Piccolo vs Kami RAP BATTLE! (DBZ Parody)

  • Published on: 22 November 2018
  • Piccolo vs Kami RAP BATTLE!

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  • Runtime : 3:8
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  • Kasi The Awesome Skelegirl

    * Team Four Star would like to know your location.* Reason: Popo reminded Piccolo of the pecking order.

  • Destruck baragraph
    Destruck baragraph   1 days ago

    Dude piccolo you already lose the time you rap at them cause popo is black and you stand no chance against its rapping ability

  • Alex Spencer
    Alex Spencer   1 days ago

    The winner was decides before it even started

  • CEO Top Dog
    CEO Top Dog   2 days ago

    The moment you realize this dialogue is actually a monologue.

  • Amir Goins
    Amir Goins   2 days ago

    Mr popo and kami took out piccolo and I like the way mr popo said piccolo you have no sauce

  • Amir Goins
    Amir Goins   2 days ago

    Piccolo's rap was ok but why didn't gohan rap

  • Joe West
    Joe West   2 days ago

    Ya old ass ain’t gon do shit lol

  • Kartik Verma
    Kartik Verma   2 days ago

    You know Shit Is about to get real When Mr.Popo starts dancing bitchπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Iron milk
    Iron milk   4 days ago

    If mr. popo had all of this power within him, why didnt he do anything about it when freeza, cell or buu attacked ? He would have roasted their asses ;)

  • Xpertz
    Xpertz   4 days ago

    are we not going to talk about how Popo said Piccolo Wrong. He said "Piccalo".

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy   4 days ago

    Bruh... Favorite part... Popo grooving with his hands up in the background!

  • Clyde Robbern
    Clyde Robbern   4 days ago

    Bro.This. As soon as Mr. Popo starting spittin and tootin, IT WAS OFFICALLY OVER. NO CAP."Shoot you in your mouth and now you have no grammer." Btw I died after this part.PECKING ORDER 100 = RAPGOD/POPO

  • Kaji Official
    Kaji Official   5 days ago

    I wanna this beat plz plz... Someone give me the link of this beat

  • Hipster Viking
    Hipster Viking   6 days ago

    It would help if you made different rapping styles. It all feels the same.

  • Kaji Official
    Kaji Official   6 days ago

    I need more of animation rap battle.... I looooove it.... And put the link of the beats, plz plz plz

  • meme machine
    meme machine   6 days ago

    When you in the bathroom you go potty wtf you supposed to do then take a nap

  • Mystical
    Mystical   1 weeks ago

    What’s the beat called?