New York State braces for spike in coronavirus cases

  • Published on: 05 April 2020
  • New York has at least half of the 290,000 confirmed cases and 7,800 deaths in the U.S.


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  • Marek Wojcik
    Marek Wojcik   6 days ago

    Half a million LESS people died worldwide this year than the statistics predicted:

  • Vinayak Prasad
    Vinayak Prasad   1 months ago

    Covid 19 virus. People should directly blame China this time. We need to Ban their products. We cannot believe them anymore God bless you USA... We will pray for you 🌼Love from India 🇮🇳

  • Vinayak Prasad
    Vinayak Prasad   1 months ago

    Hello USA citizen's ,Feeling very sad 😔 about Death rates in your states.In your country every government official's misguiding you people. Kindly Use minimum common sense.. Stay in home to avoide form covid 19 virus Kindly don't do mass gathering and celebrating any kind of activities.Stay safe and stay strong Love from India 🇮🇳

  • Winox Y
    Winox Y   1 months ago

    There are imbecile and uneducated Trump brain washed folks like ANN YOUNG. People watch for the imbecile ones like her. This is why our country became dysfunctional. I and my team worked with Trump in person before he became the president. Trump was brought up by thugs, his father

  • No One
    No One   1 months ago

    Trump the orange liar is blaming everyone he can on his horrendous failures in curbing the coronavirus when he had knowledge of it since November. His polls sank to the lowest of any president in history. He is now preparing a coup, since he knows he lost again. He is only good at cheating in life.

  • MJ G
    MJ G   1 months ago

    Our heartfelt thanks to the brave frontliners who are risking their lives in order to save ours...

  • Winox Y
    Winox Y   1 months ago

    However, NYC’s coronavirus originated from European travelers since Feb 2020 and we weren’t aware of it according to the medical research team. Watch this info from Fox 5 channel news, 4/9/2020, NBC news, USA Today, and etc. we need to see how the virus travelled.

  • Winox Y
    Winox Y   1 months ago

    We could have avoided this crisis better only if Trump took on the responsibility earlier in Jan but ignorant Trump ignored it until March. This is why we are facing major crisis of deaths and unemployment.

  • Winox Y
    Winox Y   1 months ago

    NYC’s coronavirus originated from European travelers since Feb 2020 and we weren’t aware of it according to the medical research team. Watch this info from Fox 5 channel news, 4/9/2020, NBC news, USA Today, and etc. we need to see how the virus travelled.

  • Karadeniz Kızı
    Karadeniz Kızı   1 months ago

    CORONA is destroying the Europe and Usa .This is the destiny. You stole everything from pure countries,you killed pure humans,you behaved bad to other religions,other nations,other people. What goes around,comes around. You thought like you are a god. Now you see God's power. I am not sorry for you.

  • Emanuele Righes
    Emanuele Righes   1 months ago

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  • Rhapsody law
    Rhapsody law   1 months ago

    That what happen when u spending all money on millitary. . Airship carrier, army base. Bullet shaking my head.

  • James Powell
    James Powell   1 months ago

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  • George De Silva
    George De Silva   1 months ago

    Wake up. Forget about the mast. WAKE UP. STOP TALKING. ACT.

  • Jesse Dehatt
    Jesse Dehatt   1 months ago

    how many of us have enough trust and faith to believe that we could do the impossible

  • Jesse Dehatt
    Jesse Dehatt   1 months ago

    how many of us have enough trust and faith to believe that we could do the impossible

  • Zeta Reticulum
    Zeta Reticulum   1 months ago

    And now Mr. Trump, who is responsible for all these dead Americans ?China ?The WHO ?The EU ?If yes, why didnt you protect America against these evil Organisations ?Are you only a Jerk ?God bless the American ppl. Stay at Home.

  • Unknown Treeman
    Unknown Treeman   1 months ago

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  • Daniella Pawl
    Daniella Pawl   1 months ago

    Praying for everyone. This is all so heartbreaking.

  • 김덕진
    김덕진   1 months ago

    China should be held accountable!

  • Walter Borgognoni
    Walter Borgognoni   1 months ago

    Everything will be fine🌈🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 Italy is with you. Come in... US don't give up 🇺🇸❤️🇮🇹

  • AJSpinoy2012
    AJSpinoy2012   1 months ago

    This is very sad, this virus changes our world. Please stay home, wear a mask and wash your hand to stop the spread of this virus. I saw this face shield in amazon, it looks safe than another mask.

  • Celeste
    Celeste   1 months ago

    Why people on fb are saying its not true? stupid idiots.

  • main st & 2nd
    main st & 2nd   1 months ago

    funny I read 11000 deaths in one fake news channel yahoo news had 10000 deaths monday morning . others had 6000, get your lies together you yellow so called journalist , give me the yearly flu season stats!!. do not fall for their propaganda. LET'S GO BACK TO NORMAL

  • Annie Veganized
    Annie Veganized   1 months ago

    The math is not hard to do...based on statistical info already given by the CDC and WHO that you can research yourselves.... we could reach 300K dead by May 1 ....IF we do NOT find a drug or something that will slow it down. April is NOT going to be a good month. Just reality based on simple math. Educate your selves folks and I wish everyone strength for the days to come.

  • Reagan Simons
    Reagan Simons   1 months ago

    Seems like you guys In NYC have bigger problems than us here in SOUTH AFRICA. God bless us all. Peace.

  • Fr Misiaszek
    Fr Misiaszek   1 months ago

    That dog face district attorney Lori and devil judge Mike d Utica court house should be hit by Corona for how they threw people away in prison ! Foul crooked swine cocksuckers did I say 🐔?! That Lori l looked like Corona hit her face 20yrs ago! Corrupt Oneida county fucks😎😗

  • La Posta Digital
    La Posta Digital   1 months ago

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  • Reza Yudha
    Reza Yudha   1 months ago

    hi my name is reza from indonesia i like to go to usa

  • achso achso
    achso achso   1 months ago


  • achso achso
    achso achso   1 months ago

    the coronavirus was manufactured in a laboratory and escaped from a laboratory in china , so china must answer for it and will be accused of crime against humanity , the whole world must withdraw all the factories of production of china , the world will be against china , because it makes 3 times that china poisons the world with the sars and the seas and the coronavirus.

  • Chris James
    Chris James   1 months ago

    This is bullshit. Less than 8,000 deaths since the first occurrence in January. I see doctors and nurses and no patients

  • Monique Cardell
    Monique Cardell   1 months ago

    The governors of California and NJ seem clueless, and incompetent.

  • Cool Daily Gadgets
    Cool Daily Gadgets   1 months ago

    Guys - Stay Safe, Stay Home and Work From Home Productively - Everything is going to ok soon - Indeed After Every Difficulty there is Ease -

  • walley johnson
    walley johnson   1 months ago

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  • P.N World
    P.N World   1 months ago Best wishes to the American people | New York City | And for all of American peoples