Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "Downhill" Is About Good People Making Bad Choices And Seeking Redemption

  • Published on: 12 February 2020
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus's new movie "Downhill," co-starring Will Ferrell, is an American adaptation of a Swedish film in which the main characters are forced to make some very tough decisions in some very chilly locations. #Colbert #Comedy #JuliaLouisDreyfus

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  • Runtime : 8:43
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  • Malachy Smith
    Malachy Smith   2 weeks ago

    Uhm. Downhill is great actors making really bad choices. Movie Was a complete rip off and an embarressment for Will Farrell

  • Tim H
    Tim H   1 months ago

    Is she on coke during this interview?

  • Simba
    Simba   2 months ago

    President Selina Mayer

  • John M
    John M   2 months ago

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  • west side
    west side   3 months ago

    Fire under that dress 🔥Whoowa !!

  • Kevin King
    Kevin King   3 months ago

    I'm going to sue the Colbert Show, Julia was PACKED into that dress and caused me to have impure thoughts.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama   3 months ago

    Well, having a father who was a billionaire pretty much got her where she is.Born with a golden spoon in her mouth.Must be nice to be filthy rich and getting anything you want.What a lucky flat chested woman, with a bump on her nose.

  • J.J Jameson
    J.J Jameson   3 months ago

    Tormund was at the original version as well

  • Juniper Jane
    Juniper Jane   3 months ago

    Her face is not the same and it's sad. It's not natural aging it's a bad attempt at avoiding aging.

  • Julian C
    Julian C   3 months ago

    Pity is very underrated. I like it. It’s good.

  • You Matter
    You Matter   3 months ago

    Haha all avalanches head to the bottom. What a premise. No one would stay lol. Run or die. Same as the lighted deer.

  • Mo A
    Mo A   3 months ago

    Everyone should watch the original swedish version of this movie.

  • Mo A
    Mo A   3 months ago

    I wish just once there was a spotlight on the band. That song is a banger and they are amazing.

  • rysacroft
    rysacroft   3 months ago

    One of the best investments I've ever made was to buy my GF a black leather dress. It cost me a weeks wages but the "dividends" were great :)

  • mbdl
    mbdl   3 months ago

    Does she seem a little full of herself or is it just me!

  • Roman00
    Roman00   3 months ago

    so cute, and hot :D

  • rakaki3
    rakaki3   3 months ago

    I hear you band...over there playing PJ Morton 😍

  • Ana Raposo
    Ana Raposo   3 months ago

    I wish I could be Brad Hall and wake up with this lady for the rest of my life

  • hellodavey1902
    hellodavey1902   3 months ago

    Oh ffs... Force Majeure was an amazing film.. and it's been on Netflix for ages...just watch that!

  • Debra Nielsen
    Debra Nielsen   3 months ago

    I knew I had to see this movie when the guy pointed out it wasn’t America, where you sue because (you’re too stupid to know) coffee is hot.

  • Lázaro Murad
    Lázaro Murad   3 months ago

    haven't realized her eyes were green-ish huh...

  • Tommy Boykin
    Tommy Boykin   3 months ago

    What a woman! Gorgeous, funny, and just a cherry on top...she's worth Billions!

  • JayCzzzYa
    JayCzzzYa   3 months ago

    Julia L-D is smoking hot and hilarious.

  • Martin Hold
    Martin Hold   3 months ago

    HEY, I'm from Austria - I'm offended :-P

  • Ezana
    Ezana   3 months ago

    Besides that she is really attractive, she is one of my favorite actress. She is so funny!

  • Peli Pequi
    Peli Pequi   3 months ago

    I am so happy she looks healthy and beautiful as ever.

  • Dancerama6
    Dancerama6   3 months ago

    She looks so badass in that Downhill clip!

  • David Williams
    David Williams   3 months ago

    Always a hottie. Looks great in that dress too. New movie might be worth checking out with Will Ferrell being in it too.