Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake

  • Published on: 11 April 2019
  • Here's the link to the recipe I used:

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  • Runtime : 18:29
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  • Jaykeeboiy
    Jaykeeboiy   11 hours ago

    It's crazy how much my step dad and julien are so similar1. Jenna is more like his mom2. Julien very childish It's actually weird

  • Superellysan
    Superellysan   14 hours ago

    Is this video pink and green to anyone else?

  • Harper the Service Mutt

    Wa wa wa wa wait your telling me that they’ve been dating for almost 7 years and he hasn’t proposed??? Julien come on jk do it when your ready but like record it please hahah we all want to see that special moment

  • Maison Lee
    Maison Lee   15 hours ago

    jenna: cooks julen an e l eGANT birthday ceke for day birth. Julien: licks parchment paper with cake

  • utuberduber1
    utuberduber1   1 days ago

    Really good vegan recipes from this tiktoker

  • aditi
    aditi   1 days ago

    no one: jenna: ROSANNA PANSINO

  • Ren
    Ren   2 days ago

    I want that "33 year old lady" intro to be my message tone 🎶

  • L J
    L J   2 days ago

    I love how literally none of the sprinkles stuck to the cake lol

  • Eliza Harry
    Eliza Harry   3 days ago

    I love the vibe going on☺️ | If u agreeV

  • kayleee
    kayleee   3 days ago

    14:25 KILLS me everytime 😭😭😭 the awkward stare 🤣🤣

  • Kai Michael Schneider

    Watching this as someone who bakes cakes regularly for fun is going to be very interesting

  • Makara Anne
    Makara Anne   5 days ago

    Every time I watch this I forget that julien breaks the scissors and every time I’m in tears from laughing

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa   6 days ago

    Julian: * dancing around*Julian to a kettle: SHUT UUP

  • nE3r
    nE3r   6 days ago

    I know that virgo and aries is the ultimate couple but what should a emotionally unstable cancer man do? Sit in the corner by myself and cry? I'm way ahead

  • Jade Ralston-Lloyd
    Jade Ralston-Lloyd   6 days ago

    The sifter is for a light dusting on a surface not for sifting three cups of flour bahaha

  • Clara Brandão
    Clara Brandão   1 weeks ago

    "You'd be so blown away and surprised at some of the things you might be wrong about" this is some serious shit I am learning at my early 20s

  • spooky someone
    spooky someone   1 weeks ago

    this is so cute. this is so good and wholesome and i love this. oh my god. oh my g o d.

  • THE wolf PARTY
    THE wolf PARTY   1 weeks ago

    I love that the looked at the camera and was like , oh ! Is it videoing

  • Aubie Rose
    Aubie Rose   1 weeks ago

    I love Julie’s reflex after making a mess is saying “don’t look” very calmly so as not to stress the Jenna.

  • Belle
    Belle   1 weeks ago

    I was trying to work out while watching this video and couldnt stop laughing it was making my life painful 😂😂😂

  • Eden.W
    Eden.W   1 weeks ago

    Brb imma go make a cake

  • A-aron
    A-aron   1 weeks ago

    I... I love the way this cake is made.

  • Maddy Baker
    Maddy Baker   1 weeks ago

    As an Aries, like to point out that when i’m cooking/baking I’m more like Jenna. I’m fast and I definitely leave a mess.. but I’m hella precise w my measurements.

  • autumnskylarsings
    autumnskylarsings   1 weeks ago

    Did the cake survive? I need to know. I havent slept in weeks, all I can think about is this cake.

  • Reiley Hudson
    Reiley Hudson   1 weeks ago

    Julien: it’s not sliding Jenna: it’s slidingJulien: it’s slidingMe: omg it’s sliding

  • Rebecca Torres
    Rebecca Torres   1 weeks ago

    4:50-5:09 is me listening to my kid's story about that one time she saw a leaf

  • AshTheAlpha Chan
    AshTheAlpha Chan   1 weeks ago

    Jenna: "We're just FRIENDS" The title of the video: Baking my BOYFRIEND a Birthday cake. DID U JUST FRIEND ZONE UR BF

  • caitlyn clapero
    caitlyn clapero   1 weeks ago

    Ok, I'm rewatching a lot of videos and I came across this are they dating because in the title it says baking my boyfriend a cake but then she said we are just friends so now im just confused??????? So are they dating or not

  • Cal Boi
    Cal Boi   1 weeks ago

    Nobody: Me when I see Sommer Ray: 14:47

  • Julie Doria
    Julie Doria   1 weeks ago

    Jenna when she cooks for Julien “I’M cooking so we’re doing it my way not the Aries way” Jenna when Julien is cooking for her “this is for me so you’re doing it my way not the Aries way”