Wild 'N Out | Best Of Timothy DeLaGhetto - Updated

  • Published on: 25 November 2017
  • So I took the compilation that user Youtube Replay put together and updated it with a bunch of new clips and clips that they missed! I threw this together cuz the new season is about to premiere AND cuz I haven't been shooting any new content lol ENJOY!
  • Runtime : 8:10
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  • Ms
    Ms   1 days ago


  • Johnny Rabaya
    Johnny Rabaya   2 days ago

    There's a reason he's called DeLaGhetto, especially the "ghetto".

  • Cypress
    Cypress   6 days ago

    7:02 The Best Diss Go Tim!!

  • slayingdemon
    slayingdemon   1 weeks ago

    come on man don't put dmx's music on your video to try to make up for your rap career is non existent man... dmx was epic and you were just nothing man.

  • DaReal JohnyBravo
    DaReal JohnyBravo   1 weeks ago

    Your just like these battle rappers you can't make good music

  • KronomanWWS
    KronomanWWS   2 weeks ago

    Tim was one of the heavy hitters on wild'n out; not because of level of his bars, but because everybody used the same resource to attack him, and he's more than ready for them old jokes.

  • JD x Scorpion
    JD x Scorpion   2 weeks ago

    Last time I can say who’s watching this 2019

  • RandomVidz
    RandomVidz   2 weeks ago

    "That's not my girl that's my side chick, that's why your breath always smells like my dick"😂🤣😅

  • F B I
    F B I   3 weeks ago

    He’s the GhettoRatatataRatatata

  • Lalo Hernandez
    Lalo Hernandez   1 months ago

    If they were to ever make another Friday (which I doubt they will anymore) DC Young Fly could be Smokey Jr lmao

  • Minus Funds
    Minus Funds   1 months ago

    Tim and dc have the best friend rivalry

  • Eggplant
    Eggplant   1 months ago

    “That wasn’t my girl that was my side chick, that’s why your breath always smells like my dick” that shit got wild disrespectful real quick🤣🤣🤣👀

  • Mert
    Mert   1 months ago

    Honestly Tim was one of the best of the crew... Everyone would use the same uncreative, overused racist punchlines, but he would come back with absolute fire. It's almost like the only thing they can think of is a weak ass Asian joke and that makes it easier for Tim to destroy them

  • Flicks Fn
    Flicks Fn   1 months ago

    At 2:11 he should of said Bitch you ugly and that joke was wack to you haven’t been funny since season one episode two 😂

  • Keeda Johnson
    Keeda Johnson   1 months ago

    They keep saying the same stuff over and over like it's getting old

  • Tac LoJiC
    Tac LoJiC   1 months ago

    Did Tim edit this on a iPhone

  • Min Yoongiii
    Min Yoongiii   1 months ago

    Asians my typeSo i have 2 crushes The asian dude in the audience and timonthy

  • DragonSlayer322
    DragonSlayer322   1 months ago

    “If your mom cooked the dog, there wouldn’t be enough seasoning”

  • Yarini
    Yarini   1 months ago

    They fucked up letting him go

  • Tori Collins
    Tori Collins   1 months ago

    That “HAAAA ZENDAYA, SHE’S A HOOCHIE MAMAAAA!” Crying.The “pulling out” line was hysterical.But damn, those Asian jokes, ugh.

  • Craig X
    Craig X   2 months ago

    This is lame dad jokes pretending to be edgy by throwing in curse words. This guy isnt funny or clever.