• Published on: 25 March 2020
  • #GreatAmericanTakeout

    I didn't have any part of coming up with this whole idea, but saw it last night and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely don't want to see my local pho houses and taco shops go out!!

    Hoping all this won't last long, but until then...

    Stay healthy & ENJOY!!!

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  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie   1 weeks ago

    Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come!Stay safe & healthy everyone!

  • Choto Boy
    Choto Boy   5 hours ago

    What will the garbageman when he sees de dumpster

  • Trap Giddy
    Trap Giddy   11 hours ago

    As much as I’d love to support locals every Tuesday I can’t afford to waste money on takeout often 😔

  • Bon’s Animations
    Bon’s Animations   15 hours ago

    The average human eats about 35 tons of food in their lifetime.Matt Stonie: “Amateurs. AMATEURS.”

  • Solca Eray
    Solca Eray   17 hours ago

    Bu adamin yüzü neden hic değişmiyor

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192   18 hours ago

    Just saying you should PROBABLY be savoring food rn

    SPOOPY TV   18 hours ago

    Vaš potpis je savršen. Posebna zahvala Mr.Spooks

  • Tiger Queen
    Tiger Queen   20 hours ago

    " A little more than what I usually order". If that's a little more, I wonder whats alot??🧐🤔🤣🤣😂 Love your videos!!

  • G.O .D
    G.O .D   22 hours ago

    Phở với phở cuốn đúng k nhỉ 😂

  • rapr418
    rapr418   22 hours ago

    Doesnt end up food D:

  • Rick
    Rick   1 days ago

    I came up with a theory that the reason why Matt stonie is eating so much is probably because he is gonna hibernate during quarantined months

  • David Schneider
    David Schneider   1 days ago

    U should try the Doritos challenge. 4 family size bags and try to finish it within 10 minutes.

  • Ian N
    Ian N   1 days ago

    It's very good of you to leave some food for other people because we all know you can eat everything there.

  • Jose Alvarado
    Jose Alvarado   1 days ago

    Matt: this should be food for 40 days Tommorow: shopping for food time

  • Jet Ghost5478
    Jet Ghost5478   1 days ago

    I think Great America Takeout should be a new hoilday

  • Your Mate Owly
    Your Mate Owly   2 days ago

    Girls: Omg I can't eat that much I want to stay skinnyBoys:

  • JustNumb YT
    JustNumb YT   2 days ago

    Matt I wish you can do Rice Pecel Chalange

  • SnoPoke
    SnoPoke   2 days ago

    nobody noticed that matt's right eye is blue and the other is brown??? is he ok?

  • IronPlastic Machine
    IronPlastic Machine   2 days ago

    https://youtu.be/GXR-09eifck bro after this pandemic ends and everything goes back to normal try this challenge.

  • Tom J
    Tom J   2 days ago

    Did you know you can order your Pho noodle uncooked?

  • Mr Goeshy
    Mr Goeshy   2 days ago

    How else comes here when they feel guilty about how much they just ate?

  • Isaias Smith
    Isaias Smith   2 days ago

    Matt when goes to a all you can eat: definitely worth the moneyManager: oh god he gonna eat all our food.

  • Space War
    Space War   2 days ago

    He didn't even eat it. Disappointed.

  • Nando Cebonk
    Nando Cebonk   3 days ago

    Coba challenge sama tanboi kun brani nggak...? Tk tunggu vidionya

  • Ricci Rivero
    Ricci Rivero   3 days ago

    Matt is the hotdog eating contest still going to happen this year?if yes are you participating on it?

  • Thechickenplaysrblxyt Eggs

    U should of disinfected the bags wash your hands wipe the counter then wash everything you touched before you disinfected the groceries then wash your hands again it’s not that hard every time my parents go shopping they do that

  • pascasio gomez
    pascasio gomez   3 days ago

    Legend has it he’s destroyed over 30 toilet families

  • Joyce Penn
    Joyce Penn   3 days ago

    I challenge you to come to Indiana and do a challenge at Royals Chicken! Best chicken you'll ever eat!♥️

  • Marivic
    Marivic   3 days ago

    um..........................................can i have some?