The Ultimate Threadlocker Competition--Which is the Best?

  • Published on: 25 September 2017
  • Which threadlocker is the best? Which name brand is best? In this video, I use 3 tests to determine which epoxy is the best.
    Products tested: Pro Seal 24206, Permatex 242000, Loctite 242, JB B Weld 24206.
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  • Runtime : 9:1
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  • Kristaps Ozolins
    Kristaps Ozolins   15 hours ago

    Unfortunately most of reviewed products are not available in Europe. :( we got wd-40, loctite, but haven't seen others.

  • Riley Matthews
    Riley Matthews   1 days ago

    Could you do a jack stand test to see which of them is strongest?

  • Simon Pennington
    Simon Pennington   1 days ago

    Just thought of a comparison idea. I'd like to see the difference between lock washers, Nord locks, and potentially any other mechanical fastener locks vs just your basic nut and bolt

  • Joshua Ward
    Joshua Ward   1 days ago

    Well now I know. Very helpful for a helicopter maintainer. Thank you!

  • Ricardo Aguilar
    Ricardo Aguilar   1 days ago

    You have the voice of ramonp of everybody loves Ramon

  • Tucker A
    Tucker A   1 weeks ago

    You could do a test on cutting oils or fluids. I know there are specific cutting liquids but it would be interesting to see them tested beside average engine oil or maybe even a penetrating lubricant, as I have seen people use it for drilling.

  • James O
    James O   2 weeks ago

    Excellent video. I have a guitar with 3 stubborn parts that just don't seem to stay where I tighten them. The Vibratite would definitely get the job done, maybe too well, and these parts need to be able to come off for repairs. For me, the Loctite is the perfect application to keep the parts secure, and easily removed when access is needed.

  • Darryl Moroz
    Darryl Moroz   2 weeks ago

    Some questions arise with this video. 1st, did you do this test after the manufacturer instructions for a full cure? For an example Permatex and Loctite take 24 hours for a full cure, as do the rest I am assuming. If you are testing within the 24 hours all the results should be considered void. Was a primer/activator for anerobic sealant used before assembly?

  • William Parson
    William Parson   2 weeks ago

    Locktite has a few different strengths. I know for sure the Red is much stronger and I believe there is a brown..

  • Jared Reinke
    Jared Reinke   2 weeks ago

    I always love your videos. You do an excellent job and I learn a lot from your videos. Keep up the good work. An awesome video idea would be explaining what happens when you blue steel with super blue or blacken it by raising the temp and then quenching it in oil. This is supposedly used for rust proofing. You could then test the rust proofing capabilities.

  • Owen Espezel
    Owen Espezel   2 weeks ago

    For future reference Loctite is anaerobic. Which means that it cures when there is a lack of oxygen (such as when a blot is tightened down). So having a test that let's it air cure isn't really fair to the product. A better test might be to use a jam nut and back the jam nut off after it's cured

  • Officer_Baitlyn
    Officer_Baitlyn   2 weeks ago

    i think the "failure load" isnt as important as how much the screw/bolt can take in terms of vibrations before coming off but still genuine quality content

  • Bernard Marsh
    Bernard Marsh   2 weeks ago

    MateYou do a great jobEvery timeGood honest reportingKeep it upThink I have watched most of your vidsSome several times when relevant to job at handKeep up the good work

  • 4b50lut3 Z3r0
    4b50lut3 Z3r0   2 weeks ago

    surprisingly close. what was the price spread on these products?

  • Wayne Wagner
    Wayne Wagner   2 weeks ago

    Great content as usual brother keep up the good work.

