Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]

  • Published on: 08 October 2019
  • Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller)

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    Director: Christine Yuan
    Producer: Theodore Cabana
    Production Company: Object & Animal

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  • Runtime : 2:27
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  • Summer Walker
    Summer Walker   1 weeks ago

    hope y’all like the video..🎮🖤 my debut album OVER IT is out nowwww

  • Tereyll Moody
    Tereyll Moody   3 hours ago

    Song is way doper than the video...Whole album is fire tho

  • Najwa Batrisyia
    Najwa Batrisyia   3 hours ago

    i gotta admit i only came here bcs of jave but..... the musics kinda sick tho...

  • SubwayPhreshh
    SubwayPhreshh   4 hours ago

    It's not catchy at all and i cant get into it but I'm glad she's successful

  • Spiritguide thee
    Spiritguide thee   5 hours ago

    Gave me a throw back Belly feeling with the lighting Summer you did that ❤ i just hate when the song ends

  • Ayanna Brinae
    Ayanna Brinae   6 hours ago

    Bryson really didn’t need to be in the song lol he so lowkey now a Days with a baby in the way but love the video ♥️

  • swirlieeo sweer
    swirlieeo sweer   6 hours ago

    To everybody asking why Bryson’s part is so short cuz bitch its HER song he’s just featured 🗣🗣

  • Holly The Dopestress
    Holly The Dopestress   7 hours ago

    I like the fact that her eye candy in the video was actually natural darkskin even African looking men..... the greased up mf with abs and braids and skinny nose and medium size lips is cool but this WE RARELY GET TO SEE..... even when theyre darkskin they never look LIKE THIS 💙 idk how to explain it.

  • Wavy Winsday
    Wavy Winsday   9 hours ago

    I like this song! I shared this! , the video editing was on point!

  • Kamryn J
    Kamryn J   9 hours ago

    Could’ve at least played the hook again after Bryson’s part. She be so stingy🙄💕.

  • Cita Cita
    Cita Cita   10 hours ago

    Love the song but does anyone knows the concept of the video??

  • A Aridi
    A Aridi   12 hours ago

    2:06 that booty thooooooo

  • Cami
    Cami   12 hours ago

    I love her music videos

  • MsToya E
    MsToya E   14 hours ago

    Summer you so lit!!!!!!! 💜💜

  • Alexa Cecilia Aguipo
    Alexa Cecilia Aguipo   15 hours ago

    Clicked the LIKE button 👍🏼 even before I heard the song! I love both these artists.

  • Tanyawillis
    Tanyawillis   15 hours ago

    Nahhh i didnt like it and i love summer walker, but the creativity was like a slavery film worth a black man tied up on top of the bath tbe song aint that deep for that to be occurring, she should have been in the bedroom as she was and then she should have had throw back videos of her in a grocery store pushing the trolley and laughing running with it and jumping on with bae chasing after her, visuals of them laying in bed , tryna throw popcorn in their mouth and holding hands and then it should have come back to the actual scene of her back in the bedroom singing and tearing photos cos she's over it! But hey who am I. Looool

  • IOS User
    IOS User   16 hours ago

    Daaaammn she couldn’t even get him on her video

  • Tt Keia tv
    Tt Keia tv   16 hours ago

    I would’ve been scared to have a knife thrown at me😂 for a music video

  • Kyrra Duff
    Kyrra Duff   16 hours ago

    Need a video for Come Thru😩🙏🏾

  • dblocknyc
    dblocknyc   22 hours ago

    i just wana lay her beautiful chocolate ass on her stomach and eat that culo ALLLLLL day lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 idgaf 💯

  • XNYX
    XNYX   22 hours ago

    the visuals are so clean wtf

  • Queen 99
    Queen 99   23 hours ago

    Her and SZA sound alike .... the sound is very similar

  • maryaprincesa
    maryaprincesa   1 days ago

    Makes me clearly think about brandy...very very very nice.

  • Candice Jones
    Candice Jones   1 days ago

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Love this song girl you so bomb❤