Wrong side of heaven- Five Finger Death Punch (with lyrics by lyric garden)

  • Published on: 09 March 2019
  • #Ffdp #wrongsideofheaven


    -Wrong side of heaven
    -Song by Five finger death punch
    -Album Wrong side of heaven
    -Video with lyrics made by Lyric Garden
    -All rights reserved to creator
    -Subscribe on my channel-



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    #FFDP #Wrongsideofheaven #InsideOut
  • Runtime : 4:25
  • #fivefinger #fivefingerdeathpunch #wrongsideofheaven#rock#fury #lyrics #wrongsidelyrics #bradpitt


  • Lyric Garden
    Lyric Garden   1 months ago

    Hey beautiful Public! I'll make a live, and check out the new video to more informations 👇https://youtu.be/EDYQp0TBfd4

  • Cheryl Babcock
    Cheryl Babcock   1 days ago

    This song helped me thru the divorce to the love of my life a soldier who came back somebody I no longer knew! He and my oldest son from another marriage served in Iraq overlapping each other for 6 months. I also went to addiction to numb the effects of war throughout my life with my dad! I'm no hero but I'll take my sanity. I'm grateful for all the amazing songs with such heartfelt experiences that I can relate to from being a daughter, wife and mother to the 3 men that showed me love and courage!

  • Sean house
    Sean house   1 weeks ago

    I lost faith in either one God or the Devil life is fucking hard either way yo facts

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C   2 weeks ago

    God I need a miracle

  • Alicia Lutz-Rolow
    Alicia Lutz-Rolow   2 weeks ago

    AWESOME song...AWESOME words...Hope your listening soon to be AMERIKA aka NWO!!!

  • rui sentieiro
    rui sentieiro   1 months ago

    To speak about the wrong side of heaven, must mean you know the wright one. Good for you, whatever that may mean,

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C   1 months ago

    God be with me 🙏

  • The SENIAL
    The SENIAL   1 months ago

    Todays visitor is not the devil today. It was the one before attempting to stir the wrong impression knowing the ticks and acting unaware of his own effects into the world

  • Wanda Teeter
    Wanda Teeter   1 months ago

    To hear this song and think about those who serve our country. To sacrifice so much and not get recognition, breaks my heart.. I love my country and I love those who serve to protect it.

  • Mike Sharki
    Mike Sharki   1 months ago

    great, big song... Im veteran as well... so I know what is about... Good Luck to all veterans

  • Viktor DaSkier
    Viktor DaSkier   1 months ago

    офигенно мощщно. башка сама качается. way too powerfool, amazing, thanks! )

  • Michael Cravens
    Michael Cravens   1 months ago

    Beautiful. Perfectly imperfect blunder. Yet, not all sawn asunder. Hallelujah!

  • Irfan Alam
    Irfan Alam   1 months ago

    Fortune favours the brave, That is how the proverb goes, But this life goes other ways, Sometimes dark shadows cast, At many times light shines through, Making us live for the moment, But everything goes in a pair, If there is joy, there is sorrow, That is how things go, In this world of pomp and show.

    CONNOR ZENGLER   1 months ago

    im messsed up in the head but this song helped me

  • William Murray
    William Murray   1 months ago

    I dislike it because it's poor and badly done plagiarism. I respect the original artists greatly.

  • Vokun
    Vokun   2 months ago

    Background movie?

  • Harold Fiedler
    Harold Fiedler   2 months ago

    Great song, but why pair it with this leftwing, war criminal, mass murderer, Brad Pitt and that moronic movie Fury? That just totally ruins it for me.

  • Kaden Stanton
    Kaden Stanton   2 months ago

    guys im sorry to say this but whoever disliked this has either never felt any emotion ever or are so conceited that they should just killthemselves

  • Aaron C
    Aaron C   2 months ago

    Wish I wasn't so insane in the membrain

  • O'Lucian' Dios
    O'Lucian' Dios   2 months ago

    The Ones Who Stand At God's Left Hand Ready For . . . Anything ~ ! ! !

  • J Heintz
    J Heintz   2 months ago

    Good song but someone need to inform them god a dude

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez   2 months ago

    I am on the wrong side heaven and hell is right for me