Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

  • Published on: 27 November 2019
  • Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)

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  • Runtime : 11:40
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  • venus
    venus   3 minuts ago

    definition of white privilege... her singing is bad, dancing is bad, performances are boring, song production is mediocre... the only talent she has is songwriting.

  • Brad Qwert
    Brad Qwert   7 hours ago

    I've seen this over and over but I still get hyped up every time!

  • Autumn_ Leaf08
    Autumn_ Leaf08   7 hours ago

    You cannot sit still while listening to any of her concerts. 💘💘

  • Mira De Vota
    Mira De Vota   9 hours ago

    I need that remix of ikywt on apple and spotify!!! 😭

  • Taya Cockwill
    Taya Cockwill   12 hours ago

    she´s the artist of the decade because even though you´re not a fan, you know all the songs

  • Awesome DJ
    Awesome DJ   15 hours ago

    Deserves to be Artist of the Decade, I can't name any other artist where literally every single breathing person have atleast one liked song of theirs. This comment is so convoluted because I'm having so much emotions rn.

  • khalid lala
    khalid lala   16 hours ago


  • Row Benl
    Row Benl   16 hours ago

    TAYLORR I LOVE YOUUU 😭💗 THIS ENTIRE PERMANCE MAKES ME EMOTIONAL. My childhood 💗 My teenage years 💗 Your music is so powerfully touching and meaningful! ON MY WEDDING, LOVER NEEDS TO BE PLAYED/SUNG! (and many more ofc 😂)

  • DarkSide OP
    DarkSide OP   17 hours ago

    I dont get bored watching it as many times as i can :)

  • siraj imane
    siraj imane   19 hours ago

    I Just feel so proud to be a sweeftie 😍

  • Mahnoor Ahmer
    Mahnoor Ahmer   21 hours ago

    I love how Halsey and Camila just came out of nowhere

  • Pragya Kansara
    Pragya Kansara   1 days ago

    She is the best ... we can't count her best songs....

  • Kahfia Tika
    Kahfia Tika   1 days ago

    This video remind me that Taylor Swift is really like really tall

    ISHAN   1 days ago

    Taylor the BEST

  • Klvn Kyl
    Klvn Kyl   1 days ago


  • The Man
    The Man   1 days ago

    I earnestly want Taylor, Halsey and Camila to collab together 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • estefany veras
    estefany veras   1 days ago

    No matter how old are you, you still sing Taylor Swift songs

  • Rockford Rocker
    Rockford Rocker   1 days ago

    Been playing music for the better part of 40 years (yep, I'm old) and I will say - Taylor Swift is one talented lady. Great songs, great pop sensibility, great performer, legit chops. Absolutely the artist of the decade.

  • Cole Alcaraz
    Cole Alcaraz   1 days ago

    I'm currently watching this in 3 in the morning and bro this gives me different emotions. 🥺

  • Asiyah Ali
    Asiyah Ali   1 days ago

    Even if you aren’t a Taylor swift fan you’re a Taylor swift fan🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m sorry but everyone loves her she’s an icon

  • Novi Cindy
    Novi Cindy   1 days ago

    The crowd is insane I wish was one of them .2019 AMAs was lit

  • Shoumilee Ray
    Shoumilee Ray   1 days ago

    you can literally see that she's singing with all her heart. her facial expressions change with the lyrics. 12 mins of non-stop performing and she still pulled it off like a queen. SHE GOT THE AWARD BECAUSE SHE DEADASS DESERVED IT👏👑💅

  • Munira Shafquat
    Munira Shafquat   1 days ago

    The man on the in #4:40# was late to put the cap on his face. Looks like he was waiting for Taylor to come and put it on his face.

  • Sherin Aboulez
    Sherin Aboulez   1 days ago

    She’s so amazing! Fan since her first album and she is also an incredible person!!

  • Kol Cavalcante
    Kol Cavalcante   1 days ago

    Does anyone know why she didn't sing any of reputation songs?