Patrick Mahomes - Best QB in the NFL ᴴᴰ

  • Published on: 05 February 2020
  • Patrick Mahomes Highlights (SHOWTIME)
    chiefs super bowl mvp pat mahomes
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  • Bryan S
    Bryan S   46 minuts ago

    And he is a KC Chief. BOOYA!!!

  • Ron Dolan
    Ron Dolan   9 hours ago

    The only reason why they said hes the greatest QB is because he a east coast QB it took Patrick mahomes a few years to become the MVP but it took 7-8 SEASON for russel Wilson to be in the conversation for MVP nobody can explain that when it comes to the 4th quarter I rather have russel Wilson than any Zaza QB -

  • Yeahsure
    Yeahsure   18 hours ago

    Obviously, his throws are incredible. Watch the play at 6:28. His anticipation/recognization of the moment where his offensive lineman was beaten is even more impressive. I know the guys are right in front of him, but his lineman is still blocking, he still has his hands on the D-lineman but Mahomes knew exactly when his lineman lost leverage and was going to lose that battle. Oh yeah, and he's gotta do all that other QB stuff too.

  • dunutman33
    dunutman33   1 days ago

    Good player, but great? People wanking over 2 seasons and 1 superbowl. Get your 6 faster than Bradys 6 then we can talk.

  • Savannah Young
    Savannah Young   1 days ago

    If you look at him in high school he is bigger than everyone else, and if you look at him in the NFL he is littler than everyone else. Can't wait to see him have more super bowl rings than Tom Brady!!!!!! ❤😘😍

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird   1 days ago

    I can't wait to see him landing in a helicopter to go play baseball like Primetime

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird   1 days ago

    Greatness on and off the field!

  • Monica Busch
    Monica Busch   2 days ago

    hey paty i,m 1 of your biggest fan I like ttu

  • Leua Luavasa
    Leua Luavasa   2 days ago


  • Amundy3
    Amundy3   2 days ago

    I want him to say publicly “Be ready to watch Greatness” 💪🏻🏆🔥

  • Meridias Watchtower
    Meridias Watchtower   2 days ago

    If he keeps this up though and continues to win Super Bowls, I will concede as a Tom Brady fan that he is the GOAT.(HOWEVER... Brady did what he did WITHOUT the physical talent and I think that's something people overlook, he MADE himself great and beat the game in a different way).

  • Meridias Watchtower
    Meridias Watchtower   2 days ago

    The beginning irks me. How are you gonna be straight-faced saying you're playing a game to glorify a deity? How in any way does that glorify your god? I'd like to know. Have your faith all you want, but that sounds particularly silly to me.

  • Quan
    Quan   2 days ago

    It’s a blessing being from Kansas City i get to watch this dude for many more to come

  • Evan Gray
    Evan Gray   2 days ago

    It’s crazy growing up in Kansas City and finally hearing this type of stuff about one of our guys. And I mean OUR guy. Alex Smith was never our guy, shoot Joe Montana was never OUR guy. We’re finally off the rent-a-quarterback system, and we hit a home run. Damn it feels good

  • Nordiine
    Nordiine   3 days ago

    patrick mahomes is going to one of the most greastest quaterback has ever live

  • Yo Hon
    Yo Hon   5 days ago

    A great quarterback yes but the best quarterback in the NFL that's debatable!

  • Lanzo Lanzo
    Lanzo Lanzo   6 days ago

    Most dangerous team ever in the history of the game

  • Chon Velasquez
    Chon Velasquez   6 days ago

    Patrick M. Best QB my ass haha good joke TOM BRADY is & the GOAT, best QB all time in the NFL

  • El Profesor
    El Profesor   1 weeks ago

    Word of wisdom...Pat,I hope you see this buddy.Chiefs fan here.Hear this.Dont try to tell us your glorifying The Creator everytime you play football when your fornicating with your gf,she's not your wife."Let it not once be named among you".You can't pick and choose how you want to "glorify God".Listen to me or knock it off.

  • Favi2dopee
    Favi2dopee   1 weeks ago

    Mahomes is gonna break the record for passing tds and passing yards when it’s all said and done

    KC PMII   1 weeks ago

    Makes all the throws...then makes some more throws that never existed before.

  • MrFetus35
    MrFetus35   1 weeks ago

    Great work, Imagine Mahomes not being your qb

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    Patrick Mahomes is like John Elway or Joe Montana; never count them out when the game is not over. They always found a way to come back to beat you. That is what the great quarterback is.

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    All it takes just one dude for KC to win the Superbowl again. He is worth at least $40 million per year on his new contract.

  • Poor Sam
    Poor Sam   1 weeks ago

    Smuggest prick on the planet and most punchable face in the NFL.

  • Toby Salazar
    Toby Salazar   1 weeks ago

    2 seasons as the starter. 9400 yards 76 touchdowns 18 interceptions in 31 career games. Super bowl mvp. League mvp. Super bowl champ. In 2 seasons. Dude is in pace to be the goat.

  • Kiddash 22
    Kiddash 22   1 weeks ago

    The only reasonsthat I am a fan of Patrick mahomes is because he is kind loving Christian and good at football

  • Chiefs-GOAT-Dynasty!
    Chiefs-GOAT-Dynasty!   1 weeks ago

    He's the most complete QB to have ever lived. A physical freak of nature with a super computer brain. He's the ultimate weapon.

  • Weird Kid
    Weird Kid   1 weeks ago

    When you realize that he is still young😳😳