Here's Why LIonel Messi Won His 6th Ballon d'Or ● Unreal 2019

  • Published on: 05 December 2019
  • Why Leo Messi is a sixth Ballon d'Or winner.

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  • Messi TheBoss
    Messi TheBoss   6 months ago

    Messi in 18/19:European Golden Boot ✅ European top scorer ✅ UCL top scorer ✅ La Liga top scorer ✅ La Liga most assists ✅ Most MOTM awards ✅ Most chances created ✅ Most goals from outside the box in La Liga ✅ Most free-kick goals ✅ Most braces ✅ Most hat-tricks ✅

  • Giovanni Rodríguez
    Giovanni Rodríguez   5 hours ago

    How did he win the ballon D’or the same year he choked in the champions league after being up 3-0 and failing to win a Copa America 😂😂

  • Prabhat Patnaik
    Prabhat Patnaik   3 days ago

    Messi is a nightmare for goal keepers . You make one bad move and you are exposed .

  • Kaban Kempff
    Kaban Kempff   5 days ago

    The best ever! just go and study the overall level of defending in football when all the greats played its at its highest level now with coverage of all the games to analyze a player and stop him(defenders are also quick now)

  • Kaban Kempff
    Kaban Kempff   5 days ago

    He has to improve on his best or be top of all the stats to win ballon dor otherwise he just loses even though he has been the best for 10+ years...crazy

  • bev bossio
    bev bossio   1 weeks ago

    they should have shown this video at the ballon d'or presentations just before they gave Messi the award just so everyone watching would really get to know why he received it

  • Lasha Bezhanishvili
    Lasha Bezhanishvili   1 weeks ago

    I think this was one of the best, maybe top 3 of Messi's seasons. He was doing everything in attack. Only season of Christiano that I can compare is 2011/2012 season, where despite scoring more goals, he had a better attacking squad. In this season Messi did everything in attack, perfected his free kicks and scored with right foot too.

  • Fadli Omar
    Fadli Omar   2 weeks ago

    Just lost of word with leo already.

  • Rohit Dutta
    Rohit Dutta   2 weeks ago

    Make video of ballandors which were stolen by pessi .... Iniesta and all ... No but you suckers will bark peasy pesy

  • LDD 420
    LDD 420   2 weeks ago

    I love the way you showed how messi made so many chances for Barca in the second leg vs Liverpool showing he didn’t disappear and was the one saving Barca

  • Ben
    Ben   2 weeks ago

    Everything Messi did in the First leg was undone by Dembele with this shit

    NITISH TIWARI   2 weeks ago

    The fact that he carried a team managed by Lord Valverde to win the La Liga, Copa finals and and Champion's league semi finals itself makes him the no. 1 contender for the Balon D'or

  • vojake100
    vojake100   3 weeks ago

    This video is so therapeutic! The clips, the music and the commentary, Messi! The best therapy!

    BAMUTSKHEM Nongs   3 weeks ago

    I miss Messi Game 😭 so terrible 😥 can't wait to see him on the pitch 😢KING OF FOOTBALL

  • Dondor Shullai
    Dondor Shullai   3 weeks ago

    All I hear is Messi gets the ball and the little magician scores or assists or dribbles against 3 or more players while other greats do it not as consistent as Lionel Messi........ You can say he's not the greatest but I'll bet my life that you won't find another player like Messi nor will someone ever play like him or scores like him, assist like him , mesmerizing the game like him consistently.......

  • lozerisdead999
    lozerisdead999   3 weeks ago

    Man he created 4 golden goalscoring chances in that liverpool game and they didn’t score any of them... again, crazy to think people say he didn’t do enough that match.

  • lozerisdead999
    lozerisdead999   3 weeks ago

    No one would’ve batted an eye if they won Champions league. He’s the reason they were 3-0 in the tie to begin with. How the fuck is he supposed to control the shocking tactics and dreadful defensive decisions of his teammates. More than deserved the Balon d’or, but I do feel for Van Dijk. I’d have personally given it to him, but either way, you cannot say Messi DIDNT deserve it.

  • Ayaz Sihyurek
    Ayaz Sihyurek   3 weeks ago

    ronaldo should have won in the 2018 ballondor and vvd should have one the 2019 ballondor

  • tuga fr
    tuga fr   3 weeks ago

    LIONEL MISSING won because FIFA CORRUPTION or maybe the CL is no more nothing so you can loose 4-0 is not a problem

  • Mihai Badarau
    Mihai Badarau   3 weeks ago

    Watching Messi's performance it's like having an orgasm,a class above all in the football history.

  • Luis Bruno
    Luis Bruno   3 weeks ago

    La musica de fondo muy buena..👍

  • stewart beukes
    stewart beukes   3 weeks ago

    I know he is getting older but this guy is still in his prime. Every season he plays like he did in youth. Nothing changed. Just he does not have the pace he did back then but this guy's playing still didn't change one bit.

  • natsu reings
    natsu reings   4 weeks ago

    It's funny cuz He's been doing this all years till now !

  • Mani kv
    Mani kv   4 weeks ago

    Honestly, this video is better than what they played at the ceremony

  • RossJ 98
    RossJ 98   4 weeks ago

    It’s crazy to think that this is the man that stopped Ronaldo and Real Madrid dominating if he wasn’t on the Barca team Madrid would’ve probably won the league every year

  • Ahsan Kabir
    Ahsan Kabir   1 months ago

    This video is so satisfying to watch. He never ceases to amaze.

  • jerry Lott
    jerry Lott   1 months ago

    For all those players who played alongside him......for all those who faced him and for all those who saw him will never forget him

  • Nerudaa B
    Nerudaa B   1 months ago

    For flopping against Liverpool?