Most Awkward Interview Moments on Talk Shows

  • Published on: 20 March 2019
  • The weirdest and most awkward interviews on talk shows.

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  • Runtime : 10:9
  • david letterman conan awkward interview jay leno leno jimmy kimmel bill burr bill burr conan conan animals letterman conan letterman leno jimmy fallon graham norton aubrey plaza david spade


  • Sir Les.
    Sir Les.   15 minuts ago

    Dave's beard as twice as long as Joaquin's now.

  • Marcus A
    Marcus A   4 hours ago

    Who else is watching during the Great Quarantine?

  • singl
    singl   12 hours ago

    this is just a reupload

  • Joker
    Joker   1 days ago

    Joaquin gets anxious\nervous and talkshow hosts like that dude make it worse.

  • Jordina K
    Jordina K   1 days ago

    The guy at 9:15 and the one at 9:23 are very similar... their voice and the way they keep nervously moving their legs and hands. Are they the same person??

  • CapwnD
    CapwnD   2 days ago

    Aubrey Plaza is cheating.... Any interview with her is going to have awkward!

  • Brad Walsh
    Brad Walsh   2 days ago

    This isn’t an awkward interview compilation without putting Harmony Korine’s Letterman bits in 😂

    EGO FILLED COMIC   3 days ago

    I think bill burr is great at recovering from those situations

  • Marie Baumbach
    Marie Baumbach   3 days ago

    "a little hungover, a little gay... just ...glad to be here with you, .... sistar!" my new go to line when someone asks me how i am hsjsjsjdjd that was hilarious

  • Shay B
    Shay B   3 days ago

    the newday Cleveland was gross

  • Shay B
    Shay B   3 days ago

    who was that woman in the white outfit

  • 0 00
    0 00   4 days ago

    Mark normand at the beginning!!!!

  • Eh Plupo
    Eh Plupo   5 days ago

    People from England don’t think it’s awkward to not talk for a minute it’s weird

  • Salt
    Salt   6 days ago

    guy realizes hes gay on tv

  • Mark Wallner
    Mark Wallner   1 weeks ago

    Harmony Korine’s Letterman appearances are gold.

  • The Mystic Fez
    The Mystic Fez   1 weeks ago

    Bruh you should've put in George Harrison on Dick Cavett

  • Spregg
    Spregg   1 weeks ago

    And that's why Joaquin Phoenix hates interviews. Leave the man's beard alone!

  • Jack Doff
    Jack Doff   1 weeks ago

    1:23 I thought it was just some Amish guy wtfff I’m so sorry Joaquin 😭😂

  • gib501
    gib501   1 weeks ago

    These are not awkward.

  • Shigellosis
    Shigellosis   1 weeks ago

    That guy trying to be slick is the worst.. The level of cringe is extreme

  • TomsReviews
    TomsReviews   1 weeks ago

    The guy on the Newday Cleveland show was the most non funny idiot I ever saw.

  • Emma McBride
    Emma McBride   1 weeks ago

    Joaquin Phoenix isn’t awkward he’s just real

  • Yes
    Yes   1 weeks ago

    this guy in the cleveland interviews funny as hell

  • Farhang Emamifar
    Farhang Emamifar   2 weeks ago

    I'm not a native speaker and I just have a question hope somebody answer me . 4:37 Letterman pronounces the word controversial differently. what is the reason? didn't he know the correct form of it or that is also correct ???

  • Rose E
    Rose E   2 weeks ago

    no joaquin was playing a character at 1:23 he’s not actually like that :(

  • Jonathan Chappell
    Jonathan Chappell   2 weeks ago

    only thing awkward about the white pants girl on conan was everyone but her. They made it awkward. she was just talkin.

  • Triborn
    Triborn   2 weeks ago

    The camera-light was the worst thing ever

  • athruzathruz
    athruzathruz   2 weeks ago

    It's ironic that Letterman would break Joaquin's balls when he turned out to wear a bigger grey beard than Joaquin.