Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)

  • Published on: 08 October 2019
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)
  • Runtime : 3:16
  • Maroon Memories Interscope Records* Pop


  • HiugoZ
    HiugoZ   6 minuts ago

    Why the fuck is Kratos singing Canon in D?

  • Säckinger Säckinger
    Säckinger Säckinger   9 minuts ago


  • Kattl Burdich
    Kattl Burdich   11 minuts ago

    Fühlt sich an als hättest du es für mich gesungen ...😊🍀

  • Denis
    Denis   17 minuts ago

    Canon in D just listen this music

  • Anil Yadav
    Anil Yadav   18 minuts ago

    The first 30 seconds: what the ** is going on the video After 30 seconds: nice work 😅 appreciated 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Nitisha Tolaram
    Nitisha Tolaram   31 minuts ago

    Miss u a lot da this song mean so much to me I really love u🥰 no one else but u can be my da😭😭😭😭😭

  • s a
    s a   46 minuts ago

    I’m Japanese(19).I’m sorry for my poor English, but I’m glad that you read the following sentences.I lost my grandma last year.I have just one parent, a mother ,so I spent most of my life staying with my grandma when my mother was out on business.I vividly remember I could talk with my grandma before she went to the heaven.At midnight, she found I was looking at her worriedly and said “Don’t worry about me. Go to bed. You are more important.”Now I think that few people can say like this before they die in a few hours.I really look up to her.

  • A2 Productions
    A2 Productions   55 minuts ago

    2 minutes silence for those who haven't listened to canon in d by pachelbel..... cool song btw

  • Aador WR
    Aador WR   59 minuts ago

    Honestly he looks like Baldur from God of war

  • Joya Sahani
    Joya Sahani   1 hours ago

    This song is so so so so so sweet 😌😌😌😌

  • Amy Mae Bygrave
    Amy Mae Bygrave   1 hours ago

    I love this song I carnt stop listing to it! But it does give me bad memories of what has happend in the past in my family:/

  • SharkMask
    SharkMask   1 hours ago

    I remember the memories of Kobe Bryant

  • Pradnya Bharankar
    Pradnya Bharankar   1 hours ago

    Let's close our eyes and remember good memories wait wait wait ...Don't do that then how you will read this comment

  • Sean Nambio
    Sean Nambio   1 hours ago

    Got to say the memory's is when my uncle died and gave me a watch for remembrance :(

  • vidya sagar
    vidya sagar   1 hours ago

    his little exposure of the upper body isn't bad rather it is sexy. i wish to do those tattoes on my upper body too some day

  • Nikhil Sama
    Nikhil Sama   1 hours ago

    Best song I’ve heard in a millennium

  • Kylie Amor
    Kylie Amor   1 hours ago

    0% Bad Words 0% Sex scenes 0% Sexy GirlsGREATS


    R.i.p My fatherMy father died in 2019And now nobodys cares about meNot even when i broked my left kneeCause i jumped and broked my left knee and i cried cause i was a little bitchy ass crybaby from being so dang happy and memey while it got ruinedI'm still a bitchy ass crybaby cause i think about my father died cause he had a stomach side that was hurting and then started screaming and everyone was trying to calm my angry dad about fucking money so he got a heart attack and diedAnd yes i putted to many and'sIf you be too happy and memey you'll end up like meNow i'm depressed

  • Bike lover student
    Bike lover student   2 hours ago


  • Martín
    Martín   2 hours ago

    Nobody realize that this might be a Rip-Off of “canon in d” by Pachelbel? Nadie se da cuenta que este tema puede ser una copia de canon en Re mayor de Pachelbel?

  • Nilanjan Mitra
    Nilanjan Mitra   2 hours ago

    Lost some good friends on the journey of life now they are just memories.