Can 4 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

  • Published on: 26 October 2019
  • Four average dudes vs. a master of chess in a battle of the wits! Can they beat #KurtSchneider at his own game?! ...oh and did we mention he'll be blindfolded? 😱♟️

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    Chess Master: Kurt Schneider
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  • Runtime : 18:50
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  • strawbury19 37
    strawbury19 37   57 seconds ago

    PLEASE DON’T TELL da only person who thinks Kurt looked VERY similar to Lelouch Lamperouge...

  • Ploopybear
    Ploopybear   3 hours ago

    "Pawn to a4""I think I'll do the best today"Me Laughing

  • Vann Holmes
    Vann Holmes   10 hours ago

    First of all,, Kurt! You single? Hahaaaaaa. But seriously. Can we get a try guys roast?? I just want to Eugene tell us how the cow eats the cabbage!

  • Pasha Bykov
    Pasha Bykov   18 hours ago

    fun fact: Did you know that in Russian chess they have different piece names

  • Anika Tasnim
    Anika Tasnim   20 hours ago

    Wow, I have listened to kurt's music. And he is also a chess master. Didn’t knew.

  • ben squad
    ben squad   1 days ago

    Half the comments are on how 🔥kurt is, why?

  • Dexter McGuire
    Dexter McGuire   1 days ago

    Kurt’s next vid; remaking __ with only a chess game (feat. The Try Guys)It’s just him using these games to make a song

  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee   1 days ago

    “ I don’t think I’ve done anything 2000 times in my life! snickers well one thing...” I think I know what he’s talking about

  • Dorina
    Dorina   1 days ago

    Ok but yes I agree with 80% of the comments. Kurt got so much hotter holy shit.

  • captainevilhare
    captainevilhare   1 days ago

    This was awesome, but he`s thinking and the 3 are talking. really not fair. Shut up.

  • Mr ArPy
    Mr ArPy   2 days ago

    17:59 “He was a Master-Bater”. I’m dying 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr ArPy
    Mr ArPy   2 days ago

    Why the harry potter music in the background?

  • O's Trunk show
    O's Trunk show   2 days ago

    Anybody actually watch Kurt on YouTube?!?! I do 😂 he’s awesome!!!!! With the try guys it makes them even better! Love both of them! ❤️

  • Dillon Banh
    Dillon Banh   2 days ago

    No one ever:Eugene: "hOw dO yOu PlAy ChEsE???"

  • Karlyn20
    Karlyn20   2 days ago

    4:27 the girl in the back HAHAHAH

  • nicole rockers
    nicole rockers   2 days ago

    I've never done something more than 20,000 times in my life. Breathing? Heart Beats? Footsteps? Eating?

  • ToastedYogurt
    ToastedYogurt   2 days ago

    No one's gonna talk about Zach being bated by the master bater?

  • t o e s
    t o e s   2 days ago

    Kurt looks like an escape room host or that guy that plays either mysterious traveller or maybe a villian at larp

  • Jazz
    Jazz   2 days ago

    When I entered elementary , my dad started to teach me playing chess, like everyone in his family knows how to play chess it's like a tradition everyone in the family has to learn to play and once in a year we do a reunion Grandma's bday (father side) and we do a chess tournament for fun

  • Emme
    Emme   2 days ago

    Kurt reminds me of Lucas from pll

  • J sukgo
    J sukgo   2 days ago

    At 9:04 it sounds like L from deathnote dub version

  • Morgan Rona
    Morgan Rona   3 days ago

    What New York public school did Zach go to lol

  • Elias-Axel Pettersson

    So, perhaps not a song about chess, but...John Cage wrote a work called Chess Pieces (the score is fairly simple, though quite expensive). Nice to see another professional musician/chess player.

  • lywo
    lywo   3 days ago

    I knew Ned was gonna carry the try guys in this 😂😂

  • lywo
    lywo   3 days ago


  • Sophia Hallenberg
    Sophia Hallenberg   3 days ago

    I don’t know if you realized but there was a lady at the beginning and she saw the camera and she’s like nope and ran away

  • Giantsfans101
    Giantsfans101   3 days ago

    Could some check his movement of his knight when he checkmated Keith?? I don’t think he won there

  • Itz Alpha Wolf
    Itz Alpha Wolf   3 days ago

    Can’t you guys do castling when ever there is a gap there? I’ve always played it that way (including my chess coach and this one international chess player) How do I know the international chess player- it’s a summer school/camp (at a school, but not admission fee) and he was there. A teacher beat him once, but other than that no one did. It was luck from the teacher when the kid messed up a move.

  • ennycho
    ennycho   3 days ago

    Let's just.. "He really bated me a lot, he was a master bator"