8 Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making! *must-see*

  • Published on: 13 August 2019
  • 8 Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making! For links to everything mentioned or shown in this video - click SHOW MORE!

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  • Cez D
    Cez D   1 weeks ago

    i heard once and it stuck with me that you should never wear any form of leggings like trousers. Unless going to or at the gym/fitness class. I see it so many times with black leggings that have seen better days worn with a short top and you can see the pattern/colour & style of the underwear out and about at the shops. Ladies check your rear in the mirror!!! 🤣

  • Maria Welling
    Maria Welling   1 weeks ago

    I like wearing different type of sneaker, I ordered PF flyers in leather they fit so comfortable and has actually made a statement being they are old school sneakers like converse..

  • Megan Asher
    Megan Asher   1 weeks ago

    When it comes to true leggings, wear them either way! Avoid camel toe & sheer “leggings” (tights).

  • Brandy Moore
    Brandy Moore   3 weeks ago

    I’m not sure how to put this delicately, but it needs to be addressed. If you’re leggings are too tight, your backside isn’t the only thing that needs covered a shirt ...😳

  • Eugene Pivnev
    Eugene Pivnev   3 weeks ago

    Ladies, please show some modesty! Men don't find leggings (and camel toe, I mean some go that far) attractive.

  • Jenny Grant
    Jenny Grant   1 months ago

    I TOTALLY get stuck on certain bras, I've had some literally like over 10 years lol but they're so beautiful. God I wish I owned Louis Vittons sorry if spelt wrong, God they're SO stunning 😍

  • Susan Q
    Susan Q   1 months ago

    No butt when out! Please.... what is the advertising butts about? Women showing all they have, then attacked by men, then blame men though they teased the crazies? Women these days are troubled!

  • Vicki Henry
    Vicki Henry   2 months ago

    Cover your butt...and the front. :)

  • Laura G
    Laura G   2 months ago

    Your looks and personality remind me so much of Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey's daughter.

  • Donna Braden
    Donna Braden   2 months ago

    Sometimes I wonder why too much bodily exposure by women bothers me and other times it doesn’t. Then I decided to try to picture men doing the exact same thing. And then I understood. If you can picture a guy who’s not hot and attractive totally wearing and exposing himself like some women do it really draws a picture for you.

  • Chandler Malone
    Chandler Malone   2 months ago

    Sorry to inform you but some people are going to have rollover when it comes to bras.

  • Rowena McMahon
    Rowena McMahon   3 months ago

    Leggings are a lazy outfit and in my opinion great for round the house and garden and gym!That’s it! The worst fashion ever in my opinion though were shell suits ughh! 🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra   3 months ago

    Plain janes are those who don’t stand out so everyone should wear what fits there personality including a statement necklace andddd earrings!!! Seen a poll that men tend to find women more attractive with the bling!!! I say go for what works for you!!!

  • Sassy Sandra
    Sassy Sandra   3 months ago

    Your furry cardigans or pull overs for sure fashion mistake

  • Rawwwr20009
    Rawwwr20009   3 months ago

    I love to show off my buttttt. If you got it flaunt it.

  • Victoria Tucker
    Victoria Tucker   3 months ago

    COVER THE BUTT! You people know who you are, cover it up!!!

  • Kathleen Joy Gabriel
    Kathleen Joy Gabriel   3 months ago

    I hate seeing girls go to work wearing short shirts over leggings. REALLY ANNOYING. You are going to a workplace not to a gym. Dress up professionally!!

  • Carol Daly
    Carol Daly   3 months ago


  • Tamara Bradshaw
    Tamara Bradshaw   3 months ago

    I see the age gap with the butt or no butt question. I have a daughter that I cherish and I hate seeing creeps staring at her so I have loving taught her the finer points of being fashionable without being exposed.

  • Tamara Bradshaw
    Tamara Bradshaw   3 months ago

    Leggings aren't PANTS.Some teen girls think they are pants and if you're older than a teen wearing them with your rear hanging out then you're immature.

  • Tamara Bradshaw
    Tamara Bradshaw   3 months ago

    It's funny when people complain that a coat has pockets but theyre sewn shut...lol.

  • Meika Renea
    Meika Renea   3 months ago

    Tights goes with oversized jumper/ hoodies

  • szt
    szt   3 months ago

    Hey I’m new to your channel and your great! Ok how about 4in shoes a short top and your leggings are nude (skin color) and THIN see through! Yowzers!!! I’m old school don’t know what’s hip.....sorry

  • Kk Reena
    Kk Reena   3 months ago

    U talk much and show activities less mentioned in the video

  • R Zuniga
    R Zuniga   3 months ago

    Uh oh. Your old shoes look like my new shoes. You can imagine what my old shoes look like.

  • Soroiya A
    Soroiya A   3 months ago

    My stance on leggings/tights: if I bend and see my undies or take a flash picture and boom, there's my undies...it's not thick enough to show my butt. I'll cover it up.

  • Lisa Severino
    Lisa Severino   3 months ago

    I’m 5ft and I’ve given up on heels.Love your tips xx

  • sara's soap
    sara's soap   3 months ago

    Leggings are not trousers. That’s what we say as Italians

  • Kerry Borthacyre
    Kerry Borthacyre   3 months ago

    Leggings....cover your butt if you are going out and about. They are not pants. If you are going to the gym who cares.

  • Magda Buduś
    Magda Buduś   3 months ago

    Hi! Is that looking good when your top coat (jacket, hoodie, etc) is shorter than your long, butt covering tee? I always have concerns about it 😁

  • Kimber *Love
    Kimber *Love   3 months ago

    LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!!!. I wear leggings regularly. I would NEVER EVER EVER wear leggings without an oversized top to cover my bum. and im just120lbs.....You are 100% correct love