Wrongly Incarcerated Singer Archie Williams Delivers Unforgettable Song - America's Got Talent 2020

  • Published on: 22 May 2020
  • Archie Williams was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. After 37 years, DNA tests set him free. See Archie sing an emotional rendition of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" and see why Simon Cowell will never forget this audition.
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    America’s Got Talent," NBC’s No. 1 summer show, returns in May with fresh new faces and familiar favorites, along with the excitement, thrills and feel-good performances that viewers have come to love each season. Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell is back at the star-studded judges' table with fan-favorite comedian Howie Mandel. Acclaimed actress and international superstar Sofia Vergara joins as a new judge this season alongside returning judge and global fashion icon Heidi Klum. The dynamic Terry Crews returns as host. With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features an impressive array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.

    Wrongly Incarcerated Singer Archie Williams Delivers Unforgettable Song - America's Got Talent 2020

    America's Got Talent
  • Runtime : 9:45
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  • George Ntuthuko
    George Ntuthuko   7 seconds ago

    What a sad story as Black Man In South Africa this innocent Black brother The USA Must honor Him with Billion dollars Black life In all world ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  • Dibyaranjan Mishra
    Dibyaranjan Mishra   10 minuts ago

    i am not even from america., but feel a wierd guilt inside of me..

  • greg lawless
    greg lawless   23 minuts ago

    I thank my God you are free now my friend.God bless you in the years to come.

  • Layan M
    Layan M   25 minuts ago

    I watched that many times it’s just amazing.

  • Jo 74
    Jo 74   28 minuts ago

    He’s definitely already a winner, even if he does not win AGT, he has won the hearts of millions of people around the world, I wish Archie great things for the future and good luck in all that you now do in your freedom

  • cath salazar
    cath salazar   30 minuts ago

    Great song for a great man he definitely is special!👍🐈😻

  • franks V
    franks V   34 minuts ago

    Loveeee peaceee goes out to you

  • Kimmie
    Kimmie   34 minuts ago

    Oh God have mercy that just broke my heart! Our Justice system is so broken and has been broken for too damn long! Many, many blessings to this man. I hope the rest of his years are filled with an abundance of all that is good in this life!

  • Tess Bolo
    Tess Bolo   51 minuts ago

    The thought of his family living without him for 37 years oh God😭💔his wife his kids

  • retardedhappymeal
    retardedhappymeal   1 hours ago

    I clicked this video because I remembered reading about him! But damn.. his voice moved me so much

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W   1 hours ago

    blacklivesmatter. we must end racism.

  • Syed Muhammad Anas
    Syed Muhammad Anas   1 hours ago

    They was never an end to raci*m, it was/is/will be always present in their minds. Hope minority people and natives should realize it soon.

    ALI MUSTAFA   1 hours ago

    I thinks the judges were enjoing the song so mush that they forgot there was goden buzzer

  • Rachael Baker
    Rachael Baker   1 hours ago

    Imagine being innocent and not getting out or being put to death for someone else’s crime. The system needs to stop failing these beautiful human beings!!!

  • Sanjog Rai
    Sanjog Rai   1 hours ago

    American justice system is a joke!!

  • Florediana Basha
    Florediana Basha   1 hours ago

    He deserve all happiness of this world. His song is just his life and hi song with his soul.

  • Lisa Goff
    Lisa Goff   1 hours ago

    Omg...I can't stop crying. Bless his soul.

  • Zulekha Watson
    Zulekha Watson   1 hours ago

    Mr Williams ❤️ You are a very strong person. You said went to prison but your mind never went to prison. That is one of the most powerful statements I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • Eye Scream Media
    Eye Scream Media   1 hours ago

    This man is the face of the word "STRONG". 37 years and it didn't break him. Damn strong guy.

  • Angie Finnerty
    Angie Finnerty   1 hours ago

    wow. I got so much chills. He is an amazing singer!!💓💓💓

  • J Lau
    J Lau   1 hours ago

    That is why there is a life after death ❤ God will give true justice to all the people who were oppressed and treated unfairly in this world and never got the justice they deserved. So as hard as it is to know that there are evil people out there getting away with horrible crimes. Know that God will get them and give them what they deserve on the day of Judgement.

  • Simon Loh
    Simon Loh   1 hours ago

    Archie Williams is even stronger than Nelson Mandela! ;)

  • Charlie Caltabiano
    Charlie Caltabiano   1 hours ago

    This why it’s time for change people that the persecution of the innocent no matter the colour is completely stopped forever 🙏

  • Sole Zak
    Sole Zak   1 hours ago

    I went to jail for someone else’s crime cuz they just wanted someone to pay . That was sooo telling that black live matter and a lesson for other people to learn what does it mean to be black.

  • Muhammad Ayyan
    Muhammad Ayyan   1 hours ago

    He deserved more than just the judges votes, more than the golden buzzer, more than winning America's got Talent. He deserved the justice he was never given properly.

  • Adellya Lakshita
    Adellya Lakshita   1 hours ago

    My heart is soo heavy right now, i feel like I can’t breathe when i hear his story 😢😣

  • Patrice S.
    Patrice S.   1 hours ago

    Tears of happiness for you sir. Tears of pain for what going on in this world. Rest in love george.