My Time at "Camp Operetta"

  • Published on: 11 August 2019
  • What can I say other than that was one heck of a time

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever
  • Runtime : 9:38
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  • Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden Animations   5 days ago

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

  • Alex Mac
    Alex Mac   10 minuts ago

    The role list has “president” as being played by “an orange”Well done.

  • Inan Jarif
    Inan Jarif   16 minuts ago

    I believe 3rd spot is the best. Because,unlike the 1st or 2nd spots,no one gives a crap about your achievement,so it's fine if you fail next time. But,it still counts as something that you can brag about(if the need arises).

  • Cherry Flavored Bleach
    Cherry Flavored Bleach   22 minuts ago

    Jaiden: makes a joke about someone with only one armSocial Media: you underestimate my power!

  • Toons & Tunes
    Toons & Tunes   23 minuts ago

    Hell yeah, suckers! I totally earned this trip! vacuum cleaner noises

  • Sophie O Sullivan
    Sophie O Sullivan   28 minuts ago

    Tree :fluttershyWall:wallSmall bug:jiminyPresident :an orange That, Is exactly what I would do

  • Skye Williams
    Skye Williams   31 minuts ago

    When I was little the rainbow fish was my favourite book, I don’t remember a seahorse

  • kitty Dan and the kittys!

    1:34 My teacher:”Okay class,Today we will be doing a lesson on Animals and what noises they make.” “What noise do pandas make?” Me:THE F WORD!

  • Dam- Dam
    Dam- Dam   41 minuts ago

    Por que los subtítulos en español son tan malos?

  • WolfGirlWild
    WolfGirlWild   43 minuts ago

    I would just finish my lines and run backstage if I were in the seahorse scenario

  • Kelly Seastar
    Kelly Seastar   45 minuts ago

    4:40 Is that the same Raoole from the Canada video?

  • Jack Cassley
    Jack Cassley   1 hours ago

    As soon as I saw the “drop fire” album cover I was i didn’t expect her to like nirvana lmao

  • Ωmega
    Ωmega   1 hours ago

    i stick around at the end to see if any of my friends made art without posting itisis this bad

  • lotte maas
    lotte maas   1 hours ago

    Your animations are so fluend! Its honestly very satisfying to look at.(Also a very nice video, you have a new subscriber🎉😊)Sorry for my english its not my first language😅

  • ghosty boi
    ghosty boi   1 hours ago

    i tried to search it up all i got was ur vid

  • Simple
    Simple   2 hours ago

    experience having a puppy, the biting, the doodoo, the peepee, the loud, very LOUD BARKING.

  • Lisa Galvin
    Lisa Galvin   2 hours ago

    Responsible kid may we add a seahorse Class clown:MAKE HIM SAY THE F WORD

  • Default Skin
    Default Skin   2 hours ago

    Imagine Jaiden playing Jojo's Golden Wind to impress the other kids

  • bushbaby gamer
    bushbaby gamer   2 hours ago

    Jaiden I love u and james also tell James I said hi

  • Jason bolden
    Jason bolden   2 hours ago

    I googled it and got no search results.Why do I have the feeling in the back of my mind that this is gonna become the next Pappy Van Poodle?

  • Lol Lalo
    Lol Lalo   2 hours ago

    Los subtítulos en español son una porquería

  • Louis Deller
    Louis Deller   3 hours ago

    We stood in a circleeveryone is sitting downI don’t understand

  • MyNameIsNat
    MyNameIsNat   3 hours ago

    lol I laughed so fricking loud on this ship people have me weird looks

  • ALE C.
    ALE C.   3 hours ago

    make a piano vid.

  • Neptune Star
    Neptune Star   3 hours ago


  • Rachel Choi CY
    Rachel Choi CY   3 hours ago

    Anyone really wanted to see the video tape of jaiden raising one arm

  • Phillip Fejo
    Phillip Fejo   3 hours ago

    I'm sorry I'm the person that started the whole Ari's dead thing on Instagram I didn't read it I thought it was a grave: P.S this is my dad's phone because my phone broke and I'm 15 and my. name is Djuarn and the D is psyland

  • Michael Kessel
    Michael Kessel   3 hours ago

    Also try to persuade the rest of the group to come to Maryland

  • Michael Kessel
    Michael Kessel   3 hours ago

    Can we have a "mint gum flavors" crammed into a video pls!!