Build Your Battle Boat! | Sink Your Opponent!!

  • Published on: 29 October 2019
  • Hey guys! In this challenge, we ride battle ships that we built and fight each other! Whoever is the last one floating wins!

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  • Runtime : 10:8
  • team edge team edge challenge teamedge challenges competition giant games battle battle boat battleship boat fight diy make your own best boat last one


  • erik achim
    erik achim   1 weeks ago

    When you now it’s a time for a war

  • Ani girl 03
    Ani girl 03   1 weeks ago

    Didn’t Bobby win all rounds because the goal was to get the other person off their boat and Brian got off of his boat and got on Bobby ;)

  • ODST626
    ODST626   1 weeks ago

    the answer is a shipwright

  • Chomp Devil
    Chomp Devil   3 weeks ago

    All I thought was bath tub boat when I saw this

  • Eva Jijavadze
    Eva Jijavadze   3 weeks ago

    No one:Jfred:*using a huge mic and a small mic:

  • The Gaming velociraptor

    just pointing this out bryan jump of HIS boat on to a different boat which means brymu loses

  • Cameren Long
    Cameren Long   3 weeks ago

    I need a knife I need help I need a idea. And I need greens beans potatoes tomatoes.

  • Flaming Falcon
    Flaming Falcon   3 weeks ago

    I feel like if Bobby went Mexican because he keeps on saying dawg

  • Papa Georgeio
    Papa Georgeio   3 weeks ago

    "I need a knife,I need scissors,I need hoPE,I NEED AN IDEA"

  • SokiChan
    SokiChan   3 weeks ago

    4:04 gasp she's adorable!

  • Khin Maung
    Khin Maung   3 weeks ago

    Bryan you should have a ball to hit them

  • Sakkz
    Sakkz   4 weeks ago

    HONESTLY im waiting on the pool rip from plywood slicing it. THATS A ALOT OF WATER

    LIL BABS   4 weeks ago

    2:30 is that ramen noodles???

  • zestypantsyeah
    zestypantsyeah   1 months ago

    Everyone was cheering for Bobby and Bryan is left alone

  • Easton Schulz
    Easton Schulz   1 months ago

    You disrespected the American flag you pice of crap Bobby

  • Dawn Price
    Dawn Price   1 months ago

    5:15 you can still see Bobby trying to get out of the pool

  • Pam pam , Tea cup
    Pam pam , Tea cup   1 months ago

    Anyone has been a fan of point Edge before 2020🎉If i hit 1000 subs, i am seriously gonna do a give away