America’s Got Talent 2014 - The Most Dangerous Illusions of the Year

  • Published on: 03 November 2014
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    ^^^^^ International Talent Spotlight ^^^^^

    Don’t try this at home! - In addition to these precarious auditions from David and Leeman and Rogue the magician there was a special guest appearance at this year’s AGT by “The Illusionists” the world's best-selling touring magic show.
  • Runtime : 9:54
  • America's Got Talent (Recurring Competition) Reality Television (TV Genre) Got Talent (TV Program) Magic Trick


  • Gamer Waffle
    Gamer Waffle   7 hours ago

    Lets me explain to you when the man cut the body with the chainsaw well the torso is actually a person with only a torso no legs due to medical conditions or a accident then the legs are a person but his torso is in the table so he’s haven’t over and then when he cuts the torso and legs the person with only the torso flops then when he puts them back together they actually switch people but you can’t see the mask he’s wearing is probably so he doesn’t get corana virus 🦠just kidding it actually plays a big role in the trick the person with only the torso wears it so his face won’t be revealed then they switch which you can’t see they bring somebody with the same clothes and of the same race then they switch and the tool used to bring the “cut” body back to normal does really nothing cuz they switch the person

  • Nora Erickson
    Nora Erickson   5 days ago

    I am laughing 😂 so hard like seriously ouch!!! 😹😹😹😹

  • Kora Nelson
    Kora Nelson   5 days ago

    It sounded like he said show tits lol 2:46

  • yongcu88
    yongcu88   5 days ago

    Wait is there a hole on the top of the bag?

  • Geri Tsanova
    Geri Tsanova   6 days ago

    "Mel b can you check"Mel not even touching it "Yep"

  • Katie Frazier
    Katie Frazier   1 weeks ago

    I love the videos they are awesome so please Make more

  • Baylor Clark
    Baylor Clark   1 weeks ago

    like if I'm not the only one looking away when they were smashing the bags! lol this scared meXD

  • Sameera. Amin
    Sameera. Amin   1 weeks ago

    I am downloading this video because of the macow

  • Julie Thain
    Julie Thain   1 weeks ago

    Thanks again for the first time in the UK, and the other hand I was wondering if you are not logged on to a friend

  • The Tiny Tods
    The Tiny Tods   1 weeks ago

    When he touch the hand why he scared and how they made him half

  • Wut Odds83
    Wut Odds83   1 weeks ago

    They say don’t try it at home but I’ll do it anyways

  • Samuel Shterenberg
    Samuel Shterenberg   2 weeks ago

    6:04 I couldn’t help but notice that there was another dude all the way to the left wearing the exact same pants as the doctor 🤔🤔😬😬

  • Sitayesh Rasooli
    Sitayesh Rasooli   2 weeks ago

    Imagine it’s not really the person the person that has brown skin and the person that I had the leg was under the table so magic is not real

  • onion456
    onion456   2 weeks ago

    I want to know what happens if they hit the buzzer twice😮

  • Faze Arda
    Faze Arda   2 weeks ago

    9:24 did anyone see the girl snippets popped out

  • Öžžïə Płäýż
    Öžžïə Płäýż   2 weeks ago

    i know how you you do the staple one it’s the way you hold the staples gun, the staples won’t come out because the staples are on the end that does not have the opening for the staple to come out but then if you hold the staples gun facing down then it will come out and all the staples guns were shaking because they were all loaded....I am in 4th grade how come I know this and I see these adults.....sorry I was responding in 2020 lol

  • Dunya Fiazean
    Dunya Fiazean   2 weeks ago

    2:13 somebody said ouch and I laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