We Try On Wedding Dresses • Ladylike

  • Published on: 11 May 2019
  • "I'm a fairytale b*tch!"

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    Special thanks to Susie and Pebbles Bridal
  • Runtime : 21:55
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  • Julia König
    Julia König   9 hours ago

    Me, a 15 year old girl, is diassapointet that she isn't going to be married soon and can't try on wedding dresses 😂😂

  • LadyEmber
    LadyEmber   2 days ago

    My grandmother would flip but I wanna try on the black one that was shown.

  • Kimber Bennett
    Kimber Bennett   5 days ago

    Kristen: how often is the friend pick a good choice? Woman: never.Me: but I chose my moms wedding dress and she was in love with it 😢.Woman: just kidding.Me: 😐

  • dutchbros queen101
    dutchbros queen101   5 days ago

    I'm only 15 and now I'm thinking about going dress shopping 😂😂 I have to be in a good relationship first, slow your roll😂

  • Bella Lee
    Bella Lee   5 days ago

    Look I don't want to feel having wedding,i want to get married

  • 2027Sofia Primiano
    2027Sofia Primiano   1 weeks ago

    The dress that Devin was wearing with the veil made her look like an actual bride omg!

  • Megan Hardy
    Megan Hardy   1 weeks ago

    Mom always told me it's bad luck to try dresses if you aren't engaged 😣🤣

  • TheEditWorldz _
    TheEditWorldz _   1 weeks ago

    Literally ALL the dresses kristen tried on looked amazing on her.

  • Ava-Leigh Walker
    Ava-Leigh Walker   1 weeks ago

    Finally! An adult who knows they're an adult. Sometimes when I'm with kids or something they look at me and I'm like oh, yeah I have to make a choice or something.

  • LAURAotms
    LAURAotms   1 weeks ago

    It's really true, I am 4"11 and about a size 10 and I was so worried about going dress shopping. Yes they were way too long but they looked good! Even the ones that did not fit did not look like they weren't at the front

  • Gøthīç Âçē
    Gøthīç Âçē   1 weeks ago

    My wedding dress took me 5 hours to find with a personal helper with me the entire time and the store being shut down for our group... I'm picky...

  • kate mcnally
    kate mcnally   2 weeks ago

    Chantel looked like she could be a wedding dress model 👰

  • Brooke Stickle
    Brooke Stickle   2 weeks ago

    You ladies are all a national treasure, and I wish I lived local so I could go to Pebbles! Susie was amazing. <3

  • Samantha Burns
    Samantha Burns   2 weeks ago

    Why does Chantel look so beautiful in this video wow

  • Mo K
    Mo K   2 weeks ago

    Ok Christine's 3rd dress made me cry

  • My Croissant
    My Croissant   2 weeks ago

    I asked my parents what they think my wedding dress would look like (I'm quite they loner right now but I just wanted to know) and they said it would be white, and then I would dye in the blood of my enemies

  • The Nat 20
    The Nat 20   2 weeks ago

    YOU WERE ON SAY YES TO THE DRESS!!?!?!?! I need to know the episode so I can watch!

  • Talina Marte
    Talina Marte   2 weeks ago

    What did we learn here? : stick a veil on it and devin will cry.

  • Melody thecellist
    Melody thecellist   3 weeks ago

    I wish they sold Jen’s personality 🤣 I would totally buy that

  • Nala Cecile
    Nala Cecile   3 weeks ago

    They're all collectively sharing the role of emotional mom

  • Angel L
    Angel L   3 weeks ago

    Devan: I have no idea what I want and I need an adult Stylist: I happen to be one 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Johanna Krantz
    Johanna Krantz   3 weeks ago

    When i tried dresses i had..my mom and my best friend with me..yeah..My best friend is the BEST, i feel like most people say that..but i mean it..she is the best.

  • A Shawnee
    A Shawnee   3 weeks ago

    Chantel is so vain. I don't like her at all. Actually happy she left the channel.

  • Keziah Bryceland
    Keziah Bryceland   3 weeks ago

    I wasn't expecting to get so emotional watching this. I go back and forth a lot on relationships (being asexual), but I know I will likely never get married. I never realised how upset that thought would make me, but whenever I watch women trying on wedding dresses it just reminds me that I won't get that experience. You all looked stunning in all the dresses, and I love that Kristin tried on mermaid styles (we plus size girls so often shy away from it, but body-shape is more important that size, and you definitly rocked the look!)

  • 6to17
    6to17   3 weeks ago

    I have watched this video multiple times, but the ladies in the dresses always blows me away.

  • Jessi
    Jessi   3 weeks ago

    I really want to do this too but it would be so uncomfortable 😂

  • Emma Xoxo
    Emma Xoxo   3 weeks ago

    I love how all 3 of them looked AMAZING even though they all have different body types - GIRLS, EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL, EVEN IF U DONT HAVE THE “MODEL BODY” !!!!!

  • Andreea Ristea
    Andreea Ristea   3 weeks ago

    chantal is so stupid by speaking only about her boobs. too bad her head is empty. devon is a sweet person

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep   4 weeks ago

    Oh what I’d give to hang out with these girls for a day. They are so sweet and I feel like they would be great friends!

  • Savannah S
    Savannah S   4 weeks ago

    My favorite part of this video is that it's a good place to teach good bridal shopping etiquette

  • Cordi
    Cordi   4 weeks ago

    Now I want to get married... nur rhe thing is I’m 16 and don’t even have a boyfriend/girlfriend🥺

  • Bethking149
    Bethking149   1 months ago

    My sister took our mother, grandmother and her three bridesmaids (me and her two best friends) I want to take my mum, grandma and my sisters