Making Apple Pie & Cherry Flavored Hard Candy!

  • Published on: 15 August 2019
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  • Scott C
    Scott C   2 days ago

    Max you look just like one of my son's. With your beard as well. So Cool!!

  • RoYT
    RoYT   3 weeks ago

    Why is there no date on this video?

  • Karen Laster
    Karen Laster   3 weeks ago

    Hey, whoa, whoa, wow! Don't move that camera around so swiftly! Makes me seasick!

  • Amy Zahalka
    Amy Zahalka   1 months ago

    This is mesmerizing! I think you are on the cards again! Love you guys here in Wisconsin!

  • Wendy W
    Wendy W   1 months ago

    Like the color of the batch before Max put it on the hook. Think I'll have my car painted the same color. Btw...can hard candy be made sugar free... I mean possibly with a sugar substitute? Also, do you make fudge ?

  • Kenneth Nash
    Kenneth Nash   1 months ago

    How about a carolina reaper/raspberry candy?

  • Brandie Blakley
    Brandie Blakley   1 months ago

    Honestly,I'm NOT an apple pie fan. I don't really like pie except Pecan.

  • sue girard
    sue girard   1 months ago

    looks like Rose Gold--sooooo purty

  • Canadas Bubbleology Show

    boys you need to STOP moving so this is getting out of hand...shut up and work...I got dizzy the first 5 min....stay the hell in one place

  • Joy Welsh
    Joy Welsh   1 months ago

    You should make fluffer-nutter ribbon candy! Banana and marshmallow hard candy filled with peanut butter.

  • Judy Lee
    Judy Lee   1 months ago

    I love that hard candy cutter.

  • Judy Lee
    Judy Lee   1 months ago

    I want to make a different type of treat and am learning so much I need to pay attention to for consistency. Thank you.

  • Judy Lee
    Judy Lee   1 months ago

    Apple filling = gorgeous color

  • Ak Lee
    Ak Lee   1 months ago

    yall have too much fun for it to be a job lol :) happy new year everyone

  • db275711
    db275711   1 months ago

    Max you a great candy maker. You learned from the best. Been watching for a long time and watching you with Steve, You come a long way. Great work Hercules candy

  • Johan Coetzee
    Johan Coetzee   2 months ago

    Hercules Candy hi can you make my by request some Strawberry hard candy regards Johan Coetzee

  • K
    K   2 months ago

    I think Terry is a very lucky woman to have married a good man like Steve.

    CRISSY MURRAY   2 months ago

    Hello Hercules Family, loved watching a few oldies of yours coz I get impatient waiting for next videos, So Ive been going bk and watching older ones.. but only the ones in new shop!. I really want to get some mango hard candy and also all the rainbow flavors but I live in Brisbane Australia... Unless my country changes mind plzzz ... leave out peas carrots... Too savoury hahaha..Na want to try all the candy! Love all of the Hercules Family all in different ways..l would love too meet U all one day..( when I win the lotto) but until then Ty for education and experienced Training! And loads of laughter!

  • Peter C
    Peter C   2 months ago

    Hey mom and and pop how about making some maple flavoured ribbon candy

  • Rebecca stilwell
    Rebecca stilwell   3 months ago

    You guys have to put a white vanilla stripe with the apple pie candy. Apple pie and vanilla ice cream. WOW!!! That would be awesome.

  • crash Boettger
    crash Boettger   3 months ago

    Watching you all make the candy remembers me a lot when I was younger my dad would have us make candy for Christmas

  • Syeda Bena Parsha Jahan.Bibhor

    Love you all..Lot's of love from Bangladesh🇧🇩.Please try to give us your beautiful candies....🍬🍭🍫

  • Leslie Mccann
    Leslie Mccann   3 months ago

    Too much bull shitting. Just get to the point for fucks sake. This video could be 30 minutes.

  • mquiggins
    mquiggins   3 months ago

    Caramel filled apple pie flavored ribbon candy 🤔

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H   3 months ago

    Do you grease your marble table?

  • Devra Biallas
    Devra Biallas   3 months ago

    I think I suggested before that you find plates for the top of that with the logo or just an H, so it'd be on each piece

  • Devra Biallas
    Devra Biallas   3 months ago

    Lol.. the final color is somewhat like human skin

  • sheraarehs
    sheraarehs   4 months ago

    Cat pate meat flavor 🤷🤣 🤢

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B   4 months ago

    Your guys videos are so satisfying! They help me fall asleep at night. I wish I could visit yall! I would love to watch in person and maybe taste test some candy 😉😋

  • jens7dzoo
    jens7dzoo   4 months ago

    I love falling asleep to your videos. So calming

    MASERATI SHAKA   4 months ago

    Have you guys thought about making a cheesecake candy before shaped exactly like 🧁