How One Woman Created a $100 Million Company with only $587

  • Published on: 19 March 2015
  • Cordi Harrington is a self-made entrepreneur who started out with just $587 in her pocket and built a $100 million company.
  • Runtime : 2:38
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  • JACK S
    JACK S   1 weeks ago

    You know what they say Bread

  • Unreleased
    Unreleased   1 weeks ago

    she better be wearing them gloves 🥱

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98   1 weeks ago

    How about a movie about this woman instead of Hollywood hoes

  • F Nava
    F Nava   1 weeks ago

    I have 587 dollars now. Where do i start?

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan   2 weeks ago

    not every meal was a happy meal but she did and wow she living good yay

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio   2 weeks ago

    Makes me ill when these people get a lucky break and makes millions shoulda happened to me

  • EdgyEarwax *
    EdgyEarwax *   2 weeks ago

    I didn't know Hillary Clinton had a bun company.

  • General ZodTheGod
    General ZodTheGod   2 weeks ago

    587 to over 100 million wow that’s good she worked hard for it that’s good she can enjoy it and share with her family

  • GellyGuice
    GellyGuice   2 weeks ago

    Never heard of the company. Anyone else?😂😅

  • Sharon Lewis
    Sharon Lewis   3 weeks ago

    Wait they said she was a single mom so where was her husband

  • Christian
    Christian   3 weeks ago

    I’ma need that kfc biscuit recipe 😳

  • gdl30
    gdl30   3 weeks ago

    She had a McDonald’s franchise.... I don’t think she was ever in rags in the first place

  • J Neusbaum
    J Neusbaum   3 weeks ago

    I'm really not sure why anyone would want all that extra available seating in their master bedroom. ummm...maybe...I guess the thrills keep getting harder to find. I just hope that's not a casting couch in there. Ok...time to do something productive. Thanks youtube.

  • J Neusbaum
    J Neusbaum   3 weeks ago

    This story is living proof!...The more bread you have...the less chit you have to eat. What a great story for a nice woman.

  • Green Giant
    Green Giant   3 weeks ago

    1:18“Because I was the only woman.”There you go folks, sexism in action.So much for the patriarchy.

  • Hatcher Anderson
    Hatcher Anderson   3 weeks ago

    Hopefully the company wasn’t affected to much by the tornado there

  • Not My Name
    Not My Name   1 months ago

    I read How One Woman Cheated a $100 Million Company with only $587

  • Opto Nigghuu
    Opto Nigghuu   1 months ago

    0:24 lady has successfully transferred coronavirus to the other lady,

  • Play0n
    Play0n   1 months ago

    2:073 ingredients for successFlourWaterYeast

  • Saul Ibarra
    Saul Ibarra   1 months ago

    Good for her. She seem humble and very sweet

  • Octavio Torres
    Octavio Torres   1 months ago

    If she will still work at McDonls i will say ¨can i get 100 French fris for people

  • Fernando Aguilar
    Fernando Aguilar   1 months ago

    That $587 would be about a quarter mil in today's money

  • SSS Sniper Boy
    SSS Sniper Boy   1 months ago

    How I lived the asian dream with 20 bucksI bought a bag of rice with 100,454 pieces of rice

  • Niksi Ismo
    Niksi Ismo   1 months ago

    This is the real self made millionaire story; unlike Kylie Jenner..