Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on: 22 May 2019
  • Nacho cheese exists in two states: the melted cheese state and the powdered cheese state*. When it comes to the powdered cheese state, all pale in comparison to Nacho Cheese Doritos, continually perfected by science and consistently beloved by the masses since 1972. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to take Nacho Cheese Doritos to the next level and make them gourmet!

    *The third state of nacho cheese, cheese sauce, is controversial in the nacho community and for our purposes we are disregarding it. For more reading, see the studies ‘Nachos in Nature’ (1983), ‘Dormant Doritos’ (1992), ‘The Quest for Queso’ (1999), ‘This Powdered Chip’ (2001) and ‘The Health Benefits of Nachos and the Search for Immortality’ (2007).

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
  • Runtime : 46:50
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  • pop!
    pop!   10 hours ago

    "There is no artificial off-taste" - *dusts 10 more pounds of MSG*

  • Drew Watkins
    Drew Watkins   16 hours ago

    A lot of this video is over exposed. Probably the light thru the windows.

  • TwistSkillzzZ
    TwistSkillzzZ   19 hours ago

    Is she young or old... cause her hair and face are telling different stories.

  • Hoogy Boogy
    Hoogy Boogy   19 hours ago

    Here's the problem: You can make about 20 chips in probably 40 minutes? But, I can finish 20 chips in 2 minutes...

  • Jarii
    Jarii   19 hours ago

    Cool ranch all the way !!

  • Rose
    Rose   23 hours ago

    Cease and desist or a Seasoned desist

  • you bis
    you bis   23 hours ago

    Pickle and ketchup Doritos are my favourite (notice how favourite is spelled the Canadian way)

  • xcessa
    xcessa   1 days ago

    Amiel cameo makes every single video better

  • janet chung
    janet chung   1 days ago


  • Javier Reyes
    Javier Reyes   1 days ago

    Shes beautiful, i got a crush on her from the first video i ever saw

  • R0YALT1
    R0YALT1   1 days ago

    I'm more of a Pringles and Lays person myself.

  • Diana DiGangi
    Diana DiGangi   1 days ago

    amiel: it smells like a doritodoritos corporate spy watching this video: kill bill sirens

  • Ashley RQueen
    Ashley RQueen   2 days ago

    This reminds me of office I cant stop watching💀 help

  • Skrt Skrt
    Skrt Skrt   2 days ago

    Who tf do the people in the background cook for

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo   2 days ago

    You're compressing the dough far too much. Depth guides and use a scraper then rolling pin. When you watch the chips hit the oil in the video the out-gassing is almost immediate and nearly effortless. This should also improve the curling.

  • F xx
    F xx   2 days ago

    flaming hot cheetos next plssss

  • Katie .Woodlief
    Katie .Woodlief   2 days ago

    Ive been screaming blue cheese into my iPad , but its like you cant hear me ..

  • Michelle Mac
    Michelle Mac   2 days ago

    Chris should be a teacher. His feedback is good and concise without being too negative

  • dinosaur club
    dinosaur club   3 days ago

    Chris's lover: Go down on me babe.Chris: SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  • Hunter L
    Hunter L   3 days ago

    Claire looks like what I imagined Thalia Grace from the Percy Jackson books to look like.

  • Stephanie Ye
    Stephanie Ye   4 days ago

    I literally left my dorm room to go buy Doritos to watch this

  • OrigamiGirl95
    OrigamiGirl95   4 days ago

    I'm actually eating nacho cheese Doritos while watching this. XD Anyone else?

  • Regain Turner
    Regain Turner   4 days ago

    Sees Claire accidentally make 3D DoritosCries 💔

  • johnny mansfield
    johnny mansfield   4 days ago

    Honey WHY didn't you put them A in the dehydrator, B in the OVEN like the instructions on the patent said?!