It's time to STOP! - LWIAY #0090

  • Published on: 07 September 2019
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  • Runtime : 19:8


  • Zowi and Luigi
    Zowi and Luigi   1 days ago

    I was 9-10 when I started watching pewdiepie and I’m almost 16 now...does....that.....make me a.....pewdiepie......veteran 😊

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders   3 days ago

    They must’ve paid him enough to buy a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house if he was willing to destroy his dignity lol

  • Colby Burton
    Colby Burton   3 days ago

    Pewds i cant believe you got a sponser of a game you roasted this is bad . . . you just lost a bro

  • Anika Haskins
    Anika Haskins   4 days ago

    I think I did start watching pewds when I was 9My brother made me subscribe to him .Because him vs T series and a month later I stated watching him and I recently turn 9 at that time

  • Bárbara Sánchez
    Bárbara Sánchez   1 weeks ago

    Stray kids and X1 adds on pewdiepie video...Marvelous Service ✨

  • nugget
    nugget   1 weeks ago

    sham on you for having a lords mobile ad on this video

  • Ivan Cake
    Ivan Cake   1 weeks ago

    Heya, coming from Australia. Answering the most important question of the century. Yes, "pyramids" in Australia are upside down.

  • Lana Dubee
    Lana Dubee   1 weeks ago

    I Was 15 when I started watching pewdiepie Now I'm 9

  • pertified chicken
    pertified chicken   1 weeks ago

    did anyone notice in the lords mobile ad that his teeth were going with the background, MOSSY TEETH

  • Gd Zent
    Gd Zent   1 weeks ago

    7:26 “69 iron ingots” yes indeed

  • Piggisar M
    Piggisar M   1 weeks ago

    Pewds: Who the frick even plays this game!??Pewds later: Ehm... So guys there's this game, called Lords Mobile and...

  • NPR Luis
    NPR Luis   2 weeks ago

    Lords either takes up years or thousands to max out

  • ShyBoi
    ShyBoi   2 weeks ago

    Just wanna say that the ad was to 2:05 to 4:41 AKA 2m and 36sec

  • Keilon Salick
    Keilon Salick   3 weeks ago

    7:24 u mean 64. Don’t let that number 69 get to you Felix.

  • Wolf_boy _117
    Wolf_boy _117   3 weeks ago

    I watched pewds when he did slender man videos because it was popular I was like 6 when I started to watch

  • Peter John Vicente
    Peter John Vicente   3 weeks ago

    just watched it again to see pewds become a sellout to lords mobile... 😂

  • MaliciousBard
    MaliciousBard   3 weeks ago

    You can almost see the wish for a mercy kill in Felix's eyes when he's promoting

  • Sempioen
    Sempioen   4 weeks ago

    11:46... This man is speaking the language of the gods. He also just made my day.

  • Sempioen
    Sempioen   4 weeks ago

    When you make it to LWIAY, but Felix says you have small PP.''I feel so depressed all the time.''

  • Honey Ly
    Honey Ly   4 weeks ago

    When I was playing Minecraft, I almost died 5 times, died 1 time, hid in a hole and waited till the morning 5 times Just for a red dye for my bed

  • Number 1 and only Pewdiepie fan

    Me: Camly watching pewdiepie Pewdiepie: AD!!!!!!!1!!1!1!1Me: oki!Also Pewdiepie: Lords Mobi-Me: NUUUUUUUUUUJSDKTSIRISJX! Pewdiepie: 0-0

  • Neighborhood Nimrods
    Neighborhood Nimrods   1 months ago

    I did start watching him when I was nine cause I was nine 3 years ago 😂

  • Sneha M
    Sneha M   1 months ago

    me :Pewdiepie : AD!me : o ok?Pewdiepie : LORDS MOBILEme : NOT YOU TO NOOUOUOUOUOUOOUUUOO

  • Matthew Dopkin
    Matthew Dopkin   1 months ago

    I killed the wither three times with about 87 iron golems and built a memorial out of the iron (that didn’t despawn from from the wither) out of them.

  • Olivia Crump
    Olivia Crump   1 months ago

    you can tell he had a great time on his honey moon, he looks really happy🥺🥺

  • BugBee
    BugBee   1 months ago

    I would buy pewds bath water