Last To Fall Asleep Gets The 10 MILLION DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON!

  • Published on: 02 July 2019
  • there are 2 of us, but only 1 diamond play button.... who gets to keep it? the last one to fall asleep that's who. watch the find out who gets it... we got ..... delirious :0 AND THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING


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  • Runtime : 27:41
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  • Ashley Navarro
    Ashley Navarro   15 minuts ago


  • Alyssa Rubio
    Alyssa Rubio   2 hours ago

    robber breaks in nobody Ethan and gray: wake up sleepy fu**

  • Shoha A
    Shoha A   2 hours ago

    "i just teabagged myself" ohmygo

  • Aysha Khan
    Aysha Khan   4 hours ago

    It’s so cute how Grayson wanted to cuddle 🥰

  • Pastry Panda
    Pastry Panda   7 hours ago

    Why is no-one talking about the fact that the camera man was able to stay awake even after they went to sleep 💤 that’s commitment

  • Gia S
    Gia S   10 hours ago

    24:58 OMG that is so funny

  • Razzle702
    Razzle702   12 hours ago

    Hi you to. Faze rug has gone two. Just message you tube send you a new one. Just like faze rug did. From Rachel in England.

  • isl_anex
    isl_anex   13 hours ago

    How everybody else says it: the diamond play button how Grayson says it: the diamond YouTube 10 million subscriber play button PLAQUE

  • Becone
    Becone   3 days ago

    12:30 I actually saw steam that's hot

  • Strawberry Crush
    Strawberry Crush   3 days ago

    My favourite thing about this is the fact that I'm english so when hes saying that its 50 degrees and its freezing I'm sat here laughing because 50 degrees would cause England to die of heat 😂😂

  • Addison Lyons
    Addison Lyons   4 days ago

    I’m with Grayson like there is no way I’d stay awake that long

  • Spectre
    Spectre   4 days ago

    people that just do last to sleep challenges will do whatever like energy drinks but the DOLAN twins have a little twist to everything lol love that!

  • Nina
    Nina   5 days ago

    i felt like i had to do the challenge geez i'm tired

  • erin
    erin   5 days ago

    No one:Ethan: My ToEs ArE rEaLlY sTiCkY

  • Nevaeh Grace
    Nevaeh Grace   5 days ago

    6:00 that so funny Ong I can't stop laughing

  • Zahra Haja
    Zahra Haja   1 weeks ago

    grayson : how do you know if someone sleeps?ethan : you poke 'em

  • Abbymae Licaycay
    Abbymae Licaycay   1 weeks ago

    You can have an another 10mil. Play button. When you request one on YouTube

  • Overana Brooks
    Overana Brooks   1 weeks ago

    Ethan said it's beautiful unlike u and like Grayson😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Js1yt
    Js1yt   1 weeks ago

    Lmao when they kept saying “You sleepy fuck!”

  • Piper’s Text stories

    I feel so bad for Grayson cause Ethan is really mean to him and bullies him like all the time and curses at him!

  • Marie FLO
    Marie FLO   1 weeks ago

    The 10 million place is mine -Ethan Woah - Greyson

  • nicole johnson
    nicole johnson   1 weeks ago

    I already knew Ethan was going to win..I'm a night person soo..

  • Aryonna ellis
    Aryonna ellis   1 weeks ago

    not going to lie most follower are for how cute gray is

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond   1 weeks ago

    I have a bad feeling Ethan is going to win Because Grayson never wins

  • G Dawg
    G Dawg   1 weeks ago

    Never fall asleep with socks on

  • T.G. G
    T.G. G   2 weeks ago

    Ethan and I would get along so wellllll DATE ME lol

  • Mickythepotato 14
    Mickythepotato 14   2 weeks ago

    When Graysons in his bed I Just imagine wow would it you feel so lucky and special to wake up to that every for the rest of your life

  • Lucie
    Lucie   2 weeks ago

    Grayson is just 😍

  • Shelby Brooke
    Shelby Brooke   2 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice that Ethan was wearing the hoodie Emma mad for him in the “buy dream gifts” like the sister squad Christmas video where they bought each other gifts