The Day Real Madrid REALLY knew who LIONEL MESSI was

  • Published on: 22 April 2017
  • Messi 19 year old and scores a hat-trick vs Real Madrid with 10 men Barcelona.

    I know it's a sort of clickbait title. I'm totally not proud of it, but I sort of have to do this to complete with the others to get my video's to be seen. But don't worry, this is just a try out. I want to see if this one will have more views now than my other video's... Tonight r tomorrow I'll upload another video with a normal title.

    This video is about Lionel Messi's incredible performance against Real Madrid in El Clasico. He saved Barcelona 3 times, scoring a Hat trick against the Galacticos! Knowing he was just 19 years old, is just amazing...

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    Messi hat-trick El Clasico ● Barcelona vs Real Madrid 3-3 | 10/03/2007
    Goals & Highlights FC Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid 10-03-2007

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  • Runtime : 12:29
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  • Gespañol G
    Gespañol G   3 hours ago

    Cuesta entender que el mejor Barcelona segun dicen con un tal Messi haya ganado las mismas copas de Europa que un tal Real Madrid jajaja venga Mami a mamarsela al Papi

  • Logics of a religion

    Ronaldinho, messi, eto, inesta, xavi, puyol, pique, villa, that was the dream team, infact to this day no wonder fcb was a monster, crushing, eating and tearing apart every team which came on their way, fckn beast on rampage mode. And u know how it feels when a beast or monster approached u and u know u r the helpless prey ? U got no time to think and the only option is Jst fckn run away from tht beast as fst as u can from tht mfkr monster.And then came the dominating fearced force of the century the trio MSN hungry for wins and goals rest is history....

  • Soma Bhowmik
    Soma Bhowmik   2 days ago

    Anyways Ramos is brilliant loyal player!!

  • boris brian
    boris brian   2 days ago

    Messi's a friggin legend no matter what people sayBut are we not gonna talk about that back Header goal?

  • vordman
    vordman   4 days ago

    Bent ref, but it didn't matter in the end.

    NGAMWANG KONYAK   5 days ago

    He can't use right leg. For me, not fit for international player

  • Michael Haas
    Michael Haas   5 days ago

    Dear Lionel Messi, I have always had the feeling that you defend freedom and that you support those in need. Today I would like to ask you to say some sentences in public demanding the release of Julian Assange. Assange has been fighting for free information andbringing war crimes to the eyes of the public. Thank you for your understanding and all the best. Michael Haas

  • Skyline R34
    Skyline R34   6 days ago

    Imagine buying the ref and still getting whooped

  • Ferhat TUNA
    Ferhat TUNA   6 days ago

    0:58 Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you; the most overrated goalkeeper of all time!...

  • Asparoth
    Asparoth   6 days ago

    Ronaldinho > Messi in his prime. Such a shame we never got to see more of that. What an INSANE pass.

  • Adrian saja
    Adrian saja   1 weeks ago

    Waktu itu dunia sepakbola tercengang menyaksikan hari lahirnya predator barca

  • Matteo
    Matteo   1 weeks ago

    Look at the differences between Messi and the others when they are contrasted; Messi never throw himself to search the foul, he just continue play. This is football.

  • caifaleks
    caifaleks   2 weeks ago

    Ronaldinho ya comenzaba a valer riata.

  • Gene S
    Gene S   2 weeks ago

    Todos se la pelan. TODOS.

  • Lalfak Awma
    Lalfak Awma   2 weeks ago

    In his first goal...How can they leave such a dangerous striker Messi so free...

  • dhira
    dhira   2 weeks ago

    That's the shit, that hit the shit, that hit the shit bro!

    YAHUSHA KING   2 weeks ago

    like he gets nervous....Best of all times

  • Sara Pereira
    Sara Pereira   3 weeks ago


  • Thulani Mbuli
    Thulani Mbuli   3 weeks ago

    and this is I realize how important is commentary