  • M W
    M W   2 weeks ago

    clearly welding is the 'best thread locker' ;-)

  • Jay Time
    Jay Time   2 weeks ago

    I feel like my red locktight couldnt be mix enough because the tube was 100% full, NOW my locktight is taking over 2 days to dry its for a high pressure tank & if it dose not dry enough in 3 days it could actually hurt someone if tank unscrews itself from the pressure turns into a projectile

  • hacediggy
    hacediggy   2 weeks ago

    Chrisfix when he sees this Hmmm, interesting

  • Jay Greene
    Jay Greene   2 weeks ago

    How about “best hand cleaner” for those greasy filthy hands.

  • Pete Quinones
    Pete Quinones   3 weeks ago

    Loctite blue is my go to...Green Loctite is semi permanent.. without a lot of heat and sometimes a impact gun it won't come loose EVER!

  • George Harrison
    George Harrison   3 weeks ago

    Congratulations, you put a lot of effort into your tests putting a lot of professionals to shame. just subscribed. best wishes from the UK where more than half the products used in your videos are not available sadly

  • 17 XV
    17 XV   3 weeks ago

    I know this is an old video, but we switched to Vibratite at the hospital based on this video. Thanks!

  • brendan berry
    brendan berry   3 weeks ago

    I'm not sure about all the brands mentioned, but most require a 24 hour cure time. That wasn't mentioned, was that followed?

  • DesmoProfundis
    DesmoProfundis   1 months ago

    An idea for another video is boat paint vrs auto paint for fast boats that don't sit in the water. This is something I've found to be very confusing to research. Most marine paint is designed for boats to sit for long periods of time in the water and therefore are ablative and anti fouling. However, these paints are really really expensive and they strip off quickly on a 50+ mph boat.My boat sits on a trailer and is only in the water when I take it out. I would like to know what paint I can use on the bottom that will stay on the longest, look good, and not provide much drag. I am leaning toward automotive paints but, again, I just don't know. The boat is off it's trailer in my backyard and I am starting the sanding process on it right now. Any help you can offer in my choice of coatings would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • RandomDude
    RandomDude   1 months ago

    The rare case where stronger is not better.

  • My Name
    My Name   1 months ago

    You said that it was 5 pounds of weight plus the 1.5 lb chain so isn’t that 6.5 pounds?

  • richard calhoun
    richard calhoun   1 months ago

    Never use that green colored sleeve retainer liquid on a bell-housing clutch pivot bolt. Changing to a new pressure plate and a new bell housing/scatter shield; I had to use a pipe on a wrench as leverage to remove my new pivot from the aluminum housing…the bell-housing broke into two separate pieces.

  • wellwhatsyours
    wellwhatsyours   1 months ago

    did you know that there is thread locker primer? It decreases the cure time as well as increasing the strength, and is a requirement for stainless as well as other some other materials. Could be an interesting video

  • Xtremegamer 3D
    Xtremegamer 3D   1 months ago

    Holy f$ck did they use smurf essence for production of these threadlockers they are f$cking blue

  • Clarence Hochhalter
    Clarence Hochhalter   1 months ago

    Sometimes things aren't as they might first appear.For instance -- original Loctite is made to a specific specification. Look in (real factory) Honda motorcycle, Kawasaki, Chevy truck (the "real" factory Helm manuals with engineering spec's that can cost hundreds of dollars, not cheap parts store DIY books) and other "real" factory manuals and you might find a whole page or section of fasteners they recommend Loctite for - BY NAME. Loctite has been the STANDARD for decades, for a reason.Now days every "Tom, Dick and Harry" has some kind of thread locker.Using torque spec's is misleading, and actually pretty much meaningless. That's NOT what that stuff was formulated for. For instance "blue" Loctite could be undone at 110% of the tightening torque - it's intended to be taken apart. It works perfectly when used right (for the decades it's been around). It prevents vibration loosening, that's it's job. I'd recommend getting the genuine factory authorized manuals (like Helm) for specific recommendations. (Look up Mil Spec which is THE "Bible.").I mean it when I say "keep up the good work," what you spend the time on can be a valuable service - in a lot of cases. Your attention to detail and the work you put in is commendable.