DRAW MY LIFE - Jack Douglass

  • Published on: 19 July 2013
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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!

    DRAW MY LIFE - Jack Douglass
  • Runtime : 10:4
  • Jack Douglass YGS 100 YGS 50 The Best of Your Grammar Sucks YIAY Yesterday I Asked You Fidget Spinners Emoji Movie Kermit Sings JackAsk Jack Ask Dubstep Solves Everything Frozen 2 iPhone Parody Apple Parody draw my life draw my life animation cartoon drawing jacksfilms jackisanerd sketch pms ygs your grammar sucks Jack Douglass (Person)


  • The Afr0
    The Afr0   17 hours ago

    From what I've gathered, Jack could have been another vsauce

  • ChrisFFBoi
    ChrisFFBoi   1 days ago

    When he started the sentence “When I wasn’t throwing rocks at faces....” I thought he was going to end the sentence with “I bit them instead”

  • DashingMoMo M.
    DashingMoMo M.   1 days ago

    You'll love her almost as much as I doI think you mean a lot more

  • joshinese
    joshinese   1 days ago

    please i cant tell if this is ironic or

  • Tinyturtwig 12
    Tinyturtwig 12   2 days ago

    jack: YGS is my most popular seriesYIAY: wait hold my beer

  • Art ART
    Art ART   2 days ago

    Oh Jack I'm so sorry, I didnt know you had a life.

  • Emarald
    Emarald   2 days ago

    Kid: whats 1x1? Jack: ...2Jack: I was a wiz at math!

  • awan
    awan   2 days ago

    jack back then : I hate fiction but I love factjack now : FAKE FACTS 4 FAKE FACTS 4 FAKE FACTS 4 FAKE FAC-

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas   3 days ago

    bruh the john/jack thing is so relateable

  • Nine IX #9
    Nine IX #9   4 days ago

    when you realize his fanbase calls him John more than his parents do

  • Lucas Plumb
    Lucas Plumb   5 days ago

    Life my- dammit I knew it was gonna be life my draw

  • movecount
    movecount   1 weeks ago

    "I struggled to find that balance between PMS and YGS."YIAY: allow me to introduce myself

  • Alena Straube
    Alena Straube   1 weeks ago

    Hang on a second... a serious video by Jack?

  • Cube
    Cube   1 weeks ago

    this was so sweet and wholesome

  • Felipe Vargas
    Felipe Vargas   1 weeks ago

    That means my grandma is older then you also my grandma was born in the 1960s

  • Ziltoid
    Ziltoid   1 weeks ago

    Ah yes, the origins of John's Movies

  • Ziltoid
    Ziltoid   1 weeks ago

    "I had autistic symptoms" That explains a lot

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian   1 weeks ago

    1:54 The school should’ve punished both kids here, but Jack less severely because the kid deserved it lol

  • Squid Man
    Squid Man   1 weeks ago

    Every youtuber on their draw my life video: I was a weird kid

  • someone
    someone   2 weeks ago

    In 2:23 you calculated wrong. The radius of Pluto is 1188.3km and the radius of Uranus is 25362km so 4/3π x 1188.3^3 = the volume of Pluto ≈ 7.02857 x 10^9 and 4/3π x 25672^3 = the volume of Uranus ≈ 6.83344 x 10^13. 6.83344 x 10^13/7.02857 x 10^9 ≈ 9722. Pluto fits in Uranus around 9722 times

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller   2 weeks ago

    " I was a whizz at math. "Can't do 1 multiplied by 1.

  • Segal central
    Segal central   2 weeks ago

    Jack: I put some of my home videos onto YouTubeJack’s Fanbase: HANDY PENHANDY PENHANDY PENHANDY PENHANDY PENHANDY PEN

  • WikiWiki109
    WikiWiki109   2 weeks ago

    I would really like to see a 2020 edition of this

  • Ryn McKin
    Ryn McKin   2 weeks ago

    3:15 i cant tell if those are eyes or......

  • viktowire
    viktowire   3 weeks ago

    How many Plutos can fit in UrAnus

  • Gucci Stag
    Gucci Stag   3 weeks ago

    John’s first word was not seven, it was a phrase: ME ME BIG BOY!!!


    June 30 1988 the day Satan entered earth biting children throwing rocks has stolen a women from the streets and created a spawn that will destroy the world... sundae an evil being with our last hope to save us is Klondike

  • Dragonlight
    Dragonlight   3 weeks ago

    I bet you went to reservoir high school, river hill gang(for reference that’s a high school in Columbia, I know cause I live there).

  • Chrisgaming10
    Chrisgaming10   3 weeks ago

    Your n64 controller made me laugh more than I should've

  • Rainbowlasanga
    Rainbowlasanga   3 weeks ago

    why does the thumbnail looks like ryo from devilman crybaby