last stitch of the first row right 🙃

  • Trinity Salmon
    Trinity Salmon   1 weeks ago

    Which one of you bitches at YouTube moved the comments. Like what the fuck was the point.